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At first, he teased her clitoris, caressing it and her narrow petals up and down and slowly crawled inward. He pushed one of his fingers in, as if he had wanted to penetrate her pussy right away. Massaging her smooth insides, he then complained.

“It’s too narrow.”

“That’s—your finger—”

—is it is too long and thick, she wanted to protest. But her thoughts were interrupted by his lewd hands rubbing her breasts with one hand and stroking and teasing her pussy with the other.

Now she couldn’t remember what she was doing or what she had been trying to say. Damia forgot the fact that this was a parlor in broad daylight, filled with sunlight, and all her shame.

Her senses were controlled by the fingertips that gently pulled her sensitive nipples, and the fingers that massaged her wet pussy.

“Hmm, ah……!”

“Feeling good?”

Akkard whispered, biting her red ear. His voice was incredibly sweet and sultry, it’s racy sensuality immersing her in thick maple syrup.  His rich and mellow bass exhilaratingly stimulated the woman’s eroticism.

Squeak, squeak—

Before she knew it Akkard’s fingers had grown to three, expanding her vaginal opening and began thrust inside. The honey dripping down through her entrance allowed his fingers to move in and out faster.

Fingers rubbing and widening her sensitive areas put her in a daze of pleasure. The sensation of his knuckles of his hands and the calluses on his fingertips rushing inside, then stroking her entrance and exiting, was thrilling.

Immediately, a feeling of pleasure lightly throbbing began to grow hot and spread deep inside. It was a sensation he had thoroughly taught her body.

“Ahh ang…….”

Unconsciously, Damia clenched her inner walls and her thighs trembled. Then, she thought she could hear a low laugh reverbing in her ear, and Akkard whispered,

“Your ass is shaking. You like it that much? Yours is greedily sucking onto my fingers.”

It was as he said. Every time a finger of his moved in and out, the erogenous sensations soared so intensely that it was embarrassing.  Damia couldn’t control her hot, quivering body, and felt as if she would lose control and cum at any moment.

“N-no……  sto— Ah!!”

Damia shook her head, trying to take his hand away. But Akkard moved his fingers more intensely and rapidly in and out of her entrance.

Coarse knuckles pierced her hole, and his thumb pressed against her swollen clitoris. The intense pleasure felt back and forth made her vision go white, and hot love juice splashed from her pussy seemed to melt with heat.

“Huunh, ahh! Yes!!”

Damia eventually reached her climax with a moan of shame. Her body trembled softly, and without realizing it, her waist bounced upwards.

At the same time, tears were dripping from her eyes as her tear glands loosened. Akkard pulled her fingers up and looked down at her red, wet face. Then his face distorted and he grumbled indignantly.

“Ah, fuck. So nasty and sexy.”

He couldn’t stand it at all. Now, just by looking at Damia’s crying face his lower body throbbed as if it was about to explode.

In an instant, Damia’s wet underwear was dragged down. For a moment, the space between her legs, which was cooled by the touch of the air, was empty, but then her body was lifted up in a flash.


Suddenly, Akkard, who had been sitting with her on the sofa, lifted her waist and put her on top of him. Unexpectedly, Damia sat on his lap with her lower half naked.

He abruptly found Damia’s cheeks hot as her eyes met his. She resembled an angry female cat in heat, embarrassed by her brazen posture as if she was riding on top of her man.

“Ah, Sir Akkard? This… .”

But instead of answering her call, he rushed to untie his belt urgently.

Akkard took it out, which had already been fully erected, and pressed it against her pussy. Then, holding Damia’s waist, he pulled her down and hurriedly inserted it.


Damia’s entrance was already slippery, but his movements were too hasty. Her dense vaginal tunnels tried to swallow the tip of his swollen head but it then spit it out.

Akkard, who was bounced off thanks to that, groaned low in a sharp and erotic aching pain.

“I’m going crazy. Really.”

His teeth clenched and he growled softly. His cool eyes were being taken over by a rising fever of excitement, arousal and impatience.

“Spread your legs more, Dami.”

It was a voice that sounded as if he would face disaster if she didn’t.

While Damia was startled at this, he grabbed both thighs tightly and pushed his back. And with all his patience, he slowly inserted the his veinypillar.

“Ah……  !!”

It was too big. He was always big, but it seemed to be especially big today.

Damia opened her lips under the pressure of his genitals coming in and widening her narrow insides. She reflexively lifted her ass up to avoid the intruder hitting her.

But Akkard wasn’t going to let her run away. Grabbing her slender waist, she mercilessly collapsed back down. Because of this, he was buried and embedded even deeper.


It felt like her bottom was about to explode. Perhaps because of her sitting posture from on top, his penis that entered deeper than usual, filled her body tightly.

Damia burst into tears involuntarily at the burden. Then Akkard paused for a moment, and looked at Damia crying on his lap, as if possessed.

Her cheeks were glistening with tears and her wet, twinkling lashes were terribly pretty.

He couldn’t stand it because he wanted to make her whimper more and more titillatingly messy.

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