PCP – 181

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It was a cart that did its best to protect its contents. It was shock resistant, with a tarpaulin, and expensive magic that stabilized temperature and protected against fire.

So Damia was convinced that ‘black perfume’ was in this wagon, especially since the perfume oil was a flammable object.

‘But out of all these boxes, which one is it?’

Damia was perplexed when she saw the huge amount of boxes on the large cart. It would probably take half a day to go through all of that.

Fortunately, she thought of a way. Damia made sure the lid of the lamp she was carrying was closed. And she deliberately held it close to the boxes.

“Oh!! No, miss! There are also flammable items there, so keep the lantern away!!”

Unsurprisingly, Hemish was taken aback by her and deterred her. Damia noticed that, for a moment, her gaze was focused somewhere.

As if there was something important there.

‘Let’s do it one more time.’

In order to grasp the exact direction, Damia deliberately pretended not to notice.

“But it’s so dark inside the warehouse that you can’t see it very well. Where are you?”

As Damia drew closer to her, far from removing her lamp, Hemish stamped her feet even more impatiently.

“That— that! Please put out the lantern!! Okay? Or it might explode!!”

Hemish showed signs of concern that there might be sparks from the lamp. Naturally, she kept glancing at the ‘dangerous substance.’

It was an inescapable human survival instinct.

‘It’s over there.’

Damia now knew where it was and then turned her lamp back on. Now that she had a rough idea of ​​the direction, it was time to move on to the second stage of the operation.

“It’s the valuables cart, that’s great. Can I take a look?”

Like a curious girl, Damia deliberately began to pick things up in the cart. And she continued to shower Hemish with questions.

“What is this, General Hemish?”

“It is silk woven by handicrafts of Bedan.”

“Oh! So what is that?”

“… … They are glass artifacts made from desert sand.”

“Oh my gosh, it’s pretty. wow! What else is this?”

“… … .”

“Oh! It is an unprocessed gemstone, isn’t it?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

Hemish’s answers gradually became more insincere and short.

She rolled up her sleeves and was busy finding the box that contained the turquoise necklace. While it was dark and she couldn’t see well, Damia asked questions until she was annoyed.

Damia checked on Hemish, who didn’t even turn her head to inspect her. It was very easy to divert her opponent’s attention like this.

‘Great. Now… … .’

Damia moved silently. She turned towards the box, which Hemish had stared at with particular surprise and apprehension.


When she quietly opened the box lid, she saw cushioning material inside. Gently pushing it aside, she found shiny glass jars.

‘Found you.’

The color of the liquid that was dripping and shaking inside the glass bottle was dark.

‘One, two, three… … twelve. It’s less than I thought.’

Damia thought about the number of perfume oils. As far as she knew, the High Temple had been buying quite a lot of ‘black balm’ before.

But for some reason, they only bought a dozen of them this time. In this way, even if one bottle is missing, it would be noticed quickly.

Fortunately, Damie had a plan she had prepared in advance. She took out two glass bottles from her pockets and was silently proud of her foresight.

‘It was good that I brought this in advance.’

One bottle contained hair oil mixed with ink. In the first place, it had been made in moderation for the amount to be replaced.

And another bottle… … Surprisingly, Heinrich had given it to her directly.

‘If something dangerous happens, use it.’

It was a self-defense liquid made by his alchemist. But, of course, Heinrich’s intentions for giving this were not so pure.

‘She’s Akkard’s woman. It’s the first time he’s fallen in love, so I’ll be in a ton of trouble if she dies or gets hurt.’

Heinrich had been watching his subordinate for years. Naturally, he knew very well how crazy Akkard was in his early twenties.

Now it was less, but one’s innate nature doesn’t disappear. Therefore, Heinrich wiped his tears and gave Damia the precious self-defense bottle.

‘I don’t even have a few.’

Of course, Damia, who knew nothing, was deeply impressed by the meticulousness of the Crown Prince. Carefully stroking the bottle, she put it back into her pocket.

‘I don’t think I have to use it now.’

Damia lightly swapped the hair oil for a black balm bottle. And she hurriedly closed the lid of the box.

“Miss Damia.”

At just the right time, Hemish, who had his waist straightened, looked at this side.

“I found it, the gift!”

Fortunately, Hemish didn’t seem to notice anything. Of course, Damia had never been involved in guild business in the first place, so she wouldn’t even have thought that she would even know of the existence of ‘black perfume.’

“Really? Is my necklace there?”

Feigning innocence, Damia pretended to be moved and so pleased with her necklace as she approached slowly. When Hemish handed over the gift, this would all be over.

Damia was just about to turn the corner of the cart when Hemish’s head, while looking at her, shook violently, and her eyes rolled back.

She collapsed on the spot.

“General Hemish!!”

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