PCP – 142

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‘I’m doing this to control and adjust the distance between Damia and I.’

He made a mistake. The distance between them was far beyond what he had hoped for.

Therefore to obtain the “appropriate” amount of space, it was natural to reduce it to some extent. Akkard arrogantly took it for granted that it was natural for him to decide and control the sense of distance in their relationship.

All he wanted was enough intimacy enough to have sex. … … Of course, that’s what it had to be….

“There are a lot of downtown areas in Pelmonium. Especially— there’s Royal Street—it’s in front of the Royal Palace and there are many famous dress shops and jewelry stores.”

Concealing his anxiety, he seductively explored. To somehow reverse this relationship, he needed to make Damia like him a little more.

“Since you arrived at the capital after a long arduous journey, you should go shopping. Free up time this week.”

She hadn’t even agreed yet, but Akkard decided the date arbitrarily. But his face only came off as brazened and unabashed and not hateful.

Maybe that’s why women hung around him, because of his charm?

Damia stared at his strong profile, chiseled nose, and charmingly shining eyes. And she calculated the sum in her head.

‘He’s definitely handsome.’

Lustrous silver hair, rare purple eyes, a fatally handsome face, and a gorgeous body.

He was like a high-end inclusive gift set, confidently presented at a shop at the end of the year. From every angle, there were many points women would relish.

‘Is that why your personality is so trashy?’

To balance it with your unnecessarily great looks.

Damia looked away with her cynical thoughts keeping her company. She managed her expressions perfectly composed as usual, but Akkard sensed an unknown chill from her side profile.

Usually, when a woman came to the capital for the first time, she would be terrified and intimidated by its size and sophistication. Still, it would be normal for her chest to swell up with excitement with the anticipation of capital high society.

And Akkard was a very good accessory for them.

A great southern landowner, the Duke of Valerian. He retained a great presence in the social circles as the commander of the royal knights and, at one time, known as the most handsome stallion ‘Ahal Teke.’

So Akkard assumed Damia would depend on him. To protect the pathetic pride of a titled girl who came from a distant northern countryside. Or even to use him as a stepping stone to quickly infiltrate high society.

But Damia didn’t.

“I’m tired, so I’ll take a little rest.”

Far from relying on him, she closed her eyes as if she was too tired to talk to him.

Her side face, which turned away from him, was indifferent, and at the same time, she was as gorgeous as she was spiteful. Akkard clenched his teeth without realizing it.

He had been so confident that he would definitely entrap her within his grasp, just like all the other women he had before. But no matter how much force he exerted on his hand, she continued to just slip out effortlessly.

While it was painful to be absent from her touch, his heart was warm. What if he became like the women of his past, who had paced in front of him anxiously awaiting the smallest attention from him?

He was beside himself with anguish at the thought.

‘You said you would never love me.’

Maybe it was because of those words that he had persuaded Damia to go up to the capital so he could sleep with her. Plainly, his invitation was close to coercion.

‘The End.’

A phase he took for granted and never thought much of, but he couldn’t bring himself to attach it to Damia. Especially if the last conversation they had was a fierce argument.

It would be exhausting to bring a woman from the remote northern corner of the country to the capital. It would take a lot of work, and since he brought her, he would have to take responsibility for and take care of her.

But why Akkard was succumbing himself to such a task and why he had dragged and forced Damia to come so close—he had no idea. Fortunately, he was on the smart side, so he could quickly assign an adequate reason to his actions and rationalize his purpose.

‘I guess I’m not tired of her yet. But if we stay together in the capital, and when she becomes dependent on me… … .’

By that time, he would naturally get sick of her. Akkard was a piece of shit, but he knew himself quite well.

Rather, everything would go according to plan. ‘Instead, this time, let’s press hard on that sweet body and covet it enough that there will be no regrets left. And let’s end this overly long affair with fire.’

Thinking so, Akkard glanced at her. And within 5 seconds of ardently staring at Damia’s face, he forgot all his thoughts.

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  1. Honestly I love this novel so much, I LOVED THE FACT THAT THE ML HAS AN ARC FOR SUFFERING like for real, the real deal KARMA. He will indeed suffer and Damia will give him a hard time, i love that of our MC 😍😍. By the time he figure out his feelings it will be too late…. i do wonder how the author will make the redemption arc, if there is one.

  2. Well luckily for you ml the easy and typical fl is already desperately in love and fawning over you she’s just being a bit pouty for now just tell her your sappy back story and a half hearted apology and she’ll happily ride your dick till the end if time.

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