PCP – 12

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Akkard looked at her face with stiff eyes.

Damia’s eyes were bright as if she saw the world’s most extraordinary treasure.

But the words that came out of her lips were heartless. Although it was wrapped nicely, her meaning was clear. It meant that she wouldn’t see him anymore.

There was no way Akkard could not have known this. He was used to getting rid of a crying and clinging woman. But this was the first time that this situation had been reversed, and he froze for a while. 

In the meantime, Damia, now wearing clothes, quietly walked out of the bedroom.

“Then, goodbye.”

Last night the woman who had been so prettily crying and disheveled under him left. 

Without looking back.


His bedroom door closed with a dry, short sound where Damia had slipped out.

Left alone, Akkard glared fiercely at the door. 

It couldn’t be. Last night was absolutely hot.  

Damia would have had to melt like chocolate put in front of the fireplace and stick to me.

Suddenly a thought flashed through his mind, and he looked around the bedroom. Looking for the object Damia must have left behind.

Sometimes there were such women who used the tactic of deliberately leaving small belongings such as earrings and hairpins in his bedroom, so they would have an excuse to meet with him again when he returned them. Some of the more provocative objects he recalled was underwear.

But Damia Primula didn’t.  

There was nothing she left. Akkard was amazed, although she was shy, she was meticulous about taking all her clothes.


Only then did Akkard realize. 

Damia was sincere.

You were coyly crying under me and and going crazy last night, but when you wake up you say goodbye, just like that?

An angry dry laugh came out of the mouth of a stuffy Akkard.


The world’s renowned casanova, Akkard Valerian, was now abandoned after a passionate night. 

And to Damia Primula, who didn’t know the man until yesterday!

With his eyes darkened with rage, Akkard glared fiercely at the empty bed that she had escaped. His arrogance, which had soared as high as the sky and his pride as a prominent and handsome man had completely crumbled.

Naturally, there was only one question that came to mind in his chaotically confused mind.

Who the hell is this woman who devoured him whole?

As soon as the question crossed his mind, Akkard suddenly realized. 

They had spent the whole day rolling around, and he knew nothing about Damia Primula.

He always thought that he was in control of the relationship and thought he could always ask her if he could be bothered to. So, instead of properly getting to know her before their romp, he had first sought out her delectable body.

But now, left alone, Arkad realized that he had been seriously mistaken. The shock tingling the back of his head was terribly unpleasant and alien. His wicked temper started to boil.

 “…… impudent, who wants to end this?”

It was natural for the superior to abandon the inferior. Therefore, Akkard was always in the position of throwing away. No one dared to turned their back on him first.

That Damia Primula was no exception. Akkard decided to return the humiliation, contempt, and anger he was feeling.

 “You’re going to wish that you were never born.”

Akkad muttered coldly. This wasn’t the end. When Damia was crying prettily and grabbing his foot, pleading him to stay—That would be the real end of this relationship.

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  1. “When Damia pleads him to stay—That would be the real end of this relationship” Pfft.. yea right. You’ll definitely eat your own words Sir Akkard


  2. Wow damia,, Daebak!! people who have boundaries and are in control are usually the lucky ones lol😆😆😆😆😆

  3. Hahaha…. how does it feel to be used? Also it is not Damia’s fault is she sought you out for being great in bed. It is novelty that there are girls like her so don’t be a clingy jerk for her drawing the line.

    Plus, your sister warning you in dreams is already a huge foreshadowing that you will the one begging for her attention. 🙂

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