PCP – 10

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It was just after a tempestuous love affair, so Akkard was very kind.  

His large hand, covered with calluses, carefully caressed over Damia’s cheek.

Damia was awkward with someone touching her face but didn’t even have the strength to shake off his hand. couldn’t even shake his hand. So I took a quick breath while tilting her face down. Her heart, which had just escaped after being caught in a whirlpool of pleasure, was still fluttering violently.

 However, Akkard was in a slightly different condition. For a moment, he soaked in the afterglow, but he soon lifted his head proudly.  

Damia was surprised to feel his penis rubbed against her belly again. Akkard leaning against her trembling shoulder laughed slowly.

 “Sorry, but…”

 He reached out and held her helpless body and turned her over.

 “… I’ve never been satisfied with doing it once.”

Now Damier raised her ass on the bed. The moment she twisted her body in embarrassment over the shameful posture, a male aroused from behind came over.

 “N-no mo—huuuuu!”

As if when he hadn’t just ejaculated, his penis, which stood fiercely, penetrated her from behind. The thick roots crushed the swollen vaginal entrance, and his hard cock came in and out as if digging inside. Each time, there was a squeaking sound from Damia’s wet pussy and the love juice flowed down her thighs.

Damia’s cheek rubbed against the sheet. Because of their postures, his penis seemed to pierce deeper. Not only that but as he shook his back and forth, large, heavy bull-like balls struck her labia and clitoris.

 My cheeks turned red because I was really ashamed to feel like we were mating dogs. Still, my body swelled up to a strange level with lascivious heat. 

Instinctually, she swayed her body along with Akkard’s rhythm, and from behind came the sound of Akkard’s laughter.

“More than before, hoo woo (*panting*), you’re tightening. Do you like getting it from behind?”

“No, Uh, ooohhhhhh ahh ahhhh!”

“Your shaking ass says otherwise. You love this.”

Akkard grabbed her ass cheeks that moved as if she were flaunting and spread them apart to admire the lewd, lush scene.

His own was ferociously going in and out of the crimson, narrow entrance. Her passageway, which had stretched to its limit, was admirably swallowing his own and drooling with delight.

Just looking at it made his head warm. Akkard reached out from behind and pressed her breasts wildly, pinching the nipples and twirling them. And then, again and again, he thrusted her butt up, rewarded with erotic jiggles, and up into the depths of her core.

“Ahh, haaa, aaah! Oh! Aah ooohh!”

Every time that happened, the sweet panting that came out of Damia and the murky moans of uncontrollable pleasure sweetened Akkard’s ears. 

Overwhelmed with excitement, Akkard clung to her back and teased her clit.

3 thoughts on “PCP – 10

    1. I think it is round 3… wait, now I think about it.. it is round 2 if you don’t count their first time nor the cunnilingus. The 1st round was the missionary postion which Akkard varied with the legs pushed forward then the 2nd round is the doggy style. I guess it is considered as a round once he goes like a hentai protagonist milk faucet and recovers right away.

      Which is not humanly possible but this is fiction so there is that.

      Also Akkard is in danger of falling head over heels in love like how Hugo became so smitten with Lucia in their wedding night. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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