PCP – 119

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After being beaten to a pulp, Cesare seemed utterly unconscious.

“But I still have to check, right?”

Akkard mumbled an excuse not to trust appearances too easily and kicked Cesare’s ribs in an emotional strike laden with feelings. He was hoping he would wiggle, and then he’d have the excuse to beat him some more.

But Cesare was passed out and did not move. Akkard, who had no excuses to beat him further, got up reluctantly. And he turned to call Lessid.

“Miss Louise. Priest Lessid is coming soon! So hang in there.”

Remembering some sentiment that it was dangerous for a patient to lose consciousness, Damia grabbed Louise and continued talking to her.

But regardless, her eyelids kept falling. She looked like she was going faint at any moment. So Damia was forced to raise her hand.


With a sharp sound, Louise, who was struck across the cheek, opened her eyes. It wasn’t because it was painful, but she was incensed.

“You—cough—… … Are you crazy?!”

Even though she was dying, Louise’s temper was not dead yet. Grinding her teeth with a pale blue face, she vomited blood.

Dumbfounded, Damia saw her ferocious face and couldn’t help but be amused and impressed with a brief “Heh” chortle. She wondered if Louise hated her so much that she would escape the clutches of death just to get back at her, but if that was why she would make it through, Damia thought it was worth it.

“Yes, I am crazy. So don’t even think about closing your eyes until Lessid arrives. I am going to hit you again,”

Damia said with resolve. Louise’s facial expression reflected her feelings of incredulity. But strangely, no harsher sound came out of her mouth.

‘This woman… … Don’t you hate me?’

Louise’s eyes traveled down and gaped at Damia’s hand that she had torn into with the iron fragment earlier. Blood was still oozing out of the rather deep wound.

However, Damia seemed to not pay attention to her pain, and instead, her hand was pressing on Lousie’s wound with all her might as she attempted to stop the bleeding. She clicked her tongue with insecure ridicule that Damia was too strong, but a strange feeling captured her.

Damia was deeply frowning, clearly worried and sincerely serious, not taking her eyes off her. It was a look that made her feel calm and strangely reassured. As she stared into her eyes, she suddenly understood why people liked Damia.

“Oh my god, Louise!!”

Just in time, her brother dashed from afar upon witnessing the scene. It was the first time Lessid, who had always walked quietly and gracefully like a cat, ran like this.

Louise thought it was funny to see her brother looking desperate and winded, panting as if he were about to collapse. But her smile didn’t come out of her mouth.

“Wait. You’ll feel better soon.”

Pure white energy erupted from Lessid’s hand. At the same time, the stabbing pain in her chest subsided, and her breathing became easier.

He had such a filthy personality, but a priest was indeed a priest.

Louise, who had never before benefited from Lessid, had unfathomable emotions well up inside her. Her whole life, she had growled at her older brother, but now she felt indescribable relief.

‘Ah, at least I… … I will not die.’

Being betrayed by Cesare, whom she had loved so much, was such a shock that it made the back of her head tingle. She knew he didn’t love her but didn’t expect that she was so worthless in his eyes to be treated like this by him.

When she was stabbed by his hand, Louise was engulfed with misery and lost the will to live. But when she was close to death…… she still wanted to live.

There were so many things she hadn’t done yet and places she hadn’t been to yet. So far, she had wasted her precious life, caught up in incoherent hatred and an inferiority complex.

As soon as she realized this, Louise had a vague intuition that her future would be different. Along with her changed feelings for Damia and Lessid.

But for now, she needed to rest. Louise, who had reached the limit of her physical strength, passed out, soaked in blood.


“So, what happened to Cesare?”

Cecil, who had heard of what had happened that day, opened his eyes and asked.

“He ran away.”

Damia clenched her chin at an angle and replied nonchalantly.

“He probably came to his senses when we were bringing Priest Lessid…. Or was he acting like he had fainted from the beginning?”

Cesare was a memorable character. Who else would be audacious enough to attend his own funeral, no matter how much he covered his face?

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  1. I’m still expecting akkard will soon realize that he’s not that special just because dami gave him a handkerchief since lessid received one too. 😏

  2. Why don’t the fl just go to church and become a saint since she fits it so perfectly since she just saved the life of the person who just tried to kill her wow so pure hearted what a lame ass bitch

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