PCP – 105

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Only he could make this woman cry.

Akkard bit her apple-like cheeks. And in a very murky, low voice he issued a warning close to a command.

“Close your lips. So you don’t bite your tongue.”

At the same time, her eyes shook significantly. As he lifted and tightened his buttocks, his cock pulled out halfway and then he slammed in deeper and deeper.


She couldn’t breathe. On his thick cock she was startled by the excessive depth, Damia trembled and hugged his neck without realizing it. Then, burying his face in her bosom, Akkard coveted Damia’s breasts, sucking her nipples in a fervor.


While receiving the caresses of his tongue wrapping around her nipples, her body was melting. Then he bit them softly with his front teeth. Naturally, between her legs, her entrance also slightly loosened and softened.

Not missing the opportunity Akkard began to passionately thrust. On his solid thighs, Damia was fiercely pierced, making her bounce up and down.

“Ha! Ah! Ohh!”

From below, his big cock was savagely smashing, her drenched entrance, erotic wetness leaking. His tight, muscular waist thrusted into her hard without getting tired.

The large thing stroked inside and she was distracted by the sense that she was being stabbed. A painful yet heavy pleasure filled her abdomen and between both of her thighs. Thick forearms continued to hold and spread her legs so she couldn’t even close them.

His member came in and out more enthusiastically through her wide open pussy. The hot pleasure, which was close to a burning feeling, was boiling and she couldn’t come to her senses.

“S-so… Oh! Fast, oh!!”

Her pubic bone and his rough pubic hair rubbed against each other, soft skin flushing increasingly redder. But even that sensation was thrilling and sweet. As if her whole body was pickled in considerable honey, Damia took everything he did and all of his atrocities with pleasure. Even if it was a rough act.

“Please, slowly…… Ah! No, Ooh!!

She felt like I was going to die, her overly sensitive parts being intensively stabbed. The pleasure of drowning shook her as if it had already submerged the top of her head.

Damia desperately clenched his shoulder and tried to avoid it even a little by lifting her butt. But every time that happened, Akkard sank deeper into her as if punishing her.

“What’s the problem? You’re thoroughly enjoying yourself to the point you’re dripping and soaked my whole front.”

As Akkard said, her sap flowing down from their connection soaked his knee and the white shirt he was wearing was also wet with shameful liquid. The shirt stuck to his skin and long since became translucent.

Damia, who confirmed this with her own eyes, turned red up to her neck. She didn’t want to think she was so turned on in the middle of the day in a drawing room, no less—not even a bedroom.

“Do you like it when I fuck you from the bottom? Quite lewd.”

Damia closed her eyes to the words she wanted to deny. When she stubbornly shook her head, denying that she was such a woman, a sadistic light flashed across Akkard’s face.

“Good. Let’s see how long you can say no.”

As he licked his lips, he leaned back and settled Damia on top of him as he continued to thrust his waist up and piston into her.

She felt as if she was riding a very obscene stallion. Her heart leaped. Her vision shook due to the rough fucking that continued just like before and never gave her a chance to regain her senses.

So she discovered it quite late: The fact that Akkard while lying back was observing her vagina with hot eyes.

“Awesome. Such a small thing tightly devours mine and doesn’t let go.”

“…….W-What are you looking at?”

Only then did Damia noticed Akkard’s hot stare. Surprised, she tried to close her legs quickly, but before she could, Akkard touched where they connected.

“Ah, I don’t… Ha-hands off!

Ignoring Damia’s screaming pleas, he gently rubbed the connection. His fingertips stroked her stretched wet flesh around his cock. It was so stimulating that her back trembled without her realizing it.

“It stretched, taut and soft.”

Akkard growled lowly. Her clitoris, smaller than a little fingernail, stood up; it was so sexy and cute, that he thought he might go crazy.

It was very fascinating to feel such a small part. Interested, he began to touch her red clit that bloomed like a flower as he drove his genitals in.

“Ah, no… At the same time, I don’t like it at the same time……!!”

The joyous pleasure was so excessive that tears flowed down her cheeks. Heavy pleasure filled and pressed on the vagina where his big cock was deep-rooted while he caressed her clitoris. From her clit she felt a tinglingly, urgent sensation that spread out.

Far from quitting, however, Akkard pushed her harder and faster. Knowing the female body too well, his obscene dance caused Damia to climax.


Once she was attacked on both fronts, she quickly orgasmed. Her pitiful looking body was convulsing with extreme sensations.

Seeing her disheveled appearance, Akkard smacked his lips and smiled. As usual, he was never satisfied.

“It’s not good to make a fuss already.”

His still hard genitals forced open her quivering inner wall and fiercely entered the contracting hole. At the same time, he began to touch her trembling clitoris even more bluntly.

Her body that had just peaked was even more sensitive that Damia spasmed as if she had been electrocuted. Naturally, a scream-like entreaties came out of her mouth.

“Stop! Ah, ahhh!! Please, if I rest a little bit…….”

“You can still go further. It’s still so tight and clingy.”

It was as he said. Her heated inner wall betrayed her pleas and gobbled up his member that came in and out.

Akkard stirred and caressed her body as if she were playing an instrument. And her whole body throbbed until she orgasmed several times.

“No more, ah!! I can’t… …Ooohhhh!!”

Her body felt strange. It tinged while she vividly felt the movements of Akkards penis hitting her depths.

But what was more unbearable was his gaze. Akkard was staring between her legs with a heated look, his muscular chest taunt with tension.

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  1. I’ve ridden a guy with a huge shlong, felt like he was damaging my cervix. Super uncomfortable. My pet peeve with most of these het romances (for yaoi it’s self lubricating buttholes outside of an ABO, among other things) is how the mc always seems to love being railed deep with a huge c•ck, when in reality most women prefer the entrance bc that’s where most of the nerves are. Also being stabbed to deeply is extremely uncomfortable. Also like evry het romance has women getting wet like it’s a literal flood and an ark is needed. We get wet, but it’s not a literal water hose. Sometimes I wonder if these authors have actually had sex. Anyways just a small rant after seeing similar tropes again and again. I’m not against tropes, big fan of some of them, but some of them are just ridiculous. Thanks for the translation! 😘

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