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Rather, it was fortunate that Lessid was on the balcony. If it hadn’t been for that, he would have already grabbed his collar and beated him to death.

With rage and enmity, the blood in his body seemed to turn upside down. A sense of urgency to eliminate the enemy in front of his eyes immediately and retrieve his own, urged him like crazy.

Akkard’s eyes that had already turned red, was willing to give in to the voice. No access or anything, he was just about to run inside.

From behind Lessid, who was leaning leisurely, suddenly, a white and elegant woman’s hand came out. And as if the petals of a lily curled, it gently wrapped around Lessid’s strong waist.

Akkard’s eyes froze when he saw that scene.

‘No way.’

In the face of an unbelievable reality, his footing suddenly fell off, and he even felt a distant feeling of falling. He was now falling into the abyss with his eyes wide open.

‘No, Damia can’t do that.’

Maybe it’s not her. She’s not the only woman in this mansion.

Thought Akkard desperately, white with shock. But the faint glimmer of hope he had managed to find was quickly extinguished.

Very fleetingly.

“Come back in, Lessid.”

Damia appeared from behind and gently rested her head on Lessid’s shoulder. And without even giving him a glance, she looked up at Lessid and smiled.


Even at that moment when she was smiling at another man, Damia was incredibly stunning. After seeing her after such a long time, she was so beautiful that Akkard almost doubted his eyes.

But unlike his eyes that screamed with joy, his heart broke— shattering into pieces. The freezing sensation of sinking into an abyss was more like fear.

Ironically, in that emotion so far from sweetness, Akkard realized. All his feelings towards her.

This was never a sentiment of ‘I like you’. With such lightness, there was no way he would have to pay such a painful price.

But Damia wasn’t even interested in the man falling down below.

“Aren’t you coming in? Umm?”

Damia, who was smiling, pulled on him with a gentle, suggestive hand. Then Lessid, who had been frozen for a moment by her unexpected behavior, managed to come to his senses.

“… … Of course I have to go back in. Whose name is it?”

Lessid quickly matched her beat and clasped her hand wrapped around his waist. Then he raised it to his lips and gently kissed it.

As if to be seen by someone.

“Come on, let’s go.”

Turning their backs, as if they had made a promise, they put their arms around each other’s waists and went inside. The scene was as sweet as a pair of mandarin ducks.

Before leaving the balcony completely, Lessid glanced back. And upon seeing Akkard’s eyes breaking into pieces, he smirked.

Now it was time for Akkard Valerian to know, too. How excruciating and miserable the hearts of those who have been abandoned and broken.

* * *

“… … the guest’s condition… is not good?”

Damia asked, clearly skeptical. Although half ashamed, the maid dutifully reported on Akkard’s condition with a sullen face and mixed feelings, as if she didn’t know what to do with him.

“Yes, miss. The doctor says the gentlemen’s high fever, complaints of chest tightness, and his difficulty breathing… Perhaps the disease… … .”

“What’s the disease?”

The maid hesitated, unable to answer. Damia prompted her again, wondering if it was serious.

“What’s the matter? What kind of disease does he have?”

“… … he called it an anger-stress disorder. I’m sorry.” [t1v: the Korean dictionary says it’s a mental illness occurring when anger/stress/frustration builds up without being resolved but it’s not in the DSM]


Overwhelmed with the absurdity, and she laughed briefly. She couldn’t believe he was lying down with an anger disorder just because they made fun of him. How bad was that man?

‘So, that’s why Lessid-nim joined in and poked some fun at him.’

Damia thought that perhaps there was a lot of animosity between Lessid and Akkard. If it wasn’t for that, there was no reason for him to help her discard Akkard as if he had been waiting for a long time.

“So, how is the guest’s condition now?”

“He is sleeping after taking the sleeping pills prescribed by the doctor.”

Damia’s questions were out of courtesy, so after the maid answered them, she then looked at her and asked,

“What shall we do, milady?”

She let out a deep sigh instead of answering. Nonetheless, a guest staying in the mansion was ill, so it was impossible for her not to visit.

“Show me the way. While the guest is asleep, I’ll go and take a peek at his condition.”

She was glad he wasn’t awake. After Damia brought him into her mansion, it was the first time she had been down to the first floor room.

Luckily, before entering, she ran into a doctor who came out of the room. Damia asked quietly,

“How is he?”

“He just fell asleep. He couldn’t sleep from the frustration and stress, so I purposely prescribed a stronger sleeping pill.”

The elderly doctor answered, pulling up the glasses that had slipped down his nose. He stepped to the side to give way to Damia.

“If you are really worried, please go and at least see his face. I will be waiting outside.”

The doctor believed that Damia would probably want to see Akkard. Because the man lying inside was incredibly handsome.

The elderly senator did not tremble over small matters. However, Akkard’s unbelievable appearance was deadly, so much so that even his old and indifferent heart was astonished for a moment.

So it was only natural that the pretty girl would be interested. The doctor chuckled musing ‘youth is good’ as he left his seat and walked away.

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  1. I don’t like Lessid.. AT ALL. Sure Akkard deserves to feel what he made all those women feel and learn from his mistakes but, that Lessid man gives an annoying feeling that I hate.
    Kael is the worst to me, worse than Akkard. Despite knowing Damia for so long and being the closest person to her, acting that way with her was so bad. As if he doesn’t know what kind of person she is and that makes me want to see him suffer as well.
    Whereas Akkard, let’s be honest, he only went with the flow. She seduced him, he slept with her and they kept doing that with no intention of something deeper from both sides. He used her body for pleasure and she used his to forget her wounds and they used their eo’s connections for their works (save her family/ solve the kingdom’s problem for him) so, it’s always been a partner with benefit situation, until they both unintentionally started having feelings for eo when they started knowing eo as persons.
    Now, it’s time to know eo properly and correct their mistakes, especially Akkard with his playful and arrogant nature and fall in love properly.

    Thank you soooo much!! So happy to read many chapters 😍🥰💕

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