PCP – 139

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The expression that appeared on Akkard’s face would have shook the heart of any woman.

‘Maybe I am special to him. Is it possible that he also regrets breaking up with me?’ His sad, wistful manner left room for such an illusion.

However, Damia, who knew very well what happened to the handkerchief she had gifted him, so she did not waver.

‘Is that acting too? If that’s the case, he’s great,’

Damia noted indifferently. The corner of Akkard’s mouth twisted and he suddenly raised his head.

His eyes, which she thought had looked wounded, were now shining brightly. Damia seemed to have seen the obsession, anger, and the unexpected sense of betrayal swirling within them.

‘Why are you looking at me like that?…. with such eyes?’

It was a relationship that was going to end soon anyway. Maybe he was set on being displeased with her no matter what she did. Damia genuinely couldn’t discern what was going on.

Just then, Akkard clenched his jaw as if he had made up his mind to do something. Then, out of nowhere, he dropped a bomb on her:

“If I go, you go with me, Damia.”

“…… What?”

Where am I going? Capital? Why should I?

It was as if out of the blue she was struck lightning on a clear day. Damia didn’t know if she had heard properly, so he looked at Lessid in bewilderment, suspecting her ears.

Fortunately, Lessid’s jaw had dropped, his mouth was agape, so it seemed that there was nothing wrong with her hearing. Then the one with the abnormality is, of course, Akkard’s head… … .

“Are you crazy? The capital is no joke—Why would Miss Damia go there!!”

Lessid shouted as he jumped up from his seat. He thought he could finally get rid of this troublesome Akkard Valerian, but he had never expected him to bite and cling on to Damia.

But Akkard had his own reasons. Bearing his teeth, he growled:

“Shut up and sit down.”

Angry, he grabbed Lessid by the shoulder and pushed him with a force that sat him back down. Then he took out a rolled parchment out of his arms and threw it on the table.

“This is a report sent by a subordinate, planted near the capital—Read it.”

Lessid, crushed down by his hand, struggled, but could not escape his iron grip. In the first place, knights and priests were fundamentally different.

Ultimately, Lessid picked up the parchment with a nervous look. And as he read the text, he furrowed his eyebrows.

Akkard, who saw this, laughed as if he had already won.

“Under the pretext of ‘helping the South,’ the High Temple dispatched a group of priests. And among the group is a person that resembles Cesare.”

It was the first time Lessid had heard of it; he bit the inside of his cheek. It hurt his pride that as an informant that had been collecting information about the High Temple that he had been so terribly unaware of this.

“As you all know, the South is very close to the capital. So something big is going to happen sooner or later. But I think… … If I had to choose, something will happen in the capital.”

Akkard spoke in a confident tone. He trusted his animal instincts. Not only that, but this time there was a clear reason.

“If they want Teresa Dmitry to be Crown Princess, they’ll be working in the capital.”

Upon hearing those words, Damia bit her lip. And she asked Akkard to confirm.

“So, Cesare is now… … going to the capital?”

It was definitely something to rejoice about. Cesare was a dangerous person and would be away from the North.

But strangely, she had a suspicion that it was not good news. All of Cesare’s conspiracies here have failed. So for his ensuing schemes, it was clear that he had taken a step back.

‘But why is he going to the capital?’

Then again, Louise had mentioned something before. That the High Temple was secretly transporting certain ‘things’ on people’s bodies.

‘Maybe he is taking them to the south?’

The capital and the south were very close. So it was probable that Cesare was transporting such ‘things’ down south.

With that thought, an ominous premonition welled up within her and alarmed her. She couldn’t just leave it and do nothing like this. Taking advantage of Damia’s turmoil and confusion, Akkard pushed hard.

“I am sure there’s a plan and they are plotting for the Crown Princess’ position. So come with me, Damia.”

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  1. I hoe the crown prince fall in love to damia, so akkard will be devastated for bringing her along…
    I would love to see his reaction to that scene..
    Go damia… Make akkard beg to into his knees for your love and attention 👌😂

  2. It’s so funny how she says he’s obsessed with her yet she’s the one obsessed with him and hoping that he’ll like her I say this a hundred times but she truly is pathetic yearning over a playboy so much and so desperate for his attention paying close attention to every facial expression he makes and getting high expectations tell me now why would someone who doesn’t care have so much expectations and hope every second I hate her, she’s so stupid pathetic weak desperate contradicting everything about her is ridiculous.

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