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“I’m sorry. I don’t even know how to apologize,”

Lessid confessed as his brows furrowed, and he lowered his head in shame. He was apologetic that she had to suffer the commotion caused by his immature sister.

In fact, Lessid did not think Damia would be sad over Cesare’s death. But he had died before being kicked out, so he was still a member of the Primula family regardless. So making a scandal at his funeral was an insult to her family.

That’s what Lessid was trying to apologize for. But Damia, raising one hand, quietly dissuaded him.

“I’m alright.”

Her blue eyes, which had held Lessid’s gaze for a long moment, eventually reached Louise.

“But—more than that…… May I speak with Miss Louise?”

At her request, Louise snorted. And she spun around as if she wasn’t even worth dealing with. It was clear that she didn’t intend to speak with Damia.

Normally, she wouldn’t be able to forcefully hold Louise. But fortunately, an ally was here.

“Damn it, Louise! Are you really going to act like this?”

Lessid snarled as he grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. Then she pushed her half a step towards Damia.

“Let go— let go!! Who the hell are you to treat me like this!!”

Louise ferociously scratched his hand, ripped it off, and struggled. But he did not even blick. Wounds like this were nothing with his healing abilities.

“Apologize to Miss Damia. Right Now.”

Then, Lessid coldly threatened her not to even dream of riding a carriage. And he half-forced Louise’s hand to hold the lamp.

“Well, I bid you farewell.”

Lessid, who gave a brief bow to Damia, turned his back. He strode along the darkening road and went to the wagon.

“Pa [spit]!!”

Louise trembled with anger as she glared at his determined back. She hated Lessid to death, but she knew him well. He wouldn’t let her in the carriage until she apologized to Damia.

Damia stared at her as she was left behind. Hatred, awkwardness, and then slyness flashed sequentially across her pretty face in that order.

“…… Fine—good. I also had something to say to Miss Damia.”

Knowing that she couldn’t escape this situation, Louise suddenly changed her tune. It was as if something occurred to her and was distracting her thoughts; she lowered her eyes and meekly apologized.

“Sorry. It’s my fault that I made a scene at the funeral. I know it well. But I was so shocked. As Damia knows all too well, I really liked Cesare. Remember?”

Unlike her sharp temperament, her appearance with her blonde hair and delicate features made her look pure. Maybe that’s why she looked like she would collapse at any moment.

But Damia did not fall for it since she suffered by her hand countless times before. She immediately knew what Louise was up to.

‘Apologize quickly and try to get out of this situation as fast as possible.’

But she couldn’t let her do that. So Damia pretended to be sad and helped and sympathized with Louise’s words.

“It’s so tragic, isn’t it? Who knew Brother Cesare would die like that? As his family, it breaks my heart.”

“…… Ah, yes. I suppose so.”

Louise glanced at her. The expression on her face that she was happy was clear. Even during her acting, Louise’s character came through.

Damia generously pretended not to see it. And she made her voice tremble with grief and asked Louise:

“Miss Louise, you were close to my brother, weren’t you? Then you probably understood and knew him well? Perhaps…… More than me.”

The last words she added had an immediate effect on Louise. She had kept Damia in check until now and soon lost her momentum.

“Of course. Few people know Cesare as well as I do. I really like him from the bottom of my heart.”

Louise did not realize that she was strangely speaking in the present tense. However, Damia quickly picked up on this and threw the bait she had prepared.

“Then Miss Louise, you must know very well,”


“The reason behind Brother Cesare’s suicide.”

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