PCP – 13

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The reason why Damia Primula had sex with Akkard was complicated.

First of all, Dami was heartbroken. It was Akkard Valerian who she happened to meet two days ago.

Let’s rewind and go back two days, first.

It was the day of the farewell party of the second son of the Marquis Roysten, Kael Roysten. He was honored to be selected to go to Daeshin for formal paladin training and would depart soon.

Marquis Roysten held a grand farewell party for his second son. So Damia Primula had to take part in the event because she was a long-time childhood friend of Kael.

“Damia, you’re here!”

Today’s main character, Kael, has not yet been seen. Instead, it was a black-haired nobleman who welcomed Damia. He smiled brightly as if he was happy to meet Damia here. But from the moment she saw him, Damia’s eyes sank.

“Brother Cesare. You’re here first.”

Damia recited a formal greeting. Cesare was a bloodless step-brother brought in by her stepmother.

Living in the same mansion, you would think they would see each other every day, and it would be weird to be delighted to see your sister at a party. But, of course, that was the average brother and sister.

“That’s great. Well, then, I’ll see you around.”

Damia tried to keep her distance from him. But the cunning Cesare didn’t let her go.

He held Damia’s arm gently. And as soon as Damia felt regret, his beautiful face suddenly came into her view.

“It’s been such a long time since we attended a party, Damia, and you look a little excited. I can’t believe you’re leaving this brother here. You’re making me sad.”

Cesare’s lips, which were red as much as a woman’s, pressed against her cheek under the guise of a fraternal kiss. The touch of the cold, soft lips was familiar. 

When Damia was still a young girl, Cesare would sometimes kiss her this way, adoring her.

But Damia was now an adult, and this greeting was rather inappropriate. Especially given that they were siblings without blood.

“… Brother Cesare.”

Damia touched her cheek and frowned. Cesare smiled like a fox and quickly deflected her future protest.

“I’m sincere. I don’t think we need to be so polite between us. I’m your brother, aren’t I? Damia.”

Cesare gave her a grim look and said, “If you keep doing this, I’ll be disappointed.” 

His eyes were watery blue, so the youthful, playful expression suited him well. Any woman could have held her breast with maternal love and would willingly forgive Cesare.

But Damia knew him well. At first glance, Cesare seemed gentle and selfless, but in fact, it was quite manipulative. She was familiar with his way of slowly tightening the web with a trap if he wanted something.

And Damia recently had an unsettling gut feeling—the intuition that his invisible spiderwebs were draped little by little under her feet until one day she was strung up, upside down in front of Cesare and would be eaten alive.

“In brother’s eyes, it seems I still look like your immature younger sister, right?”

Damia spoke with a gentle smile. Her unexpected counterattack was met with silence. She feigned innocence as if she didn’t know Cesare’s thoughts, but Damia didn’t miss the chance to push Cesare away.

“It’s such a shame. All the good memories are piled up so thick that they cover our eyes, and now we’ll never be able to see each other as a man or woman.”

After finishing talking, Damia gracefully stepped up and kissed Cesare on the cheek. Damia’s kiss returned his actions with an air of mockery.

Her meaning was clear. If he wanted to treat her as a younger sister, he had to stick to his position. Later, if he asked for marriage with a voice like, ‘Actually, I to you……’, it was deceitful.

When he wanted to kiss her, he used ‘you’re my younger sister’ card, but other than that, didn’t Damia looked like a woman to his eyes? Everything was always in Cesare’s favor; he had an escape and an excuse for each of his dubious actions.  

Therefore, Damia wanted to bring it to light and break his double standards. She was trying to give him an ultimatum—he should choose only one of the two.

How could Cesare not know this? Damia’s lips touched and fell from his face, and laughter evaporated.

 “You really are.”

The real face of Cesare appeared from behind his usual mask as he glanced at her. Then he pulled up the corners of his mouth smoothly, and his eyes sharped.


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