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“Yes! The capital’s Akkard, the sex stallion! He’s in the banquet hall right now. Louise Perira’s older brother brought him here because he’s close to him. I’ve seen him with my own eyes!”

“What a surprise. I thought he wouldn’t get to the North until at least next week. Because of the rampant ‘contamination’ in the South.”

Dami muttered blankly. The richest Southern nobleman, Akkard Valerian, was a well-known celebrity all over the kingdom. As well as his appearance and charm, the Akkard was full of attractive qualifications.

His sister, Sienna Valerian, was the most famous fortune-teller in the kingdom. The queen was so fond of her that it was widely rumored that she wouldn’t let go of her.

Akkard was even the most trusted right-hand man of the current Crown Prince and even served as the royal knights head. Such a prominent figure was briefly assigned to the North. So the change caused havoc in the stagnate boring North.

“Are you listening to me, Damia? Akkard Valerie is here!”

“Yes, even I’ve heard of him.”

Even though he was the talk of the town, Dami wasn’t very interested, even though the figure was outside the door. It was a natural reaction for a woman who had just been heartbroken. But Cecil, who watched her from the sidelines, was literally burning inside.

“Get a hold of yourself, Dami. Didn’t you hear the rumors? Akkard is a notorious playboy. You have a pretty face, though your insides are broken. And you have a great figure! It’s like food for a person like Akkard! Do you understand me?”

Damia, who was severely reprimanded by Cecil, blinked her eyes blankly. Only belatedly did Cecil’s words crawl into her absent head, but there was no particular excitement.

‘Akkard Valerie wants to eat me?’

‘What can’t be done? Wouldn’t that be better? If such a charming man only meets with the best beauties in the capital and he still wants me… then maybe it means I have a little bit of a female charm?’

Damia thought with desperation. Her self-esteem was literally bottoming out now.

But her low self-regard was only natural when she only looked at one man for so long, and now endured such a miserable refusal.

Her eyes told her she looked like a bald clown in a wig.

Is that why? I wanted the attention of another man, whom I usually wouldn’t want. Even so, I wanted to feel keenly that I was an attractive woman.

But the young men in the North were now clinging to Cesare.

They dared not approach Damia because of Cesare’s tact.

Cesare was very crafty in isolating her.

‘But if it’s Lord Akkard from the capital… …it may be different.’

Damia’s eyes deepened. Akkard Valerian was a big shot like Cesare. Besides, he wouldn’t know much about the northern social circles, so if she seduced him now, her success rate would be high.

By now, Cesare will be extremely pleased to have ‘captured’ the rejected and isolated Damia. It would be quite a pleasant revenge if she could make Cesare squeal in front of her.

It wasn’t just Cesare’s fault that her long unrequited love was finally rejected. But he was obviously responsible, as well.

‘So I hope Cesare is also sick. Like me.’

Dami glanced at the mirror. The face reflected in it was still beautiful. At least I could catch Akkard’s eye.

People only saw the appearance of anyone. She had such a charming face and figure, that people assumed she was a femme fatale that wrapped powerful men around her evil sexy fingers.

But Damia’s inner self was actually quite simple and innocent. She had been preoccupied with unrequitedly loving her childhood friend for ten years and never played with another man.

Damia Primula was such an uninteresting woman.

Because of this, men were quickly disappointed by her gorgeous looks and incongruent personality.

Akkard would be no different. But he was an outsider who had just arrived from the province and didn’t know Damia very well.

But for a moment, I could pretend. To be as colorful, light, and loose as the women he used to enjoy in the capital.

“Let’s go, Cecil. To welcome the famous Akkard!”

Dami, who drank all the champagne in the lounge, stood up. Cecil frowned upon it but did not oppose it.

“Okay, Dami, don’t do useless things instead.”

Cecil felt the need to change Damia’s mood, who looked depressed. So I readily agreed to the suggestion of going to see Akkard.

They left the lounge and settled behind an unnoticed pillar. People were all enraptured by the sudden appearance of a celebrity from the capital. Thanks to you, it was not so difficult to observe the Akkadian from afar.

“Hey, that’s him. See?”

Damia looked in the direction Cecil had pointed.

Even if you didn’t point him out, I could have spotted him; Akkard Valerian was too conspicuous.

So Damia was able to recognize him quickly.

‘..- ..-of-fact.’

When I see something so beautiful, I forget all my worries for a moment. Funny, it was true.

Damia opened her eyes wide with pure admiration.

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