PCP – 123

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Fortunately, the Ferria siblings were resilient and recovering well. Louise was still unconscious, but as she got better day by day, it was clear that she would get up soon.

Lessid, who was exhausted by depleting his mana, was fine in two days. He came to heal Damia’s hand, which his sister had injured.

“Thank you for allowing us to stay at the mansion like this, Lady Damia. And I am sincerely sorry for what Louise has done to you.”

Lessid discarded his usually dignified air and apologized by lowering his golden eyelashes. Damia smiled at this and waved her hand.

“No. Maybe Miss Louise and I needed this.”


“There’s nothing good about holding something in for a long time, right? Especially when it comes to human relationships. I don’t mean to say it in front of Priest Lessid, but Miss Louise and I… … We haven’t been on good terms for quite some time.”

Lessid was well aware of how mild her expression “not on good terms” was to describe the situation. So he politely shut his mouth and listened to her.

“There was a time when I was resentful and upset wondering what was wrong with Miss Louise. It felt like new hatreds were building up in my heart every year.”

“… … I see.”

“But it’s strange, isn’t it? After we had a big physical fight and poured out all kinds of ugly feelings, I felt very relieved.”

Damia smiled brightly, remarking that she didn’t hate Louise as before. Her smile looked adorably dashing, so unintentionally, Lessid found himself laughing alongside her. And with a lighter feeling, he extended his hand to Damia.

“Don’t you still need treatment? Now, why don’t you lend me your hand.”

Nodding, she extended her hand to him. Then, her upper body naturally leaned forward.

He took in the lovely sight of her straight neck and slender collarbones… And then he found a red mark left on her.

“Miss Damia, this is… … .”


Damia tilted her head with a puzzled look. She didn’t even know that Akkard had left a mark on her neck when he had said goodbye to her yesterday.

But it was obvious to Lessid eyes. He felt like the sky was falling, and he closed his eyes tightly.

‘Akkard Valerian, this despicable playboy … … .’

He was the only one who could do something like this. Lessid guessed the culprit, but he turned to Damia just in case.

“I saw Lord Akkard briefly yesterday, and it seemed he was coming down with a cold. He was also coughing.”

“Sir Akkard? Really?”

Damia asked out of politeness without much interest. Whether he was ill or not, she didn’t know. However, the Akkard she saw yesterday looked fine, far from coughing, so she was vaguely surprised.

Of course, Lessid knew best that Akkard was not sick. But he was desperate, so he brazenly continued.

“I was wondering if there was an illness in the mansion, but yesterday… … Did you ever have a conversation with Sir Akkard alone?”

“Ah, yes. Just for a moment.”

Damia nodded her head eagerly. The only thing Akkard and she did last night was to say goodnight. So there was nothing special about it.

Lessid stomach burned upon hearing her affirmation.

‘Don’t tell me you like Sir Akkard.’

Maybe he was being too careless. A young lady like Damia wouldn’t even look at a flirt.

Akkard Valerian was the problem. His personality and notion of chastity were utter trash, but his appearance was unnecessarily superior. Nevertheless, even as a straight man himself, it was sometimes hard to withstand his charisma, so Akkard must have been irresistible to women.

At this point, he was seriously deliberating if Akkard was actually a demon who came to earth to ruin women.

‘Did you leave this mark for me to see?’

Lessid ground his teeth without realizing it. If it were Akkard, he would do something like that.

Recently, hadn’t Akkard overreacted whenever Damia was mentioned? Sometimes his eyes looking at her were similar to those of an animal that was wary of being deprived of its prey.

‘Really what a dog… … .’

Lessid inwardly poured every curse he knew of on him. At this time, it was truly regrettable that his main occupation was not as a mercenary warlock but instead as a gentleman priest.

“Excuse me, Priest Lessid? Are you alright?”

Ignorant of his inner turmoil, she looked at him, wondering what was bothering him. His expression, which was gradually getting worse, was unusual.

“… … it’s nothing.”

Lessid looked at her in front of his eyes, repressing his heart that was trembling with jealousy and anxiety. Even though she was casually dressed because she was in her mansion, she shone beautifully like a rose in the afternoon sunlight.

Funny how watching her face softened his troubled mood.

‘Right, how far will he get? How long will they last? Akkard Valerian is a dog that can’t break his bad habits.’

It was fortunate that Akkard was a bastard the likes of which could never be seen again in the world. Whatever relationship he had with Damia right now, it wouldn’t last long anyway.

Lessid, convinced of this, looked at her with pity, who would soon be hurt by him.

“Then, let’s do the treatment.”

Although Damia’s heartbreak was inevitable, he could at least heal her hand.

As Lessid manifested his holy powers, a warm light permeated her wound. As a result, her injured hand healed up as if she had never been injured in the first place.

Damia, upon observing her hand in curiosity, laughed with relief.

“It’s so remarkable that it’s better, it recovered so neatly. It’s really amazing.”

“It was nothing. Oh, and here too… … .”

Lessid casually stretched out his hand and erased the traces left on Damia’s neck. It was also very neat.

“… … ?”

Damia, who didn’t know anything, caressed her neck and made a puzzled expression. Lessid saw this and responded with a very bright smile.

“A bug bit you.”

“A bug?”

It wasn’t itchy; how strange.

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