PCP – 166

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Embarrassed, Damia was a little baffled at the gentleman’s unexpected meddling. With her back pushed halfway, she was forced to head towards the bed where Akkard was lying.

‘He said he took sleeping medicine, so it’ll be fine.’

—You just have to look at his sleeping face and go back.

With that in mind, Damia took a step.

In the mansion in the capital where she was temporarily staying, the guest rooms were not very large. So it was enough for her to walk a few more steps.

In the distance, she saw Akkard lying on a blue and gray bed. His beauty, sharp as a sculpture, went well with the cool shades.

“… … .”

Damia didn’t go any further, but she examined him quietly.

The interior with the curtains drawn was dark, probably in consideration of Akkard, who had just fallen asleep. Still, it was daytime outside, so his sleeping face was quite clear.

‘They said you were sick, it seems to be true.’

His face, which was always handsome and confident, was now red, spotted with fiery flowers [t1v: a heat rash]. His fever was quite severe, for she could see the sweat dripping down from between his thick eyebrows.

It was the first time she’d ever seen Akkard stretched out so helplessly like this. Damia observed him with a new feeling. Then she realized that the shirt he was wearing and the nape of his neck was soaked with sweat.

‘What if he gets hot again.’

But Damia soon gave up her worries. It was a matter for her maid or the doctor to take care of. Not herself

Even in front of a sick person, she found herself surprisingly cold-hearted. Nevertheless, since she saw his ‘face’ she had fulfilled her obligation and duty as the host.

Damia turned her body away without any regrets. The moment she was about to take a step to leave the room.

The sheets rustled from behind, and a terrible split voice cracked;

“… … Damia?”

Upon hearing this, Damia reflexively frowned. The situation she most wanted to avoid occured.

Damia tried to move her steps, as if he couldn’t hear anything. But, as always when she got involved with that man, her attempts ended in failure.

“Wait, Damia… … Ugh!!”

Akkard tried to get up quickly and plummet off the bed, trembling violently. It was because he was sweating so much and took such strong sleeping pills he couldn’t see.

As a result, he couldn’t control himself properly and tumbled to the floor.


Since he was such a large man, the sound of him falling down reverberated through the soles of her feet.

Startled, Damia looked back in surprise without thinking. Then, of all things, she saw Akkard had unfortunately collapsed on the marble floor, instead of the carpet.

He smashed his elbow and knee so hard that he couldn’t even get up. Judging by the volume of the sound he made when he fell, she wouldn’t be surprised if there was a problem with his bones.

But even as he moaned in pain, his eyes were still fixed on Damia. His purple eyes gleamed desperately in the dimly lit room.

“Dami, don’t go. for a moment… … .”

That fervent gaze seemed to block her escape way like an invisible grate. Damia realized that she couldn’t turn away like this.

Taking a deep breath, she walked towards Akkard. And she formally grabbed her arm and supported him.

“… … get up.”

As if he had never thought that Damia would come, Akkard quickly calmed down. He got up from the floor as instructed and climbed back onto the bed.

“Hurry now, lie down.”

But Akkard, who sat on the edge of the bed, did not lie down. Instead, his hot hand reached out and carefully held Damia’s hand and opened his mouth.

“… … I’m sorry.”

The apology protruded like a moan the neck the cracked voice came out of was taunt with anguish and desperation. It was the first time he had bent his pride and bowed his head to someone like this.

However, Damia, who received Akkard’s so-called precious apology, said nothing. As if his apology wasn’t worth a shred of value.

Her silence was as painful as an ice burn. Every second was unbearably heavy, Akkard fumbled like an idiot.

“What I said before in front of his Highness, I… … . I don’t know why, either.”

“… … .”

“Did you feel really bad?”

Are you kidding me? Damie smiled coldly.

Unfortunately, Akkard’s clumsy first apology did not convey his sincere heart at all. So she thought he was being sarcastic and making fun of her.

‘Did I feel bad?’

Akkard would never know. At that moment, how miserable she was. How humiliated she was.

And… … how hurt she was.

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  1. Oh this bitch always needs to make some excuse for how she’s drawn to this guy if she really didn’t wanna see him push the doctor off and walk away or yes go in blink at him and leave but she chose to stay cause she’s pathetic and obsessed that’s why. Stop blaming others for your actions you weren’t forced to do anything it was and is always your choice yuh dumb cunt.

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