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All of Cesare’s schemes fell through, whether it was drugging Damia’s father or trying to tie her to his subordinate, Klaus.

Damia’s father regained his senses and realized what had happened. This put Cesare in a very difficult position. Therefore, in order to avoid calamity, he pretended to be dead.

‘He even murdered the butler who resembled him as a decoy.’

Damia did not know how Cesare found out about Lars. But she couldn’t understand what kind of person could execute someone without hesitation.

In her eyes, Cesare became increasingly horrendous.

Louise hadn’t even realized that he had discovered her tightly guarded secret she had been so desperate to hide. Her mind was now filled with only the scene she witnessed when she opened the coffin lid.

‘That must be…… Lars.’

The body, burned by fire and swollen with water, was very disgusting. His once beautiful face was unbelievably shriveled up, but the features that resembled Cesare’s were clearly discernible.

Louise was shocked by this. Her eyes naturally fell downward.

It was then.


Louise found it. The little dot that was under the left side of his chin belonged to her butler, Lars.

Louise would often spend “intimate” time with him. Lars, who was originally a commoner, was of little use to her other than his resemblance to Cesare. So it would be only natural for Louise, who had been involved with him many times, to be aware of his physical characteristics.

‘But that mark…… Why is it on Cesare’s body?’

After a few seconds, Louise finally realized. It was Lars, not Cesare, who had been lying in the coffin from the beginning.

Substitutes can never replace the real thing. Therefore, although Lars’ death was regrettable, she was deeply relieved that the corpse in front of her did not belong to Cesare.

‘He’s not dead.’

The moment she realized that her heart swelled with joy. But she couldn’t reveal her happiness. If that happened, it was apparent who ruined Cesare’s plan.

Louise struggled to hold back her emotions. But she was not used to being patient, and seeing that demonic girl in front of her eyes crippled her efforts.

Perhaps Damia knew from the start. Maybe she was mocking her, pretending not to know.

At that thought, her eyes grew blind with rage. Then, thinking that Damia had been playing on top of her head all this time, her insecurities and feelings of inferiority accumulated over the years ignited.

“Do you dare play with me, knowing everything? You damn bitch!!”


Louise threw the lamp in her hand and at Damia. After squarely hitting Damia’s chest, it fell to the floor and shattered.

Clang-Clank!! Crash!!

Fortunately, her dress did not catch fire, but the pain and surprise made it hard for her to breathe.

The lamp, made of gracefully bent metal, favored mainly by nobles, was very heavy. Damia was beaten and felt bone-breaking pain.

Louise rushed at her and slammed her to the ground. And she climbed on top of her and cried like a demon.

“That’s why you’re not loved by anyone!! You’re a disgusting, detestable little witch who deserves to be hated!!”

Being attacked out of the blue, Damia didn’t know how to react. Nor did she know how to process her words. But before she could even refute, Louise had pulled something out and threw it at Damia’s face.

“You mistakenly think that you are loved by all men and Cesare. But this is your reality—you wretched bitch!!”

What is this? What made Louise so confident?

She reflexively caught the white, mottled object thrown at her face. And as soon as she glanced at it, she recognized it.

“Is this, uh…….”

“Yes! It’s a fine handkerchief you made, don’t you think so?”

Louise asked with a sharp laugh.

She had seen Lessid, gifted with a similar handkerchief, boasting about it to everyone around him. So she couldn’t help but know how proud he was.

Therefore, the moment she had picked up the handkerchief that Akkard had secretly thrown out in the garden, her head flashed.

Akkard Valerian tore the handkerchief that Damia had given him. That fact gave Louise, who had always felt inferior to her, the greatest joy.

“You pretend to be proper and you’re arrogant because your face is just a little nice, but you’re no different!! The only thing men want is to sleep with you. Who truly loves you, Damia? Huh?”

Louise, who shouted and cackled loudly, looked like a crazy woman. However, the expression on her face as she glanced at the dirty handkerchief was utterly triumphant.

“You will soon be abandoned like this. Used, muddy and full of shit!!”

Damia was not one to stand still in the face of abuse. Angry, she clutched the torn handkerchief tightly in her hand.

“—What are you doing? Are you really crazy?!”

At first, she had dismissed her words as delusional, but her heart sank when Louise threw the handkerchief she had given Akkard and laughed at her.

Damia reasoned that Louise might have stolen it from him because it was well within her capacity.

But the moment she saw Louise’s cruel, delighted eyes—she knew. Perhaps what she said was the truth.

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