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Sienna’s reputation of being able to see the future was not a lie. Obviously, she knew she would meet Damia here so she grabbed her hand and dragged her away.

“Now, let’s go.”

Her silver eyes, which were completely different from her younger brother’s purple eyes, turned towards her.

At that moment, the moonlight, which had been temporarily hidden by the clouds, was scattered brightly. So Damia caught a glimpse of Sienna’s beautiful milky, translucent eyes .

“I’m sure you’re anxious about getting directions from a blind person, but follow me anyway. I will take you to where the carriage is.”

Instead of being able to see normally she was gifted with the ability to see the future. The woman who had been sightless from birth smiled in the moonlight. She harbored a mysterious warm tenderness.

Damia followed her as if possessed. She was guided with such precision that she couldn’t believe that Sienna was blind.

Thanks to her, Damia, she was soon able to reach the brightly lit gate that would lead to the city. When she saw her coachman waiting in the distance, looking anxious, Sienna stopped walking.

“You can walk alone from here, right?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Damia nodded her head and bent over to return the shoes. But Sienna reached out her hand to stop her, as if she had seen it.

“It’s alright, just take it. Think of it as a gift from me.”

Damia, who stopped moving, blinked and looked at her.

From what she heard, Sienna was born with extraordinary talent. She was apprised that she hated people, since she was tormented from an early age. She usually kept to herself as well and rarely made appearances.

So Damia could not help but ask:

“Why… … Are you being so kind to me?”

Sienna bit her lips and pressed her for a moment at the question. Her silver hair was blown by the night wind, and she pushed it back.

“I’m sorry to you.”


“I’m sorry that my only brother is a foolish moron. Of course, it’s not my fault that the bastard is a bastard, but regardless, since we share name and blood, I should have fostered the idiot to at least use his brain.”

… … Did she just imagine that? With that fairy-like face, Sienna did not blink an eye as she swore at her brother.

And with an amazing rhyme. [t1v: Sienna rap dissed her bro in Korean]

“If you want to hate him, feel free to hate him as much as you want. It’s okay to hit and curse at him too.”

“What are you talking about… … .”

“The important thing is that there should be no enmity or resentment left in you. I like you a lot more than that lowly bastard.”

Sienna, who had continued muttering swears in her utterly incomprehensible voice, immediately released her hand. Then she tapped her shoulder a couple of times with her warm hand, she said:

“You are a good person, Damia Primula. Never forget that.”

It was a very nonsensical statement. But with her strangely confident voice, Damia felt somewhat comforted.

“… … thank you.”

The feeling of something hot dripping down filled her heart and choked her up. Damia walked to where her carriage was, and turned back to Sienna.

Standing alone in the dim garden, she was cold and graceful like the shadow of the moon. Her lips seemed to want to smile at Damia, but instead she left an unexpected warning.

—Please watch out for ‘him.’

“… … ?”

Damia doubted her eyes and ears. At the same time the moonlight obscured by the clouds evaporated again, Sienna disappeared as if vanishing into the darkness.

Damia looked at where she was just a moment ago. Did she meet a ghost? The encounter felt as if she had woken from a possession by a ghost.

Ruminating over the strange lingering feeling, a familiar cry resounded:

“Miss Damia!! You are here!!”

As if he had been quite worried, the face of her coachman running towards her side was joyful at her appearance. It seemed like it was really time to go home.

Damia saw the leather shoes on her own feet as she wiggled her toes. Then escorted by her coachman, she gladly got into her wagon.

Fortunately, in the capital her father had a seasonal interim residence, where he stayed when he came to do business. Damia decided that she would stay there for a while.

That was how Damia Primula’s first entry into the royal palace concluded.


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