PCP – 125

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Damia did not fall for his childish provocations. Instead, knowingly, she smiled softly, scratching Akkard’s insides, while pretending not to know anything.

“Lessid is a very nice person. He healed my hand like this.”

After finishing her words, Damia embraced her healed hand as if it were precious. The moment he saw that, Akkard was so infuriated it was as if his blood was running backwards in his veins.

“Ha! He’s a good guy? What do you know about Lessid Ferira in the first place? You really have a poor eye for people!”

Self-centered, once he was offended he couldn’t tolerate it. It was because if he was uncomfortable in any way, the woman would take a step back, afraid of losing him.

Firstly, Akkard was very tall, and had well-trained muscles. He resembled a large lion when he grew angry, his aura intimidating enough to make anyone wary.

Few people were brave enough to keep their composure in front of him. Unfortunately for him, Damia was one of those few.

“Exactly, I certainly do not have a good eye for people.”

Damia readily agreed with a gentle face. Then she took back the blade that he had thrown, and stabbed it in his heart with a chilling softness.

“But whoever I meet will be better than you.”

Akkard was ready to retort to whatever she was going to say. But not so much as a word fell from his lips.

Damia was utterly convinced. Akkard Valerian was a pile of shit that the world never saw and would never see again, and she would never choose him even if he was the last man on earth.

The distrust and revulsion of her soft voice pierced his ears. A very tingling, unpleasant pain engulfed his head and chest at the same time.

It was not like Akkard to be beaten unilaterally like this. So he tried to shoot back with his usual sneer. Picking only the naughty words that rip an opponent’s heart and pride to shreds.

But nothing came to mind. He thought he was going to say something but couldn’t. obviously couldn’t say what he was trying to say. In contrast to the darkness clouding his vision, his mind turned white, utterly blank.

“… … Do you really think so, Damia?”

Akkard barely managed to move his frozen lips in shock.

“Are you being serious?”

His voice cracked, it was a terrible voice that he had to hear. When a quip like this is exchanged like a jest between a man and a woman, the one who is sincere first loses.

But it was inevitable. When feelings for the other person are greater, their patience is shortened and their anxiety is bound to swell enormously.

So, he couldn’t afford to enjoy the gib. Akkard, who had enough, knew it very well.

But at this moment, he couldn’t help but ask. He was dying to know what Damia thought of him.

“I… … .”

Unlike him, whose face grew stiff, Damia was still coolly relaxed. She had just glanced at him and was about to open her mouth.


As if seeking revenge from earlier, the drawing room door swung open and Lessid appeared.

He wanted to swear at the horrideous timing. Akkard, interrupted at a crucial moment, narrowed his eyes and glared at Lessid. That bastard must have done it on purpose.


Regardless, Lessid, who appeared triumphantly, didn’t even spare a look at him. Instead, he approached Damia with a familiar attitude like a fox.

“I’m sorry, but I think you should come.”

“What? Where?”

“Louise wants to see you. She has something to say.”

Louise… … ?

Damia hesitated a little at Lessid’s unexpected words.

It was a relief that her old feelings accumulating for her had erupted and washed away with last night’s fight. But now with the thought of facing Louise it seemed unbearably awkward.

‘I have to go anyway.’

Stilling her distrubed heart, Damia regained control. Although Louise had been abandoned, she had been Cesare’s closest confidant until then. So she was certainly that Louise knew something.

“Let’s go, Mr. Lessid.”

When Damia got up from her seat, Lessid held out her arm as if he had been waiting. Rather than being a priest, he resembled a young nobleman escort.

Damia took his arm without much thought, as was customary for ladies. Then, Lessid smiled sweetly, like a ripe, fresh lemon under the summer sun.

“Alright, let’s go. Damia.”

Lessid cleverly took a step closer to her the moment she accepted his hand.

Then, rather than being an escort, they were so close, almost arm-in-arm. But, it was subtle enough that Damia didn’t feel uneasy or step away.

Because of this, Damia did not realize that anything was amiss. Her head was full of thoughts of meeting Louise.

Naturally, Akkard’s presence was left behind and quickly forgotten. Lost in her thoughts, she took Lessid’s arms and left.

And, left alone in her drawing room, Akkard’s manly chin was heavy with a powerful tension.


… … He was really about to go mad.

He had seen Damia talk to other men or leave the room together with them a few times before. It was a casual sight for him at first, but at that moment he felt as if a boulder fell on top of his chest.

It was obviously just a minor, insignificant crack twisting a little bit in his chest with a slight grate. The discordant creaking noise grew terrifyingly loud and vibrated as if it were now tearing his ears.

‘But whoever I meet will be better than you.’

What the hell is that girl talking about, making such a big deal.

But with one small sarcastic taunt, his world was crumbling—growing out of control with every passing second. Like an elaborate pocket watch with a cog in the wrong place, bringing a  grinding chaos.

Emotions that didn’t fit together were smashing into each other, shattering, pulverizing, and demolishing against each other without end. With helpless gasps at the excruciating pain, Akkard finally realized:

The fact that something is definitely wrong.


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  1. I am glad our MC slapped him with common sense. I wish other MC’s did the same thing with their trashy ML’s they have to suffer and work hard to earn forgiveness.
    Tha ks for the chapter 💜💙

  2. But the reality 🤕 hurts….
    Akkard is the male lead..
    And in the end they will end up together…
    But I hope Damia will kick the hell out of him because I really don’t like him for her…
    You must hurt that man back for throwing your handkerchief that you wasted time to make….
    I am more interested in lessid for Damia than that trash akkard… 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    1. Lool I think that’s true… It’s about time we get to know his background
      But i totally think he deserved the lesson or he won’t know that what he does actually have consequences

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