PCP – 109

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Meanwhile, Damia had no inkling that her gift she had laboured over had been discarded. But she thoroughly crushed her feelings for Akkard Valerian, that was about to sprout the tiniest bit.

‘In the first place, it’s not possible.’

She knew very well what kind of man Akkard Valerian was, but she had been shaken for a moment because she was lonely. Damia knew she was vulnerable and now weak against warmth, not only because of her currently isolating circumstance but also her lengthy solitude since childhood.

When she finally lost Kael, her only solace. She felt his vacancy acutely, her heart hollow with a sense of loss too painful to leave Kael’s abandoned position empty.

It happened to be that Akkard came into her life during this time. The glamorous southern flirt spewing hot passion and shaking her quiet life.

So, for a brief moment, she had almost formed an attachment to him. Fortunately, Akkard cut it off promptly, right before then, or she would have been in pain again.

It didn’t hurt to dig up the buds she hadn’t even nurtured out in the sun yet. Damia had hardened her weakened heart and firmly organized her disorganized mind while looking out her window.

When I saw the house in the distance, she let out a deep sigh without realizing it.

“Woo~!” [sigh sfx]

When did coming home start to feel like returning to prison?

It was impossible to pinpoint precisely when, but it was clear that Cesare had a profound influence on why it was so. Living together under the same roof with a hostile person was very exhausting.

So Damia comforted herself with the certainty that this arrangement would not last long. First, Cesare had to pay the price for his atrocities committed against the Primula family. Owen was an affectionate father, but he was steadfast when necessary as a businessman. Therefore she was sure Cesare would be disowned or dismissed out of the house.

‘I hope he gets kicked out today.’

As Damia got off the carriage, she wondered if the conversation between her father and stepmother ended well.

Noella obviously wouldn’t want Cesare to be kicked out. She would protest against it.

But this time, Cesare’s fault was too obvious. No–this wasn’t just a mistake; it was a crime.

Damia had no regrets since it was unfathomable to host criminals at home. Rather, she was relieved as a longtime victim of Cesare’s. At last, just the thought of freeing herself from his cobweb-like cold and sticky obsession made her feel she could finally breathe.

“I’m back!”

When she entered, she raised her voice and announced her presence: Just in case Owen and Noella’s conversation had not finished yet.

Damia waited in expectation, but she heard no reply nor felt any presence. So she tilted her head and went up the central staircase.

She was about to go to her father and find out how the conversation had ended. But before Damia could even climb the stairs, she ran into someone in the middle of the stairs.

“…… mother?”

Where was Owen? Noella was alone. Appearing in the dimly lit stairs in the setting sun, she was as pale as a ghost.


Noella, with a look of shock, managed to call her name. The expression on his face was unusual, so Damia asked defensively without realizing it.

“What the matter, mother? What happened?”

“Ah, Cesare…….”

Damia thought Noella’s stuttering voice was very precarious. Maybe she wanted to ask her to forgive Cesare or not kick him out.

But Noella did not. Instead, shocking news broke out between her lips, her lips trembling.

“I just got a call—I just talked to him—Cesare… he was well, But now he’s dead…. they said he took his life with his own hands……!!”

Covering her face with her hands, she collapsed.


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  1. I feel like he pretended his death to avoid being disown or somebody else kil him….. i dont think the ml has anything to do with this.

  2. What? No way! I call shenanigans. I think his plan out of the mess is to go and be a ghost. Sneaky Cesar.

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