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“… It’s nothing, my dear. It’s just I’m sorry to you,”

said Owen, his shoulders dropping helplessly.

Damia thought her father’s attitude was strange, but she could not ask why because Owen spoke first.

“Before sending out Cesare, I should consult Noela in advance. She’ll be upset, but there’s nothing that can be done. Cesare was on the wrong side.”

It meant that they should have a so-called “parent conversation time.” Where the couple alone talked in a place where neither Cesare nor Damia existed.

“Yes, father. Have a good conversation.”

Damia, who understood Owen’s meaning and stood up from her chair. She called in the maids to get groomed. She thought to leave the mansion completely:

‘I should hand over the handkerchiefs in the morning.’

Damia carefully packed the beautifully wrapped gifts. She went to see Lessid first.

In fact, the easiest and simplest way was to visit Count Ferria but if she did it could have raised suspicions of the temple instead. It was the reason she had met Lessid in the deserted plains for their last meeting when she received the antidote.

So Damia headed to a tea party where Lessid would be attending. And as expected, she ran into Lessid, while he was walking through the garden.

“Lady Damia ·····?”

Lessid, who found her, looked surprised.

Damia smiled at his face, which looked like a fairy of the vegetation. She discreetly nodded, conscious of their surroundings.

“Could you spare me a moment? Priest Lessid.”

Indeed, Lessid was delighted to receive the gift in return and seemed quite happy. A precious perfume Damia’s father brought from another country was to his liking. In addition, there was no better news that the medicine he made saved her father.

“I’m so glad that the treatment worked well. But you don’t need to do this………. but since you gave it to me, I’ll be grateful.”

It was a signal that Lessid was about to leave after he accepted the gift. As she lowered her eyes shyly, Damia held out something else.

“Uh, and this…..”

“What is…?”

Lessid’s eyes held a strange look as he took the soft fabric and unfolded it. Then, with a subtle scent of perfume, a delicately embroidered handkerchief appeared.

Lessid’s eyes grew bigger when he saw the patterns of the lily, symbols of his house, Count Ferria, and a handkerchief with his name engraved meticulously.

“This—couldn’t be….”

“Yes, it is lacking, but I made it myself. Could you please accept it?”

At Damia’s words, Lessid seemed to harden. With the handkerchief spread out in both hands, Lessid mouth was closed and stiff and at first glance looked angry.

As she watched him Damia tilted her head and looked worried:

‘Is he unhappy?’

Fortunately, Lessid soon came to his senses, began folding his handkerchief. The corners were accurately matched without an inch of error. His expression was grim and serious as a child learning how to fold a small cloth for the first time.

Without a single smile, Lessid, who hugged the handkerchief to his chest and  bowed his head while expressing his sincere gratitude:

“This gift, thank you so much. I’ll sincerely cherish it.”

“… What? Oh—Yes, yes. Thank you for accepting,·····.”

Even before Damia’s words were over, Lessid turned around. It was to hide the tips of his mouth that kept soaring in overwhelming joy.

Enjoying the soft feeling of the handkerchief in his hands, Lessid sincerely thought:

‘I’m glad I was born.’

Entirely clueless, Damia, looked at his back with round eyes like a rabbit. Lessid’s steps, which elegantly extended as usual, but there was a strange feeling that he was hopping.

‘Is it just my wishful thinking?’

Regardless, it was fortunate that Lessid didn’t refuse. Damia smiled softly while stroking her cheek, turned around.

Now it was time to go to give Akkard a gift.

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