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The agony of her first love would randomly stab her out of nowhere when she least unexpected it, just like the aftereffects of an accident. The pain was enough to terrify Damia, who had experienced her first broken heart.

Moreover, it was the first letter she received after her confession was rejected. She had no idea what it contained… … She was so frightened that she could not read the letter at all.

“Miss Damia?”

Observate Lessid quickly noticed her complexion becoming grimmer. When he called her name anxiously, Damia came to her senses.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was thinking about something else for a moment.”

Damia quickly cleared her mind and pointed to the top of her paper.

“This is a list of items delivered to the High Temple that I found in my father’s study. Among them, I have marked the items that I thought were a little strange. Could you take a look?”

“Of course.”

Lessid, nodding his head, glanced through the list.

Damia’s handwriting, which swirled the ‘R’ exceptionally softly, was elegant and beautiful. There were more items written in that handwriting than expected, with their quantity and the locale of purchase of each item.

Lessid admired the list for its meticulousness. Damia added cautiously next to her.

“I tried my best, but… … There may be some mistakes. It was written down from my memory.”

“Huh? Did you memorize all of this and write it down?”

Lessid asked in pure surprise. But Damia interpreted this as a nuance of skepticism and replied with a blush on her face.

“Yes. It would have been more accurate if I had directly copied it… … But I wasn’t in a favorable circumstance to do so.”

Before her father, Owen, woke up, she had to memorize the document’s contents and get out. And since the location was her father’s personal study, she had wasted a lot of time locating the papers in the first place.

‘Because I might have been caught by father.’

Owen would never let her do such a dangerous thing. But she had no intention of being protected and hiding behind him.

So, once she had memorized the entire list, she returned to her room and took notes. Lessid, who held the results of her desperate endeavor, dreamily gazed at her with eyes full of admiration.

“… … Okay. I’ll go through the list and let you know if there’s anything odd.”

He was hopeless. He seemed to fall in love with the beauty before him once again.

While gazing upon Damia, Lessid’s eyes glistened like green fields soaked in dew. Truly, those were the eyes of a man in love.

‘Look at this flirty featherbrain.’

Watching them, Akkard’s stomach simmered. He wanted to stop Lessid from looking at Damia.

If those strong emotions in his eyes permeated Damia’s, it might change her heart.

“Alright, let’s move on to the next item of business! What is that letter?”

With a low, menacing voice that startled everyone, Akkard changed the topic.

At his proposal, Lessid looked down at the second letter he had received. There was no text or signature on it that could identify the sender.

However, Akkard was able to infer the letter’s sender because of this absence.

‘It must be a letter from His Highness Heinrich.’

Cautious Heinrich would deliberately leave nothing on the envelope. So even if the letter fell into the wrong hands, he couldn’t be identified.

Indeed, as Akkard had guessed, Lessid answered,

“This is a letter from His Highness Heinrich. I think I sent it to Lord Akkard first… … It seems that he hasn’t been able to contact you since you’ve been staying here unnecessarily.”

Lessid paused for a moment and secretly shot a sarcastic glare at Akkard.

It was perfectly reasonable for him to remain at the Primula’s estate. Since his sister, Louise, was recovering from a significant injury, it was only natural to stay around and tend after her.

But Akkard had no such reason. His stay here was purely for personal greed. When he noticed Lessid’s knowing stare, he became very uncomfortable.

“Well, then, hand me the letter already.”

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