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“Oh, I feel sorry for you if you didn’t know. Sir Akkard is a very manly man. Maybe that’s why he has wide aspirations and has a big heart, so there are many women that he can embrace. Not just Miss Damia.”

Teresa disguised her intentions with a good-natured sad expression as she explained it to Damia.

“As far as I know, there have even been several at once.”

Elegantly, she cursed at Akkard for being a beast that wouldn’t shy away from women. She didn’t think she was imagining things, but Teresa’s voice swearing at him seemed to be filled with bitterness.

‘Ah, I see, in the past… … Didn’t they say Sir Akkard and her had once been courting?’

Damia was convinced as she recalled the words she had heard in passing.

Maybe that’s why Teresa’s face, which was so smooth and unnatural, was more human now than when she was talking about Heinrich.

She may not know it, but it was clear that she once liked Akkard quite a bit.

However, the story of Akkard, which Teresa brought out as a trump card at best, didn’t hurt Damia in the least. His great name (?) The Stallion of the Capital, also known as Ahal Teke, had arrived in the north long before her words.

Damia knew all this and had still slept with Akkard. Thanks to this, she could ignore Teresa’s words with unwavering comfort.

“Um, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Can I leave now, if you’re done?”

Damia’s pretending to be ignorant and tactless since earlier, made Leah pound her chest. Then, finally, she couldn’t stand the growing suffocation any longer and cried as she pointed at her.

“You don’t know why?— why?! You are just one of Lord Akkard’s many sleeping partners!!”

At the end of Leah’s thunderous cry, there was a moment of silence.

Damia could feel the curious eyes looking at me. They were expecting her to be hurt when she learned the truth.

‘How suspect.’

Damia could feel her with a woman’s intuition. The fact that some of them had Akkard in their hearts.

The girls in front of her were, indeed, sophisticated and pretty, just like noble girls of the capital. Each one was like a peony flower in full bloom.

So, Akkard would not have particularly minded them because he’s a man who doesn’t stop women from coming and doesn’t stop women from going.

Maybe he even actually had a relationship with some of them. Indeed, seeing them holding on to her like this didn’t seem like normal tenacity. They were obsessive.

Of course. Akkard Valerian was such a man; even though they knew all of his trashy deeds, they had no choice but to be tempted, so they were reactionarily harsh.

So that’s why they desperately wanted Damia to be hurt like themselves. May you fall apart from having Akkard for a moment and shatter to pieces from the doomed hope you’ll be able to have him.

“Hmph! Just because she has a face, she seems to have misunderstood that she was special. Wake up! Because he doesn’t love anyone.”

With her nose in the air, Leah declared in a pathetic tone. But there was an indelible hatred that could not be hidden in those eyes.

‘Ugh, this man. To what extent will he exhaust me?’

With a bitter smile inside, Damia raised her chin elegantly and bluntly responded to the eyes looking at me.

“I know.”

“… … What– what?”

“I know. That I am just one of many of Sir Akkard’s. women”

As if there was nothing wrong with that, Damia shrugged her shoulders. Then she opened her eyes wide and asked Leah in reverse.

“But you didn’t know, that he was that kind of man? That’s what he’s supposed to be.”

It was as if Leah had declared the sun rose in the morning and the moon rose at night, was a novel tale. So Leah had no choice but to keep her mouth shut.

“… … I’m amazed, really.”

Ironically, in proportion to Leah’s voice trembling, Teresa, standing behind her, also turned pale. They were shocked by Damia’s words.

Undoubtedly, they didn’t know what Damia knew even though she was from the distant North.

They had been sure they would be different. Proud to catch the gaze of an arrogant man who looked down on others, even for a moment.

At least during the affair, Akkard was focused on them, and it was then that bad-tempered man acted kindly.

They had mistaken it for something unique. Therefore… … When they were abandoned, it hurt even more.

It’s like a person who fell from a high bed with her whole body enveloped in a dream.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not, but I have nothing to do with His Highness Heinrich or Lord Akkard. I’m not  mistaken about my place.”

Damia added an explanation to the shocked woman. Her face was calm; she was the only winner because she didn’t love Akkard.

“I am leaving soon anyway, so I would appreciate it if you could stop paying attention to me. Goodbye then.”

Damia, who had uttered her last salutation, was just about to turn away. But then, Teresa, who had been clenching her fists painfully, opened her mouth:

“… … don’t be ridiculous— It’s disgusting that you’re pretending to be calm and carefree alone.”

Teresa, who finally took off her noble mask, vomited her vemon and spoke without hesitation.

She didn’t want to admit that she was shocked by Damia’s words. And the fact that she was still obsessed and attached to Akkard, with whom she had only dated briefly.

Naturally, Theresa wanted to shake Damia as much as she had shocked and confused her. Even if it was a petty, disgraceful retaliation.

“Do you think I’m doing this because I’m worried about you? –You’re welcome!”

Teresa, who scoffed and laughed sharply, pulled out her harsh blade and swung it.

“I just thought it was so funny. Sir Akkard, who said that red-haired women were very ‘helpful,’ really slept with you.”

Damia closed her mouth at her words. Teresa was even more excited when she saw her, who had always been blunt with no sign of being pushed back, was now silent.

“But I guess that was true? Oh my! They say the only virtue of Northern women is that they are old-fashioned. But you don’t even have that? You spread your legs to that Akkard Valerian!”

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