PCP – 103

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It was strange. The moment she heard his words, her heart started to pound and her cheeks heated up. As if she was expecting something.

Damia couldn’t believe the reaction of her body she was witnessing. Naturally, instead of pleading as Akkard wanted, she bit her rosy lips and closed them tightly.

Then he frightened her by grazing his fingertips over her round ass.

“It’s okay if you can’t get out of here, um? If we take too long, someone might come in.”

A low chuckle resounded as if saying, ‘Wouldn’t you hate to show this to my attendants?’ Upon hearing that, Damia stopped struggling and relaxed her body.

Sebastian’s face, who had welcomed her like a queen earlier, came to mind. If she showed him this ridiculous sight…… She would be very ashamed.

‘It’s ridiculous to get angry like this in this situation anyway.’

In the end, she decided to endure the shame that filled her up to the top of her head and agreed to do what he wanted.

“Pull me out… Please, Sir Akkard. I beg of you..”

[t1v: in Korean it’s more erotic literally saying:

“Take it out…. Give it to me, Sir Akkard. I beg of you.”]

Her unfortunate voice was pitiful and pathetic.

Akkard suddenly felt a strong urge to stroke her hair, which was still under the sofa. At the same time, hearing Damia’s rare weak voice, gave rise to a desire that slowly boiled.

She probably didn’t notice it, but the high timber and tone of the voice she just made was similar to when she hung off of him in bed. To fan a man’s desires like this, she was a terrible woman.

“If I take you out? What will you do for me?”

Akkard’s extremely masculine voice became strangely sweet and bassy.  Unfortunately Damia didn’t notice this because of her impatience.  So, naively, she gave him the answer he wanted.

“I’ll do anything for you, so please …….”

Even before she could finish speaking, the sofa, which had been firmly holding her down this whole time, swung up as if it had been all an illusion.

Damia looked up at him as she straightened her back, adjusting from the lying face down position she had been in for a while. Akkard looked down on her, holding the heavy wood and metal sofa in his arms, like a toy.

“Sir Akkard……?”

The moment she met his strangely expressionless face, Damia’s body trembled from an intuitive sense of crisis.

I’m going to be devoured.

Her instincts rang with alarm. Without even realizing it she crawled on the carpet where she had been lying face down, and tried to run away from him.

“Where are you going?”

However, he caught up with Damia in just two steps and held her up as if she was a doll.


With a breathless scream, Damia was laid on a fluffy settee.  As she was on her side, she faced the back of the sofa.

Automatically, Damia grabbed the backrest and tried to get up. But before she could, Akkard hugged her back like a cuddle.

“You promised me.”

His voice thick with desire tickled her ears, and his hands stretched out from behind her and dug into the front of her dress. Her breasts were caught in his hands in an instant.

“You said you would do anything.”

That…  …  I didn’t mean it that way.

Damia opened her lips halfway to protest. But before that, Akkard used his index fingers to rub her nipples with a skillful hand.

Having not swelled up completely and hard yet, her soft nipples sprung up and down in his hard fingertips. Her breasts tingled at the movements of his hands that pressed harder than usual and spun around her areolas.

“Ah, hngh……  .”

Contrary to her intentions, a woeful moan escaped from Damia’s lips instead of a protest. Then, as if he had been waiting, Akkard grabbed her chin, turned her head back and kissed her.

Unsettling and aggressive, his tongue went past her lips and dug into her cheeks. He licked all over her mouth, his tongue twisting like a predator.

Damia gasped for his breath and tried to keep up with his dense kiss. But she was so clumsy that she repeatedly slipped off his thick lower lip.

Then Akkard grinned, clutching her slender chin.

“Still can’t kiss dirty.”

How mean! He taunted her that her kisses hadn’t improved from their first time. She said nothing and was grumpy but still blushed with embarrassment, as she glared at him with wet eyes. Akkard quickly erased his laughter and became disgruntled.

“Oh, damn it. Don’t look at me with those eyes.”

I think I’m going to go crazy with excitement.

Akkard licked his lips wet with her saliva, then bit the nape of her neck from behind. He started rubbing his stuff between her ass while lying on the side.

The sharp shape of his manhood felt through her hem was vivid.  While Damia was distracted, her skirt was lifted from the front. And his big fingers slipped through her underwear.


“Shh, be still.”

He rubbed her already wet slit, and smeared and covered his fingers in her transparent honey. Soon after an lewd audible squelching din began to reverberate.

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