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Nonetheless, Damia felt better when her hand was healed. It wasn’t very pleasant to have such a large scar on the noble lady’s hand.

“Thank you so much. Priest Lessid.”

Naturally, her gaze on him softened. Taking advantage of that opportunity, he secretly tried to progress their relationship.

“Just call me Lessid. After all, we’ve known each other since childhood.”

“Really? Are you sure it would be fine?”

“Of course.”

Coyly, Lessid smiled, hiding his happy feelings.

He had actually wanted to do this since he was a teenager. When he took that painting class with Damia, he wished they had grown closer.

At that time, Lessid was also a sensitive and shy adolescent boy. Therefore, it was very difficult to get close to his first love, Damia, skillfully.

Fortunately, Damia nodded her head willingly. So perhaps, even if it was belatedly, the effort was worth it.

“Then I shall, Lessid-nim.”

Despite his fairy-like beauty, Lessid was quite feisty contrary to his appearance. He was particularly wary and distrustful of people.

However, he was very friendly to her. She liked that; it felt good to be treated like a special person.

‘He’s such a good person.’

There was no way Lessid didn’t notice the change in her gaze.

‘Maybe now is your chance.’

His delicate fingertips trembled inconspicuously.

Lessid is a natural priest ‘chosen’ by his powers, so he hadn’t made a life oath. Therefore, he could return to the secular world if he gave up his post in the temple.

Initially, he had wanted to wait until then and confess to Damia, but he changed his mind. He realized that love never waited for convenience.

“Damia. Actually, there is something I want to say…….”

Lessid, who had a serious expression on his face, was just about take his chance.

As if god were punishing the priest who chose a woman instead of itself, the door slammed open with a loud noise.


Interrupted at a once-in-a-lifetime moment and chance Lessid frowned and looked back. The hindrance standing there was Akkard Valerian himself.

“What? Were you two together?”

Akkard frowned when he saw Lessid and Damia standing side by side. Taking in the sight, the two looked rather good together and seemed to be close.

Lessid with an elegant and aristocratic appearance. And Damia, who was a gorgeous beauty. A gentle atmosphere flowed harmoniously between the two like snow drifting in the luxurious landscape.

The moment he sensed this, Akkard felt strangely dirty. Even now, he wanted to tear Lessid away from her and crush him to the point that he would never be able to stick to her again.

“What? Without knocking.”

Lessid felt the same, very upset. He deliberately took a step forward to provoke Akkard by hiding Damia behind him.

Then Akkard’s eyes became fierce all at once. It was a face that was ugly enough to threaten to raise his fist at any moment, but there was no need for that.

Fortunately, he had the task of sending Lessid away from Damia’s side.

“Louise Ferria has woken up.”

“… … really?”

Lessid’s expression shook at the news that Akkard had uttered. No matter how bad the relationship between the siblings were if a sister who was stabbed by a sword woke up, shouldn’t he go there?

Still, it didn’t fit Lessid’s personality to meekly step back like this. So before he left, he called Damia’s name in a friendly manner.

“I’ll see you, Damia.”

“Yes. Thank you for today, Mr. Lessid.”

She smiled and responded warmly, calling out Lessid’s name.

Lessid smiled arrogantly at the narrow-minded, bad-tempered man staring at him. And as if he were a victor, he leisurely left the drawing-room.

“Calling each other by first names now? You seem to have become very close, haven’t you?”

Akkard sarcastically said in a displeased tone.

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