PCP – 164

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… … What do you mean?

Damia blinked her eyes at his significant words.

She didn’t know what Lessid was thinking. Surprisingly, he saw this as an ‘opportunity’.

‘At this point in time when the relationship between her and Akkard is cracked, it is necessary to instigate the conflict in earnest.’

In any case, men like Akkard Valerian wouldn’t be able to give up their habits. So Damia’s wounds were already predestined.

Maybe she already received them.

Lessid licked his lips and smiled quietly. And after tossing off his dark blue vest, he loosened the cravat around her neck.

Not only that, he had unbuttoned three of the buttons on his well-fastened shirt.

Through the messy white shirt, a promiscuous view of his firm pectoral muscles and the upper part of the abs were visible. Then, the beauty of Lessid, who was timid and elegant, suddenly hosted a sensualist beauty.

“Lessid-nim? Could it be… … .”

Upon realizing Lessid’s intentions she was a little embarrassed and perplexed. Now, it was clear that he was going to launch a so-called ‘counterattack’ against Akkard.

“Do you not like it? If so, tell me now.”

Lessid, whose dress had become in disarray, asked languidly. As if he was going to give her her last chance.

Damia hesitated, but couldn’t bring herself to dissuade him.

‘If I want to get rid of Sir Akkard, this might be better.’

Akkard won’t be hurt anyway. Because there’s no way there was any sincerity in a relationship that involved only bodies.

Damia, who had been struggling, finally hardened her heart and nodded in agreement. Then Lessid, smiling as if she had done well, walked out on her balcony.

“It’s been a while, Sir Akkard!”

Looking down on him, Lessid shouted in a triumphant tone. At this, the voice calling Damia suddenly stopped, and a cool silence fell.

Damia, who was suddenly curious about the outside, hesitated, and approached her balcony. But she didn’t dare reveal herself, so she hid her body behind the curtains and peered outside.

Sure enough, the man stood tall.

‘… … Akkard Valerian.’

Although it was said he suffered from a severe heat stroke, he looked very strong standing outside. Since his original body was composed of strong bones, his recovery seemed to be that fast.

He had called her by shouting at her passionately but now Akkard’s face looking up was completely expressionless. But his eyes were burning more intensely than the midsummer sun.

“Why are you coming out of there?”

He looked at Lessid with red-hot eyes and asked as if growling. At this, Lessid responded with a sneer,

“Because, of course, she let me in.”

“What’s up with the look? Like a slob.”

“Oh, this? Since when did you become so interested in other people’s clothes?”

Lessid didn’t lose a word to him either. He was calm even in front of the terrifying glare, as if he was going to strangle his neck at any moment.

“But why are you there, Sir Akkard? And not coming in?”

Lessid, who had his chin on the balcony railing, looked down at him and grinned brightly with mischief. At first glance, it may have sounded like a simple question, but it was actually a provocation.

“… … .”

Akkard sharpened his teeth. Rationally, Damia would not have brought Lessid into the room with personal intentions.

‘They are not like that. You two are not in that kind of relationship.’

But in front of women, men are usually fools. In particular, this was the first time that Akkard felt like someone was about to “take away” his thing, he who had never been concerned about taking away someone else’s woman.

The unfamiliar situation he was faced with for the first time in his life made him insane. His reason, half-melted and unable to function properly, sounded a bright red alarm.

From the moment Lessid came out of her balcony in the first place, he felt like he was going crazy every second. His half disheveled attire, and his attitude of being the owner of Damia’s bedroom made him want to kill him.

But what was even more painful was the fact that Damia, who had repeatedly refused his own request to talk to her over and over again, let him in.

The misery of being thrown and discarded on the muddy floor was unfamiliar. Since he had no immunity in such a situation, his fingertips became cold and his breathing was unstable and trembling.

But he couldn’t back down like a dog that lost a fight. Akkard soon gave strength to his collapsing knees, and lifted his chin higher with determination. And he boldly demanded:

“Where is Dami? Call her.”

Anyway, seeing her face, and apologizing was the top priority. Until then, nothing had been resolved.

Akkard clasped his hands tightly so as not to fall for his provocations, and endured. But his desperate bravado unfortunately didn’t work for Lessid.

“What should I do? Damia is a little busy right now. There are still things left to do with me… ‘alone’.”

Lessid, leaning on the railing at an angle, struck him candidly in a languid tone. And, as if to illustrate to Akkard, he slowly wiped his exposed chest with his hand.

As if to give him a hint of what he was doing with Damia.

“You bloody bastard… … !!”

In the end, Akkard, who failed to control his reason, swore with a tremendous ferocity.

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