PCP – 133

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Akkard’s face became rigid with surprise, looking pained, distressed, and wounded.

Usually, Damia would have stopped at this point or would not have gone so far in the first place.

But now, she felt as if she was teetering on the edge of her sanity, worried sick about the peril her father was in, and so she was harsh.

Her anxiety and despair had kept her up and weeping all night long. As soon as morning dawned, Damia ran to ask Lessid about the ‘Forbidden Stigma.’

But Lessid was not in the room. Instead, Akkard, the person she wanted to see the least, grabbed her and started unnecessarily quarreling with her. No matter how patient Damia was, she had no choice but to explode.

‘Such a selfish man.’

Damia, who is naturally calm, did not get angry easily. But once the lukewarm wick was lit, it burned for a long time.

Now was such a time.

“I’m baffled why you, Sir Akkard, would think I was doing this on purpose in the first place! What relationship? —What?!”

At her sharp rebuttal, Akkard was stunned and numb, as if he had been struck dumb by a single blow. Instead, Damia poured out everything she wanted to say without filter.

“Now let me make it clear, I do not love you, Sir Akkad, nor do I want to be in a relationship with you! But why do you act like you’re about to choke to death on your own? You’re so ridiculous!!”

The words that came out of rose-red lips were thorns. He felt those thorns encircle and dig through his heart.

Panting from the unfamiliar anguish he experienced for the first time in his life, he felt a strange sense of dizziness. Damia’s words that rang in his ears were sickeningly familiar.

How could he not recognize them? When he shook off women that clung to him, those were the words he had habitually spat out.

For Akkard Valerian hurting people with his weapons of innate charm and strength was as normal as breathing. But when the blade’s tip was aimed at his heart, he was helpless.

‘It hurts.’

Why? Why does my heart hurt so much? What the hell is she? What is that girl saying? What is happening to me now?

Akkard clutched his chest so hard that his fingers grew white. But even as his fingertips scratched his chest hard enough to gouge into his skin, the pain he felt inside was more tremendous and to no avail.

Seeing his face pale from shock, Damia sighed.


She couldn’t have even imagined that he had feelings for her. If he had liked her in the slightest, he wouldn’t have so cruelly thrown away her handmade gift.

Rather, Damia thought he was just being childish.

Like a young tyrant who quickly gets angry when things don’t go his way. A selfish child under the false assumption that he could control and manipulate people as he saw fit.

She felt no obligation to accept his foolishness just because they had some trysts. Damia wanted to cut him out completely from her life, but unfortunately, she still needed him.

‘To save my father.’

Fortunately, because she had vented her fury, her intense emotions had slightly thawed. Thus, she could conveniently and gently clean and wrap up this messy predicament.

“… … I understand that—that Sir Akkard hates desperate women who hang on to him. So I will never love you.”

It was odd. Ever since Akkard found out that he was the first to sleep with Damia Primula, he was paranoid she would chase him.

So the moment he heard her words, it was, of course, that he should be deeply relieved in his heart.

He should have been—must have been… … But as soon as those words came out of Damia’s mouth, his heart sank.

It felt like being thrown into a frozen abyss hollow with no bottom in sight. Akkard felt so dismally miserable that there seemed to be no possibility or end in sight with this terrifying feeling of a cold plunge.

All he wanted to do was cover Damia’s mouth. Instead, more pointed words flowed from those pretty lips, mutilating and mangling him in tatters.

However, unaware of this, Damia cruelly pierced him with a final blow.

“We are just sex partners. It has always been, and it will never be any more. Forever.”

So don’t worry, Damia’s smile seemed to say as if to relieve his mood.

It was an innocent smile as pure as a poisonous daffodil. Akkard, infected by the deadly poison, had no choice but to stare blankly at her smile.

Even at the instant of cruelty, Damia’s smiling countenance was terribly beautiful. But Akkard couldn’t bring himself to smile along to match her mood.

He felt like something was about to explode inside him at any moment.

“Damia? …And Sir Akkard.”

Lessid, who returned just in time, looked at them, puzzled. Thanks to this, Akkard was able to avoid being caught collapsing.

“What brings you to my room so early in the morning?”

As Lessid asked, in his hand were two letters. Apparently, he had been away to pick them up.

“I have something to tell you. So it’s great you two are already here.”

Ignorant of the heated argument that had just occurred, he looked at Akkard suspiciously. His gaze seemed to ask if he had done something to Damia again.

“Hmm. Shall we go inside and talk?”


Damia, wanting to escape just moments before, nodded brightly. She had been here since morning in the first place to talk to Lessid.

‘Sir Akkard should understand by now.’

Never in her wildest dreams did Damia think that he would have been hurt. No, she didn’t really care whether he was hurt or not. Regardless, she would have done the same.

“Then, I’ll go in first.”

Since she received the room owner’s permission, Damia turned and went inside. Then Lessid followed her.

Left alone, Akkard bit his lip. Thanks to Lessid’s appearance and subsequent interruption, it was fortuitous that the embankment of his emotions did not burst out.

That didn’t solve his crisis, though. His brain was numb and dizzy as if it had been disfigured, and his heart felt a bitter agony as if it had rolled on a thorny road.

“… … Shit.”

A low swear word escaped from between his bitten, blood-soaked lips.

Everything was a mess. Just because of that little girl.

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  1. I don’t want them to end up together. I want hi to learn his lesson and move on and for her to find someone more sensible. I hate these redemption arks.
    If one of my friends was in a similar relationship with a person like that, broke it off and then they would start dating….there would be an intervention for sure.

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