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Damia recalled the voice of Callistea, who was strangely anguished. And in an eerie mood—just in case, she asked Lessid.

“How old is Saint Callistea?”

“Well, I am not sure but as far as I know, she’s not fifty yet. But it must almost to that age.”

… … Apparently, Kael had a taste for older women. With a  considerable gap too.

Damia considered herself pathetic as she could not completely overcome her lingering affection and attention towards Kael, even in this situation. So she quickly put that thought aside, and brought up a question, which she had been curious about all along.

“Then, does the saint have a secular family?”

Lessid was silent for a moment at her unexpected question. As if tracing his memories, he soon replied,

“As far as I know, Ms.Callistea was an orphan. But when she entered the temple.. maybe there was an older brother… … Or a younger brother? I know that there was at least one brother.”

“A brother? No sisters?”

“Yes. As far as I remember, they were clearly ‘siblings’. It’s also about the same age.”

Damia was a little disappointed when he heard Lessid’s answer. She thought maybe her stepmother, Noella, might be the saint’s hidden sister or her older sister.

It was also at the High Temple where Noella met Damia’s father in the first place. She lost her husband early, and if she hadn’t met Owen, she would have lived her whole life there.

As she had a past and was a young widow, Noela wasn’t very clear about her past. So she thought she had enough potential… … She must have guessed that she was wrong.

There is no way that Noella, who was pregnant and gave birth to her child, was a man.

“If you wish, I can help you find out more about the saint.”

When Lessid offered help as if he had noticed something, Damia agonized for a moment. And then she nodded her head.

“Yes, I would appreciate it.”

“All right.”

“Thank you, Lessid-nim.”

Damie smiled with her heart. Then, a bright smile appeared on Lessid’s arrogant face.

He was like a fox who gently lured an innocent rabbit away, acting like a good-natured man. Damia, who had no way of knowing this, thought he was a good person. Still, he had a strange feeling.

‘You look so pretty.’

Lessid was a bit nervous but possessed a delicate beauty. Damia admired his sculpted nose bridge, turquoise eyes shining like jewels, and a clear lip line.

If Lessid was born a woman, well… … . She said sorry to Louise, but she would have been much prettier than her.

It was at that moment when Damia was thinking about amusing thoughts with ease. Lessid ventured a question as if it had just come to mind,

“Come to think of it, Lord Akkard is here, isn’t he?”

The smile on her face froze in an instant. Seeing this, he quietly thought to himself:

‘Have you been fighting lately?’

If so, that was good. Lessid suggested something so he could clearly gauge the situation.

“If you don’t mind, let’s call Lord Akkard over here for a talk.”

Indeed, Damia did not openly dislike it. Instead, she asked again with a smile on her face.

“Is it a necessary conversation?”

It sounded like a warning that if it wasn’t, she would not stand for it. Upon hearing her reply, Lessid was convinced:

‘You fought.’

In the first place, the connection between the two was creaking even before they left for the capital. So it wasn’t that hard to get close to the answer.

“No, I plan to say hello to Sir Akkard separately later.”

Lessid quickly withdrew his suggestion. He didn’t want to be hated by Damia because he was involved with Akkard for no reason.

Regardless, it was fortunate that her feelings for him were not good. Feeling better, Lessid readily broached the news that would please her.

“Oh, Damia. This is the letter Count Primula asked me to deliver.”


Her eyes widened. She took the letter and opened her envelope. Recently all the news concerning her father was ominous, so she was a bit apprehensive.

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  1. Her father is Callistae’s brother? Will Damia be the next Saint? Or not? Just her being her niece is already schocking.
    I thought at first maybe she’s her real mother or her father’a ex lover but, since Lessid said she had a brother then, she may be her aunt.

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