PCP – 106

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She was embarrassed that Akkard was watching her swallowing his own while she spread open and leaking thick liquid. His eyes were so provoking that it felt like it was touching her between her legs.

“Please… Stop watching.”

Tears dropped from Damia’s eyelashes, who couldn’t overcome her shame in spite of herself. Without knowing that such a sight further fueled Akkard’s passionate desire.


Akkard whispered and dug deeper into her. It was already a word that excited countless women’s hearts. But this was the first time he was sincere.

He thought that Damia’s face, which turned red with tears and pleasure, genuinely resembled a flower. Because she was so pretty, he urged her to cry more like a habit.

But at that moment, Damia, who reached another peak, shook.


Her enflamed eyelids wrinkled softly, her blue eyes that could barely be seen between them lost a transparent teardrop.


It fell over and rolled over Akkard’s hard chest.

Akkard slowly rubbed the tears into his skin watching those lukewarm tears permeating into his skin and disappearing.

Akkard closed his eyes deeply. The lukewarm and salty liquid heated up his body like a drug.

As usual, Damia’s tears made him emotionally erect. But it was very bizarre. To that pitiful face that was still in tears, no words emerged urging her to cry more.

It was not really like him.


After their intense love affair, Damia, who had fallen asleep, opened her eyes. Something hot, not just warm—she realized muscular forearms encircling her were radiating a scorching heat.

Having managed to push his thigh-sized forearm, she lifted her upper body. She then realized that they were still lying on the parlor’s carpet.

“Oh my god,”

Damia sighed, trying to fix her tangled hair. She never thought she would roll around in a man’s reception room—not even making it in the bedroom.

‘It’s also midday.’

Recently, Damia was discovering sides of herself she had never known. Just like now.

‘It’s all because of that man.’

Damia glanced down at Akkard lying next to her. His face with his pale eyelashes down was incredibly beautiful.

If you’re that handsome, your body could be a little less excellent. How wonderfully large and strong his stature is?

His light brown skin and hard muscles, which still sweated a little, looked delicious enough to lick.

His silver hair and eyelashes, which contrasted and were striking against his tanned skin, was bright like the moon. He was indeed the most beautiful stallion in the world, a man who could be called Ahalteke. Of course, in light of his actions, it was not a very good nickname.

Damia, who had been swept away by him again, found her dress with a sigh. And I got up from my seat to get dressed without much thought.

Suddenly, a hand extending from her side grabbed and pulled her wrist.


Akkard pressed the surprise and exclaiming Damia, into his chest, Then he hugged her without opening his eyes and rubbed his chin on the top of her head.

“Where are you running away to? Hmm?”

His voice sounded slowly, filled with satiety with an edge, that, if desired, danger awaited.

Sensing the crisis quickly, Damia quickly pushed his chin and ran away from his arms. But she had to pause while trying put her arm through her ruined dress.


It was only when she felt a rustling inside her dress—Why did she come here?

‘I was originally going to give him a handkerchief.’

She did. Damia had embroidered a handkerchief in return for Akkard’s assistance. However, in the end, this crazy thing happened.

‘How did this happen?’

Incredulous, Damia sighed deeply. And she hesitated whether to give the handkerchief in my hands even now.

Akkard, who noticed her conflicting expression, asked,

“What’s that?”

His smiling, thinly opened purple eyes looked brilliant. But as he looked at her his eyes were sharp; she didn’t think she could hide anything.

‘Oh, I don’t know.’

I brought it to give it to you anyway, so I hope it works out.

Resigned, Damia took out the handkerchief for him. The wrapped corner was a little wrinkled, but fortunately, it looked good on the surface.

“Are you giving it to me?”

He asked in disbelief, as he received Damia’s gift.

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