PCP – 177

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Akkard had never bothered paying attention to his reputation. Indeed, he never even felt the need to.

In the glamorous and promiscuous high capital society, a man who did not know how to enjoy pleasure was treated as a fool. And rather than being seen as a moron, Akkard was a man willing to choose to be an irredeemable debauchee.

It was only the conservatives who were affected by their reputation. But that didn’t even affect Akkard.

Even though rumors about him spread far and wide, when women actually met him, they were mesmerized by his beautiful face and sensual body. Though they tried to deny it, they were helplessly drawn in and allowed him to seduce their body and mind.

Therefore, notoriety was more like a challenge for him to overcome. In particular, with the unique ambition of a successful young man, Akkard was literally a headache for the capital.

He enjoyed everything as a joke and easily hurt others when he felt like it. So he was a significant troublemaker for his only sister, Sienna.

‘I’m saying this because I feel sorry for you, you pitiful idiot, so listen carefully, Akkard Valerian.’

His sister warned him with a look of complete exhaustion, If you don’t get rid of that trashy life right now, you’ll regret it forever.

Invariably, Sienna was right. His notoriety, which was insignificant when everything was a joke and a game, immediately struck the back of his head as soon as he became sincere and earnest.

As if waiting for this moment.

“Isn’t it better than being dumped by the man you like and pretending to be calm? At least I was being honest with my needs.”

While Akkard’s body hardened with shame, Damia didn’t even blink.

Damia, whom he knew, became more stubborn and eloquent when she was hurt. She was a woman who said everything she had to say, and when she turned around, her heart broke, and she shed tears.

Thanks to that, Teresa Dmitry, who had seen Damia as easy, was utterly defeated.

“I can’t talk to you anymore becuase you’re so vulgar! You might infect me, so I’ll just go ahead!!”

“Goodbye, old-fashioned blonde girl.”

Damia, who had overcome the quarrel, turned around leisurely. And, of all things, she walked towards him.

Before Akkard could wipe his pale face from the shock, she ran into him.

“… … Damia.”

He barely managed to move his lips with difficulty. His voice was shabby, fearful of receiving Damia’s ire.

Unexpectedly, Damia did not ignore him. Instead, she asked in a voice so calm that one wouldn’t even think she was just in a fierce argument.

“Are you all better now?”

At a glance, she seemed to be concerned. So Akkard answered her question in a hasty, cracked voice.

“I’m okay! Thanks to you, there is no problem now.”

Unfortunately for him, Damia wasn’t asking the question out of concern. Instead, as if waiting for that answer, she responded.

“Good for you. Then go home now.”

It was an order to get out of her mansion. The moment he realized this, Akkard’s eyes went dark.


He grabbed Damia’s arm as she passed him by. No, he wanted to.

But the moment he stretched out one arm, he saw it. An icy expression appeared on Damia’s face.

She looked utterly fed up. The frustration, annoyance, and disappointment of repeating the same rejection and refusal to an opponent that would not take no for an answer no matter how many times she tried.

The moment he read it, he couldn’t bear to catch Damia. Terribly afraid that she would hate him even more .

“… … I’m sorry.”

Behind Damia’s back, he uttered an apology in a mournful voice.

“It’s my fault that you were insulted by Teresa Dmitry.”

At his surprising words, Damia looked back at him. The Akkard she knew was not a man who would admit his faults.

He’d rather blame and crush Teresa, who brought him up. But he was a person who wouldn’t think he did anything wrong.

‘Why are you apologizing to me?’

Damia couldn’t understand him at all.

Was it because of a sense of guilt about what he had done to her in the past? Or did he want to continue this absurd, outlandish love game that he liked her?

In the midst of this, Akkard’s words continued:

“I know. There are many things I have to apologize to you for.”

He took one step closer to Damia, who had stopped walking. And with his silver eyelashes lowered, he muttered in a low voice,

“The fact I spoke badly about you in front of His Highness Heinrich, and that I threw away the handkerchief you made yourself. And for all those moments when I didn’t dare cherish you.”

“… … .”

“I want to ask you for forgiveness one by one, but… … Even that will definitely make you sick of me.”

Now Akkard understood. An apology by forcibly holding on to someone who did not want to receive it could not amount to anything more than harassment.

Far from apologizing and making amends, it only added to one’s mistakes.

Akkard learned this fact. But unfortunately, he couldn’t find any other good alternatives.

He was a human being who had never really shared any bond with even his blood-related family. So he didn’t know how to appeal and ask for forgiveness or express a sincere apology.

Because of his dirty temper, he often quarreled or had conflicts with others. Each time, the only conclusion he could reach was by cutting off the relationship itself.

But he couldn’t do that to Damia. Thus, although Akkard was clumsy, he was determined to do his best.

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