PCP – 128

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“You know what happened? The Countess of Hwari sent Klaus to a monastery.”

“What? A monastery?”

“They sent him to a Correctional Monastery.”

Damia was surprised to hear the news for the first time. A Correctional Monastery was a very harsh place, a rehabilitation facility for troubled aristocratic children.

“The Countess Hwari is from the eastern continent, so she’s more conservative, isn’t she? She said her son must have some sort of mental illness. I had wondered what she had meant by that but it turned out that it must have been about the misunderstanding about him being homosexual.”

After the explanation, Louise giggled again. The fact that she enjoyed the misfortunes of others the most had not changed.

Meanwhile, Damia smiled bitterly. She was still angry about what Klaus attempted to do, but when she heard that he had gone to a Correctional Monastery, she was disturbed. [t1v: ditto]

‘And what about the letter he sent?’

Damia remembered Klaus that day when he repeatedly asked if she had received his letter. She was very curious about the content, but now there was no way to ask.

“By the way, if Sir Akkard was willing to save you, there must be really something going on between you two. Are you going to marry him by any chance?”

Her eyes grew round as she asked with genuine curiosity. Then, for the first time, Lessid, who had been silently listening up until that point, exclaimed—


“What the hell— you surprised me! Why are you screaming?”

She rolled her eyes at her brother. Then, just as he was about to scold her, Damia opened her mouth:

“… … I and Sir Akkard have nothing to do with each other.”

It was an ice-cold tone for her, who was always gentle. It was so strong that Louise flinched.

Typically, she would have left it at that, but it bothered her that Lessid’s face suddenly brightened up like crazy, so she inquired further:

“Is there really nothing? Sir Akkard doesn’t seem to think so.”

“Relationships are not one-sided, are they? Both sides have to agree.”

Louise’s additional scrutiny did not shake her. Instead, her cool tone did not waver.

“I don’t care what Sir Akkard thinks. I don’t think there’s a relationship and I have nothing to do with him.”

Damia was smiling beautifully like a flower, but her words were brutal, like the tip of a frozen spear. Thanks to this, the atmosphere in the bedroom quickly fell.

Louise quietly regretted it. Fortunately, there was a way out of this embarrassment, so she decided to use it quickly.

“Ah, my body… … I guess I haven’t recovered quite yet.”

Saying that she was too tired because she talked a lot….. It was code for ‘leave.’

Getting the hint since the topic of conversation was inconvenient for her as well, Damia got up.

“Then, rest well, Miss Louise.”

She hesitated, turning her body to leave when she added cautiously,

“… … I hope you get well and recover soon.”

It was a common saying, but it was a voice full of sincerity. Louise blinked at the genuine tenderness that her words contained.

She had constantly attacked and slandered Damia countless times, so she couldn’t help but admit it: Damia was fundamentally a better human being than herself.

Wasn’t that so? So, Louise impulsively beckoned her.


Louise, who was hesitating, gestured. And she put her mouth to Damia’s ear as she approached.

“I didn’t want to say this since it’s just my guess, but maybe… Count Primula… … .”

As her words about her father continued, Damia’s face gradually turned pale. Lessid, watching her from afar, was a little worried, but he couldn’t overhear the private conversation.

“… … I see. I’ll check when I get home.”

‘Thanks for letting me know,’ Damia bowed her head. And she parted, saying that she should really rest now, holding Louise’s hand lightly, and left.

After Lessid followed her out of the room, she was truly left alone. As she tried to comfortably lie down on her back, Louise involuntarily looked down at her hand.

She suddenly became curious when she recalled the warmth she felt in Damia’s hand earlier.

‘I’m so mean, but I still received this kind of warmth… … .’

What the hell did Akkard Valerian do? Was it because of the handkerchief?’

Well, it was none of her business. Louise, who confided everything she knew, fell into a deep, comfortable slumber for the first time in a long while.

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  1. Well honestly he deserves her cold treatment. I hope Damia’s cold treatment last long. I hate when mcs forgive trashy mls to fast. There must be an arc of redemption
    Thanks for the chapter

    1. Normally I’m very forgiving of trash ML but this is not one of them. He is garbage no matter how much you squint.

  2. Well it’s fl fault too fir willingly getting caught up in his drama even though she already knew what would’ve happened if she did yet still she made her self get swept away anyway I don’t t feel bad for her and this cold personality ain’t gonna last long she’s way too simple and a saint for it to last long she’s weak minded, soft hearted and a plain fool.

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