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Damia was sitting on the soft stool next to Louise’s bed.

She had been ill for several days. Louise, pale, didn’t know what she was thinking, and didn’t open her mouth easily. Thanks to this, there was an awkward air in her bedroom.

Damia, who became bored with her silence, raised her gaze slightly. And at that time, their eyes met.

“… … I’m sorry.”

Louise finally opened her mouth with a cracked voice. Upon hearing this, Damia thought to himself.

‘Are you trying to apologize for that day?’

However, the following words were completely contrary to Damia’s expectations.

“Would you … … pass the water next to you?”

Of course. Even after being impaled by a sword, Louise was still Louise. Damia felt a bit of disappointment and a strange sense of relief at the same time.


After receiving the glass of water from her, she gulped it down. She was so thirsty that she emptied the glass of water in the blink of an eye.


Louise set the empty glass of water casually on the table next to her bed. Compared to before, when she looked like a dried flower, her face was a bit more lively.

“I’m sorry, Miss Damia.”

A belated apple came out of Louise’s mouth. It was a very straightforward and direct apology.

“I’m sorry I hit you, and I’m sorry I stabbed you with that broken shard. And I’m sorry for everything I’ve done so far.”

Damia, who really didn’t expect to receive her apology, was a bit stunned.

This time, it wasn’t a pretentious, fake apology to escape or to ridicule Damia. It was the first time she had ever received a sincere apology from her since their relationship had soured.

“… … it’s alright.”

After hesitating for a moment, Damia gathered up her courage and added.

“Thank you for apologizing first. I’m sorry I hit you back then, too.”

“You hit better than I thought? You’re strong. Inside, I regretted that I had started a physical fight for no reason.”

Louise confessed in her indifferent, casual tone. Damia didn’t mean to blame her, so she was terribly embarrassed.

Thankfully, Lessid treated her well with his holy powers and it was fortunate that there were no wounds from their fight. If Louise’s face had been a mess, it would have been even more uncomfortable to face her.

It was the same with Louise. She saw that Damia’s hand, which she had torn apart, was completely healed with holy power.

The moment she saw this in person, a sigh of relief flowed out between her chapped lips.


She had a physical fight for the first time in her life.

In the process, she stabbed someone, and in the same fight, she had nearly been stabbed to death. All these shocking experiences shook Lousie’s world, who grew up like a sheltered princess in a greenhouse.

After one intense typhoon passed, surprisingly, there was nothing left. Hatred, envy, and fragments of old emotions.

Perhaps that’s why she had the courage to open her mouth.

“You two probably have a lot of questions for me. Miss Damia and older brother.”

Louise, who finally was able to speak, glanced at her door. There, Lessid was leaning at an angle, looking her way.

“Come here too, brother, sit down.”

After Lessid nodded, he sat down on the sofa next to Damia. After she confirmed that her own guests were all ready to listen, she spoke.

“I’m sorry if you expect a lot , but I don’t know much. You know, by seeing how Cesare treated me that day… … I was only worth that much.”

Although it must have been quite a shock, Louise confessed that it was not a big deal, like it wasn’t her private affair. However, upon hearing this, Damia was not particularly disappointed.

‘If Louise’s responsibilities were important, she wouldn’t be so easy to kill.’

Damia had also guessed it to some extent. But there was one thing neither she nor Cesare knew.

It was the fact that Louise was quicker than they had assumed.

“I was considered just a little kid, so no one was wary of me. There are a few things that I gleaned thanks to that.”

There’s no evidence, but I’ll tell you everything, Louise added.

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