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Although he was threatening murder, Cesare seemed very joyful. There was a strange sense of wonder and dread as he brushed back his dark hair like night.

‘Why do I feel like I’ve seen this before recently…? … .’

Damia tried to remember what was giving this strange sense of familiarity. She had met a completely different person from Cesare, but who could be reminiscent of him.

‘Who was that?’

But Cesare did not wait for her to finish her thoughts.


Pulling out his dagger, he pointed the blade downward. Of course, it was towards the unconscious Hemish.

“Give me what’s in your pocket, Damia. Quick.”

Cesare reached out a hand and urged. At this point, it was impossible to hold out any longer.

Biting her lip, Damia approached him with her vigilant steps. In the dark, Cesare’s face looked whiter, and frightening.

In particular, his insanity and obsession in those blue eyes made her spine crawl full of creepy terror.

“… … Here.”

Damia reluctantly pulled out a glass bottle with a glimmer of black liquid. Then, she stretched out her hand.

His long, thin fingers, like the legs of a white spider, seemed to caress the bottle, then climbed up the back of her hand. And as a flying beast swoops down on its little prey, he clasped her hand sharply and pulled her towards himself.

“Oh… … !!”

In the blink of an eye, Damia was half-caught in his arms. Again, against Cesare, she could not be vigilant for even a moment.

The body temperature he felt through his robes and the pouring breath were distasteful. Damia struggled to get out of his arms somehow, but the strength of the grip on her wrist only grew stronger.

“Ah, my lovely Damia… … I miss you so much.”

Cesare buried his face in her hair whether she hated it or not. And taking a deep breath, he looked ecstatic.

His actions seemed more like grabbing a doll rather than treating the person he loved. So Damia became even more revolted.

“Let go of me! Let go!!”

As she struggled in Cesare’s arms, the handkerchief that had been wrapped around his face slid and fell.


Damie’s fingertips that had been reaching for his handkerchief, instead caught his shirt. Because of this, the hem of his robe was torn loudly.

His bare chest was exposed, as pale as a vampire. Damia tried to turn her eyes away as if she had never seen it, but for a moment she noticed a strange necklace swaying under his collarbone.

The pendant, gleaming in a strange black in the light of the lamp, had a very ominous feeling.

‘Is this a sign of the temple? No, more like… … .’

Damia, who was looking at him with concentration, realized immediately. It looked familiar, because the pendant that Cesare was wearing had the same seal as the ‘Forbidden Brand.’

Just when Damia was about to take a closer look. Cesare let go of her arm, and took the bottle of black perfume from her hand. And I looked at the contents with the lamp.

“… … .”

His blue eyes slowly closed.

At first glance, the liquid in the clear glass bottle looked like black perfume. However, the texture was a little different.

When the original oil was shaken, the characteristic slippery agglomeration was likely to be visible. However, the liquid in this glass bottle was too light and glided smoothly. Instead of looking like oil it looked like… … .

‘Like water.’

It was the moment Cesare thought so, Damia, who had been holding her breath until now, slammed his hand.

In an unexpected blow, he dropped the glass bottle.


The bottle shattered into pieces with a sharp sound. And suddenly gray smoke began to pour out of the spilled contents.

Since the bottle had broken right under his feet, Cesare had no time to defend himself. He was startled, he took a deep breath and then drank in a lot of smoke, his eyes stinging.

“… … !!”

The bitter taste of drugs wafted in his nose and mouth as he drank the smoke. The moment he realized this, Cesare’s eyes grew large.

Damia held her breath in advance, and did not miss the opportunity. She pushed him away with all her might and got out of Cesare’s arms.

Instead Cesare was dizzy and collapsed to the floor helplessly, like a puppet with a loose string.

“You, maybe… … drugged… … .”

Cesare was about to say something, but as smoke entered his mouth, he stopped. It was already too late.

Cesare’s vision turned dark at the strong medicinal effect. Damia finally felt relieved when she saw him collapse on the floor.



She caught the black snake, which had been trying to twist and destroy her life.

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