PCP – 112

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Damia, who she pushed with all her might, fell with a thud next to the bottom of the platform where the coffin was placed. Fortunately, the podium was not very high, so she didn’t get seriously injured. But her knees slammed against the marble floor so hard that they were rattling and she couldn’t readily get up.

Louise didn’t even spare a look at Damia after pushing her. Finally clearing her obstacle, she grabbed the heavy coffin lid with both hands. The obsession to personally check Cesare’s body lying there was wretched.

“Oh my God, Miss Louise!!”

“What are you doing now?!”

The mourners who were watching her were startled and tried to stop her. But with venom, she clenched her teeth and shook off all of their hands. Then she pushed the lid of the coffin open with all her might.


With a loud noise, the corner of the coffin lid that fell below the platform was broken. And the corpse, rolled up in a white cloth, fell slightly out and appeared.


“Oh my God!!”

Since there were no plans to show the body to the public, it had not been dressed in any way. The drowned body withered under the slightest touch, so it had been impossible to decorate it.

The body wrapped in cloth was barely visible, but part of the exposed head and side of the face was exposed to the mourners.

“Ugh, disgusting!!”

The mourners who unintentionally witnessed the drowned corpse turned their eyes in disgust. But there was one exception: Louise.


Louise stared intently at the corpse lying in the coffin, holding her breath. And while she didn’t notice her, Damia also studied her closely.

Unfortunately, Cesare was not visible from where she fell. So she observed Louise instead, without even blinking.

Growing up like a little tyrant, Louise wasn’t very good at hiding her expressions. Thanks to that, Damia was able to capture her fleeting expression. It was a brief moment, but a light of bewilderment and relief shot across her face.

“—What the hell is this, Miss Ferria!!”

Just then, Owen ran from afar. He had heard the news while serving guests and ran over.

No matter how problematic Cesare was, and regardless that he was his stepson, he was a child on the family register. It was impossible to let Louise open his coffin at will and insult the deceased.

Owen was desperately trying to hold back Louise. Lessid, who heard what happened, rushed to his feet. He was astonished at the sight in front of him, and immediately dragged his sister away.

“Are you actually insane?!”

Thanks to this, Owen, who had been struggling with the dilemma of putting his hand on another person’s daughter in his home, was relieved. He promptly ordered the servants to cover the coffin and put it back on the platform, and lifted Damia from the floor.

“Are you alright, my dear? Did you get hurt?”

“I’m fine, father.”

Damia gave a short reply and glanced back at the coffin. But the servants who followed Owen’s order had already straightened the coffin, so the body could not be seen.

It didn’t matter though. Thanks to Louise’s riot, Damia was convinced. She was sure that the one lying in that coffin was not Cesare.

“Do you have any idea of what you did today?”

Irate, Lessid, violently grabbed Louise and pulled her. Before she got into another scandal, he was about to hurriedly put her in the carriage and drag her home.

However, she, who had caused the major upheaval, was very calm.

“Let go of me! What’s wrong with you!!”

Louise slapped his hand away, smoothed out the wrinkles of her dress. She was utterly brazen as if she had not just lost her mind and ran like a crazy bitch just moments ago.

He saw her act and grew livid. This immature girl was blinded by men, and had no idea what consequences and effects her actions had.

Because she helped Cesare, Count Ferria was thoroughly marked by the royal family. No matter how great the esteem power of the High Temple was, their reach was limited to the north.

Even after they died, their family still belonged to the world. Therefore, they would never be freed from the mace wielded by the kingship. This concerned the Ferria family’s existence.

“You’re really—!!”

It was at that moment when Lessid, who knew everything, was about to grind his teeth and spit out harsh words. At this time, a clear and pure voice came from behind him.

“Wait a minute, Priest Lessid.”

The familiar voice made him pause. When he turned around, unexpectedly Damia was standing there.

“Lady Damia.”

Lessid found her, his eyes wide.

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