PCP – 116

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When he had initially received the gift, Akkard did not have a good reaction. Instead, he looked like he wanted to run away to the ends of the earth from the burden of a handmade gift.

‘Still, I never thought he would have thrown it away.’

She was hurt. And she was deeply disappointed with Akkard. And she felt disgusted with herself, who had somehow given him room for ‘disappointment.’

The fact that Louise was the one who picked up her discarded handkerchief gave her even greater humiliation. It would not have been more shameful if Louise had crushed mud directly on her face.

But she would rather bite her tongue and die than be found weak. So Damia proudly lifted her eyes and retorted,

“Who cares if a gift I gave to someone else is thrown away? Stop obsessing over that damn bastard, Louise! You are the one who is not loved!!”

“Wha— what?! How dare you utter such bullshit?… … !!”

“Am I wrong? If Cesare had loved you even a little bit, he would have given you a hint about his plan. Otherwise, you would be shocked.”

“I knew Cesare’s plan… … .”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You didn’t know anything until you opened the coffin lid! He hid this from you too! How insignificant you must be that he couldn’t have even spared you a thought?”

Damia stabbed Louise’s most vulnerable insecurity.

At least on Cesare’s scale, it was clear that she had a heavier weight than Louise. Convinced of this, Damia’s contempt did not hesitate.

Louise also knew this truth as she glared at her.

At the same time, as her face heated up, the feelings of jealousy and inferiority she had felt toward Damia suddenly burst out like lava.

Occupied by a long-standing rage, Louise’s eyes rolled back with fury. She growled as she grabbed Damia’s hair.

“This bitch!! Do you think you know everything?! If it wasn’t for you in the first place, he would have been mine!!”

As if she were vomiting up blood, Louise’s shriek trembled in fury containing her sincerity and then suddenly started.

‘Yes, if it wasn’t for you.’

Cesare wouldn’t have had to pretend to be dead. He would have loved me and never taken his eyes off me. And me… … I wouldn’t have come to hate you so much.

Louise swallowed her viciously hateful cry from the depths of her heart. Her fingertips just stood up at the thought that she wanted to hurt Damia somehow–right now. No more, no less–just as much as she was in pain.

“It is you, not Cesare, who should die, Damia Primula!! How long are you going to get in the way of Cesare and I?!”

While Louise was furious, she was nervous about the mistake she had committed. She had noticed that Cesare wasn’t dead, but Damia found out about it!!

Knowing everything, she didn’t know what else this cunning girl would do. Louise felt compelled to somehow get her out of the way before Damia could hinder Cesare and her. Otherwise, she feared that she would never see him again.

“Amazing— really! Who is blocking your way!!”

Meanwhile, Damia was also in tears. The more she recalled the past, the more wronged she felt.

When she received Noella’s Cesare, it was not enough for him to aim for her body; he even drugged her father. He had aimed for her position, and she had almost lost her inheritance to a random stone that rolled in.

As if that wasn’t enough, he almost had her forcibly married to Klaus. At this point, even the calm Damia had no choice but to become very emotional.

“I can’t stand it any longer! Get off me right now!!”

She grabbed Louise’s wrist that was ripping her hair out, twisted it, and pushed her away. It was a merciless hand. Louise, who had been holding on, fell backwards.


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