PCP – 101

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Damia went straight on the road to Akkard’s northern mansion. And was very warmly welcomed.

“You’ve come again! I’ve been waiting for the day when Lady would come again.”

Sebastian, Akkard’s butler, welcomed her with a very excited face. Cold sweat broke out on Damia from such dramatic hospitality.

“Thank you for accepting my sudden visit.”

“What do you mean by that? Please visit us anytime!”

Even if the queen had visited, Damia didn’t think she would be welcomed this much.

Even though it wasn’t his duty, Sebastian shooed the maid and served Damia himself.

“This is a cake made with cream with butter from the capital. Oh, and this is a scone made by drying a fruit called coconut from the south. Try this meringue cookie too.”

Sebastian’s mind was firm and his heart certain.

It was his unquestioning belief that his master definitely treated Damia differently from other women.

And it wasn’t just that. Akkard was often lost in thought unlike before, and his mood fluctuated twelve times a day.

Last time, he even asked Sebastian a suspicious question: “Have you ever met a northern woman when you were young? They seem a little different from the women from the capital.”

The moment he heard those words, Sebastian was convinced.

Even if his master was unaware, it was clear he had fallen hard.

Although his master may have been a bit of a scumbag in the past, it was true that he was an outstanding man. So Damia probably wouldn’t refuse his master if Akkard realized his heart and confessed in earnest.

‘So I have to show it to the future hostess in advance.’

Unfortunately, Damia did not know Sebastian’s determination. She looked at the table with dizzy eyes.

Originally, it was common for dessert trays to be limited to three levels at the most. However, as the butler kept delivering trays, desserts soon piled up like a looming mountain over her.

Damia felt a sense of crisis,

‘I…… I don’t have to eat all of this, right?’

She decided to flee from the sweet-smelling dessert mountain quickly.

“Thank you so much for your generous hospitality. But I don’t have much time……when is Sir Akkard coming?”

“Oh, my. I see.”

Sebastian looked regretful at Damia’s excuse. However, as a professional butler, he did not forget propriety in the end.

“The master is preparing right now. I’ll go and get him quickly.”

“Then, please.”

When Sebastian left, Damia, who was left alone, looked around the drawing room.

As far as she knew, this mansion was a temporary residence for Akkard while he was assigned to the North. Even so, the interior and furniture were impeccably excellent.

‘Well isn’t he the Duke of Valerian?’

Indeed, he was from wealthy southern landlord nobility. Damia was impressed by this. In particular, the mirror for visitors, installed on one wall of the drawing room, was particularly ornate and gorgeous.

The large mirror, as if it would touch the ceiling, was spotlessly clean. Gold leaf and amethysts resembling a wisteria vine embroidered around the edge.

It sparkled. Curious, Damia approached the mirror and studied herself quietly in it.


She was beautiful today, too. Damia smiled slightly, caressing her blushing cheeks. Then she noticed a large pearl earring caught on her hair.

Just when Damia was about to fix it. Somehow, the back of the earring was loosened, and the pearl fell and rolled over the floor.


Damia reached out in surprise. However, the round pearl decoration avoided her hand and gaily went under the sofa. Even when she quickly crouched down and put her hand underneath she didn’t find it. It seemed to have rolled quite deeply underneath.

‘My birthday gift from Cecil last year….’

If her friend found out she lost her earring, she would definitely be disappointed.

Awkwardly, Damia looked at the sofa and went out of the drawing room looking for a maid to help her find it. However, there was no one outside, as Sebastian had dismissed the maid earlier. Without any other solution Damia, who returned to the room, eventually decided to find her earrings herself.

Lying down on the fluffy carpet, she looked under the sofa. Fortunately, it was clean without dust. Sebastian seemed to be strict about cleanness.

Relieved by the unexpected cleanliness, Damia put her arm under the sofa and sweeped it with vigor. Yet, her pearl earring hit by her fingertip rolled deeper.


To make matters worse, when she bowed her head, her hair poured forward and she couldn’t see anymore. Sweeping up her hair, Damia realized:

‘I guess I can’t do it haphazardly.’

Determined, she crawled under the elegant arced legs of the sofa. The fit was tight because it was not originally built for humans to go under. Unfortunately, Damia’s upper body was decorated with abundant ruffles today, making it even harder to push herself in, but Damia, who succeeded in pushing his upper body, groped the floor in haste.

“I got it!”

Proud of the cold and round texture in her hand. Damia, who smiled brightly, inadvertently pulled back. Now that she had achieved her goal, she wanted to get out of the sofa before Akkard came.

But her plan didn’t go as she wished.



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  1. LOL. I’m sure that Akkard is going to use this absurd situation to take advantage of her. Then she is going to get angry at him again… just when she was starting to think better of him.

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