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Akkard stuck the softest part of Damia with his hard and pulsing member. Each time, a shock to a light orgasm penetrated throughout her body, causing her back to lose strength. Then Akkard grabbed her ass tighter and sweetly scolded her.

“Damia, you have to lift your hips so I can go deeper.”

“No, let’s stop….. Ah!”

“Relax, you said no, but it’s too tight. Oh?”

Akkad wickedly reached out to her labia and caressed the clitoris hidden in it. Then, as if an electric current was flowing, my legs were stricken and couldn’t stand.

Damier pulled her buttocks back to avoid a mischievous touch there. But this time, a large, hard penis poked deeper into her, blocking her escape. She fell into tears without knowing what to do with the rhythmic arousing movements going back and forth.

“Oh. No… If you do that at the same time… AHaaaa-hoo!

His thumb rubbed a little harder on the swollen clitoris, and Akkard’s hot pillar stuck all the way to Damia’s innermost point and stabbed it. At that moment, her head turned white with a powerful orgasm that paralyzed her.

“…Haaa, ah! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!”

Every time he poked my convulsiving vaginal mouth, his eyes flashed. Whenever Akkard penis rubbed the inner wall that became too sensitive, I felt the pleasure of hell. A sense of helplessness caused my body to bounce wildly.

“Oh, did you cum again?”

Akkard whispered, feeling the tightness of the person who was biting me. Her inner folds that squeezed his large organ in a tight embrace were really fantastic.  

This is purely a physical relationship that only pursues pleasure, but when have you ever been so satisfied?

Such a pity that I could only enjoy it a few times. Even though Akkard didn’t love Damia, he decided to be more generous to her.

This time, Damia’s loose body was slanted to the side.

“Ah, again…!!”

Damie’s face turned pale due to his tireless energy. She looked up at the Akkard imploringly under her wet eyelashes.

Pleadingly, her face looked pitiful. When Akkard saw it, he twisted his lips and laughed.

He breathed a sigh and kissed her cheek as if she was a precious person to him. Then he grabbed her thigh up and dug roughly into her.

“Huh! Ah. Stop it… ..ah!!”

“Don’t be so pampered. You still have more orgasms in you. Look, you’re dripping so much liquid.”

Akkard whispered in a low voice thick with pleasure, rubbing the point of their connection. His fingertips caressed, groped, and stretched the soaked lips of her lower mouth as it was swallowing his pillar; it was strange and shameful. However, whenever his fingertips were clinging over the clitoris, her body trembled.

“No, no… I can’t do it anymore.”

Damia cried and shook her head. This ruthless sense of churning and driving her body crazy was terrifying. 

I was afraid that all the cells in my head would burn white with pleasure; becoming a fool.

But Akkard did not grant her appeal. From behind, he clasped her ass cheeks, kissing her with a violent sensuousness. His passion ate up Damia’s pitiful entreaties.


 Her white fingertips fluttered in the air as if asking for help—Akkard, who held that weak hand on the sheet, pushed in harder and harder inside her.

Damia couldn’t escape from him until the morning sun that had risen finally disappeared over the mountain.


Damia woke up to the sound of rustling cloth. Over the crumpled sheets, she could see the back of a man covered in clothes.

The broad, firm shoulders, strong waist, and muscular thighs gave off a vigorous wildness. It was an impressive transformation, with only clothes he turned from a man that shook his waist like a beast, into the image of a refined gentleman.

At this time, he looked back while adjusting a crumpled cravat.

“Did you wake up?’

His tone went back to one of cold respect. 

Damia lowered her eyes to the sense of distance she felt from his voice. As she tried to get up in bed casually, she groaned in pain.


The man’s fierce greed had left no part of her body unharmed. In particular, the gap between her legs where he entered was so sore, Damia thought her body was broken.

Akkad also clearly witnessed her pain. However, he did not say empty words asking Damia if she was okay.  

That’s because Damia would make him responsible for the pain and demand compensation for giving her body.

The prizes women wanted weren’t simple, like money or jewelry. It would have been cleaner if it had been, but what they asked of Akkard was usually love.

‘I slept with you, so love me. Treat me differently than other women.’

That was their real intention. And Akkard was very tired of this demand. Therefore, he felt the need to draw some lines with Damia in advance.  

Although I enjoyed playing with fire, my heart will never get entangled.

He did not feel affection for others. Akkard, who had just spent a hot night mixing with Damia’s flesh and tangling with her tongue, now felt apathetic towards her, as if she was a random person on the street. 

This was an innate personality flaw Akkard had since he was born.

“It was fun last night, but Lady Damia…”

The cold-smiling Akkard had started to speak but didn’t continue because Damia beat him to it.

“….I also enjoyed myself last night. Lord Akkad.”

With her long eyelashes down, Damia blushed shyly. Then she looked at Akkard’s stony eyes and said refreshingly:

“Thank you for the good memories, and I hope you’ll return home safely after going to work. I’m going to get going now.”

… What the hell is this woman talking about?


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