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Managing to regain his composure, Akkard entered the room. Then Lessid, who was waiting for him, went straight to the point.

“First of all, this is news from the High Temple.”

Lessid calmly declared as he took out the contents from the already ripped envelope.

“I was dismissed from my post as a priest.”

“What? What do you mean you’re dismissed?”

Damia was surprised by the startling news from the onset. Seeing her reaction, Lessid laughed softly and added calmly.

“No need to be surprised. A traitor will, of course, be dismissed. I knew this day would come someday.”

It came earlier than expected.

Akkard frowned upon hearing Lessid’s words even though he felt better talking about work.

“It seems that the High Temple noticed it from before. That you were on the side of the royal family.”

At Akkard’s remarks, Lessid agreed, and he drily added as if this hadn’t concerned him at all:

“Certainly so, there are no eternal secrets in the world. Please reward me well later.”

Although he was released, Lessid didn’t care. He knew that this day would come from the moment he decided to side with the royal family.

The High Temple would have wanted to punish him and make an example of him. However, he thought himself lucky and thankful that it was finished with just a dismissal.

This was probably because they were mindful of Akkard’s presence. The fact that he, the Crown Prince’s right hand, appeared in the North must have caused the High Temple quite a bit of apprehension.

Especially if they were plotting something using god’s name.

“Well, speaking of the High Temple.”

Thinking it was time, Damia wanted to disclose her worries. Her head was now full of distress and anguish over her father.

“Actually, yesterday, I found something on my father’s body… … .”

While Damia trembled slightly on her lips, she calmly explained the ‘Forbidden Stigma.’ Upon listening to her, Lessid grimaced.

“Ugh, I had my suspicions… … but it looks like it was really happening.”

As an ex-priest, Lessid knew a lot. He was willing to explain more about the ‘Forbidden Stigma’ to Damia.

“It is sowing a brand on another body with holy power. Holy Power has the power to heal, but it can also inflict pain if you want. In the first place, exterminating and killing the beasts was also in the scope of holy abilities.”

But many did not know this; Lessid shrugged.

“Once you put a brand on your body, you have no choice but to obey the caster’s orders. If one disobeys, they will suffer through stigma and it could even kill you.”

“… … Oh my.”

Damia was astonished at his explanation and covered her mouth with her hand. Tears welled up in her eyes as she remembered her poor father.

“Is there any way to get rid of a stigma that has already been cast? I’ll do anything, please……”

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