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Akkard Valerian was a man who did well enough, or more, for his fame.

Surrounded by people, he was usually a head taller than most men. So his sparkling silver hair and his charmingly tanned southern skin made him stand out even more.

His manly, clear-cut, and defined face was perfect enough to be shocking. Especially his confidence— as if he very well knew how good he looked— lent him a relaxed smile even amidst a strange place, giving him a halo.

Whenever he laughed, his sensual lips were raised, his bright white teeth showed, his strong jaw was highlighted, and his protruding adam’s apple bobbled sensationally.

His sturdy physique, wild beauty, and muscular chests melted the women around him. Their knees softened, their voices got higher and were flushed with smilies.

“Well… his face isn’t too bad. Of course, his body…”

Even Cecil, who had a very, very bad opinion of Akkard, was forced to admit he possessed beauty and magnetism.

A fresh laugh unintentionally bubbled forth from Dami at Cecil’s displeased tone and resentful but sincere compliment.

It was just then. As if hearing Damia’s laughter, Akkard turned his head toward her direction.


Dami blinked her eyes. Was she seeing things?

Akkard was looking at her, and his eyes grew with a spark.

His purple eyes, shining under his silver eyelashes, were so vividly sharp that Damia felt dizzy but couldn’t look away under the weight of his exquisite attention.

His eyes scanned her slim face, alternately looking at her cat-like eyes and red lips before going down to her chest. Then, as if he was satisfied with the view, he smiled with erotic meaning. His right eyebrow slightly lifted, beckoning with his pleased grin.

“……what is he…? Isn’t he flirting with you right now?”

Cecil noticed the strange atmosphere right away. She narrowed her eyes at the electrifying air and stood in front of her as if to protect Damia. Damia shook her head and said,

“I’m fine, Cecil.”

“What do you mean it’s fine? I knew this would happen—Akkard Valerian?—No. Never. Dami, you’re the only one who’s gonna get hurt. You know that right?”

Cecil clenched her jaw behind her fan, clearly stressed.

Cecil had a protective, strong and defensive personality, often wrapping Damia up like a mother hen.

Damia smiled silently.

She knew what Cecil was worried about. But what Dami needed now was not caution. It was a night of hot fire that would restore her wounded pride and reheat a cold heart.

It would also be an act of small revenge against the men who treated her heart recklessly. Cesare, who isolated her and Kael, who was burdened by her feelings and tried to attach her to others, as if her heart was their own and something to play with.

Damia decided to choose a path that no one would expect to show off her independence and remind them that her heart and body were hers alone.

Now that the choice is in front of her eyes, there was no need to hesitate.

‘Your heart doesn’t even need to be involved. He won’t even want it, no strings attached, right? He’s going back to the capital soon anyway, so there won’t be any trouble.’

Inner thoughts she didn’t even know she had come to her. Damia listened to her whispers.



“I don’t feel well. I’d rather go home. I’m sorry, but could you find my coachman and bring him?”

“Tsk! Who do you think I am, your maid? Okay, just wait a little bit; I’ll be back.”

As usual, Cecil clicked her teeth but immediately turned away and disappeared. She thought Dami was embarrassed to go home but was worried that she would make a mistake if Damia stayed as she was, drunk and heartbroken.

‘I am sorry, Cecil.’

Damia murmured as she gazed at Cecil’s vanishing back.

Then she turned my head and looked at Akkard.

Akkard, who was laughing and surrounded by people, also looked at her. His deep gaze licked her skin up and down so openly.

Dami’s cheeks flushed with heat at his brazen lustful stare that threatened to devour her at any moment, but she tried hard to smile lightly back.

Trying to look as familiar to these temptations and encounters as much as possible.

Luckily, Akkard noticed she welcomed and enjoyed his attention. However, he did not approach Damia even though he ogled her.

Damia stood there, awkward and shy, looking back at him and internally praying.

‘In times like these… what should I do?’


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  1. thanks!
    lol i did not expect akkard to be flirting from afar! it’s kinda cute that akkard is the one who flirted first though! and she’s just trying to respond to him, hahaha!

  2. ohmy the sexual tension between these two. >\\\<
    Go get him girl! Honestly I totally support your decision Dami (it’s okay to do things spontaneously once in a while) 😉😄

    Ps. I LIVE FOR THIS TRANSLATIONS HUHU 💜 thank you so so much for the constant updates. I cannot imagine not seeing the end of this one. Thank you thank you

  3. hooo .. I see .. it is fitting that the previous arkkad had a feeling like he had just swallowed a bug lololol😂😂😆😆😆

  4. “Damia decided to choose a path that no one would expect to show off her independence and remind them that her heart and body were hers alone.”

    I LOVE THIS LINE! You go girl. Also, the sexual tension is slowly brewing! Can’t wait to see what will happen next.

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