PCP – 111

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“Oh……. . You can go over there to wash your hands.”

Damia, clueless about Akkard’s bewildered heart, raised her finger and pointed to the direction.

Akkard, who quickly walked down the path, was not really interested in washing his hands. As he went down the corridor and looked around him, he eventually found a door leading to the garden.

‘That would work well.’

He went out and headed straight to the corner of the garden. He casually dug at the ground with the toe of his shoe, and dropped the white handkerchief on the ground so it was not too conspicuous and stepped on it a few times.

The handkerchief, made of fine cloth, quickly tore and became muddy. Akkard buried it in the pit, treating it no better than a rag. And after covering it again in dirt and soil he confirmed he had committed the perfect crime.

‘Great. Now no one will find it.’

Of course, he was also human, so he felt bad. He felt guilty as he recalled Damia’s pale face, which soon turned into a self-defensive annoyance.

‘Why would you do something I didn’t even ask you to do?’

Handmade gifts contained the heart. So he felt burdened and hated them.

If she had wanted to return the favor, she could have just pretended she couldn’t win against him and let him have his way with her pretty body. She really was a tactless woman. If she had been a woman who knew men even just a little bit, she would have quickly noticed that he couldn’t get enough of her.

Then, she could have easily swayed him with just one smile. Of course, it would not be for long.

But why did she have to ruin the mood after they had great sex by giving him useless gifts? Akkard clicked his tongue against his teeth in displeasure.

‘It’s really disgusting when they get all clingy and you get caught by the ankle.’

As a habit, his ingrained nature raised his defensive blade and warned him: If you keep getting involved with that woman, you will never be able to go back.

Impossible! [t1v: oh god this is going to be good] Akkard collected the soil with the tip of his shoe and carefully covered the handkerchief he had buried once more.

In fact, he didn’t even know what he had just buried.


Without even realizing it himself, Akkard let out a complicated sigh and turned his back on the scene of the crime. Then he headed into the mansion where the funeral was taking place.

However, he was in such a hurry to destroy the evidence, he did not notice. The fact that someone was looking down at him through the window upstairs in the mansion.


Despite Lessid’s call from behind, Louise remained silent. What the hell was she looking at? She didn’t take her eyes off the dim window.

Lessid grew annoyed that his sister was ignoring him. Her gaze on one side of the garden was somehow desolate and morbid. It was clear that Cesare’s death was quite a shock.

Knowing how much she had been infatuated with Cesare, Lessid held back his soaring irritation and advised in the most rational tone possible.

“Since you’ve come all the way here, let’s leave flowers in the coffin. It will be good for you to clear your mind and sort your feelings out.”

It was cruel to suggest she should accept Cesare’s death. Instead of answering, Louise quickly got up from her seat, and she headed for the door. Seeing this, Lessid asked,

“Where are you going?”

“…… the garden. I have to cool my head off a bit before I go.”

Unusually, Louise quietly answered his question and left the room. He looked at her back with suspicious eyes, but he didn’t bother to dissuade her.

No matter how immature she was, he didn’t think she would get into trouble at a funeral.

Of course, Lessid had underestimated his sister. When he later realized this, it was too late.


Entering from the garden, Louise stood in front of the funeral hall with trembling steps.

‘Cesare can’t be dead.’

Louise believed so from the bottom of her heart. It was clear to her that all this was a wicked trick designed by Damia Primula. That girl always pretended to be noble, and uninterested in men, but eventually she would take everything away.

So with an uneasy half-doubt, she entered the funeral hall. In the distance, a white coffin on the podium pierced her eyes. Her heart was like a chimney preparing to ridicule that this play was all fake, but when she saw the coffin, her heart sank.

Her hands trembled out of control, and the blood in her body cooled to ice. She didn’t move naturally as if there were heavy weights on her limbs. Only the sound of her pounding heart echoed in her ears.

“…… This is ridiculous.”

Louise, who was walking towards the coffin like a madman in a trance, gradually accelerated. Her steps, which increasingly became urgent, now resembled the run of an angry bull.

“It is a lie! He, Cesare…a-are you kidding me? … He can’t die!!”

Biting her lip viciously, she ran up to the stage where the coffin was placed. She was always obsessed with things she didn’t have.

She hadn’t gotten her hands on Cesare yet, but she was willing to do all the dirty work for him in the shadows! It didn’t make sense for her to lose him now without compensation.

“Miss Louise! What —”

Damia, surprised by the unusual momentum, quickly approached. However, Louise, whose eyes completely turned red in madness, did not hesitate.

“Get out of my way!!”

Damia, who was standing next to the coffin, stumbled all the way to the end. Louise pushed her away without wavering.

“Oh my god!”

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  1. Akkard is going to feel so dumb when the other guy shows the handkerchief she made him and that handkerchiefs mean jack squat to her.

    1. YES! I’m waiting for that too. When he realizes that he wasn’t the only one who received a hANd maDE handkerchief, (here’s to hoping our boy Lessid shows that shi*t off since he’s mad crushing on Damia) looks like a damn fool, cause he thought he was hot sh*t and thinks every girl wants to be on his nuts and bam! jealousy to the max! He’ll most likely start acting like a yandere boyfriend and then hopefully Damia is a strong fl who don’t need no man, dumps his *ss for the constant humiliation and disrespect and makes him weep and suffer like the little b*tch that he is hehehe I’m living for it.

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