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This was a dream.

It was easy for Akkard to figure it out. If this was real, he’d never be alone with his sister Sienna.

“Akkard Valerian.”

Sienna put down her teacup and called his name in a chilly, clipped voice. It didn’t matter that they were siblings; there was no hint of fondness that could be found in her tone.

Akkard answered with a grimace. No matter the place, dream or not, being alone with her was unwelcomed.

Sienna, as usual, did not care about his mood. With her silver eyes wide open and flashing with contempt, she snorted. Looking down Akkard’s arrogant face, she provoked him.

“You think you’re so brilliant, don’t you?”

“Why are you trying to pick a fight suddenly?”

Akkard also refused to stand down. His manly features sharpened, and a shadow passed over his handsome face as if an enormous beast growled.

“Did you eat something wrong? Because you are spewing bullshit. Just shut your mouth and drink your tea. Don’t irritate people with your useless words.”

Revealing his nasty temper, Akkard warned her and leaned slightly forward so that his tall stature would fill her vision. As the Commander of the Royal Knights, he had an overwhelming physique with a solid body that intimidated not only frail women but also aggressive men.

Unfortunately, Sienna was immune to his feral force. Unlike her younger brother, she was thin, but she didn’t lose to him in fierceness.

She ignored Akkard’s pretenses without raising a single eyebrow and warned him with a smile.

“I’m saying this out of pity for your stupid ass, so listen carefully. If you don’t clean up your trash life right now, you’ll regret it forever.”

“… What?”

It was as if he was slapped across the face. Stunned, Akad missed the timing to retort back.

Sienna had a bad temperament, but she had never been this overtly rude before.

Rather, she was cautious with her words. Because what she said usually came true.

Sienna Valerian. The greatest fortune-teller in the kingdom, the woman who sees the future with piercing silver eyes. She directed those same cold eyes at her only brother and said:

“Open your clogged ears and listen carefully! Please crack open your rotten head and clean out all your thoughts. Otherwise, no matter how much you cry, beg, and pray—it won’t matter. It will be too late.”

Akkard, who was unilaterally verbally assaulted, was dumbfounded. No one dared to crush him in this way before.

“Just because you have a mouth, does it mean you can say whatever? Try talking again!!”

Akkard, who stood with a yell, slammed the table hard enough to break and exuded a terrifying aura that would have given an elder a heart attack.

However, Sienna was demurely calm. She picked her teacup on the broken table and drank the contents. It was an attitude that could only be explained as a provocation.

Seeing this, Arcade reached out, grabbed her cup, and threw it away.

No, he tried to…

But that damn dream ended there. Suddenly, the ground stretched and grew long, and Sienna, sitting in her chair, moved away with a unique expression.

His sister’s eyes, looking at him from a distance, as if he were very pathetic. Akkard grew more irate.

“Fuck off, Sienna!!”

It was then. Suddenly, his feet plummeted, and the once distant abyss swallowed him. The feeling of being sucked down endlessly was like drowning.

At this time, someone grabbed his shoulder as he struggled against the eerie fall.


The dreadfully surprised Akkard sprang up. He was so confused that he couldn’t distinguish the boundary between dream and reality.

The body’s defense system reacted faster on behalf of the unconscious brain. He grabbed the hand that touched his shoulder and, without mercy, twisted it, and pinned it. Everything happened in less than a second.


The screams that touched my ears were delicate. Not only that, but also the body held in his firm grasp was frail and tender.

Only then did the startled Akkard come to his senses.

As he blinked a couple of times and shook his blurry vision, he could see red hair flowing like rose petals on the bed. It was a familiar color.

“Sir Akkard…”

A crying voice came out from beneath his body. As he lowered his head, he saw a woman crushed under his muscular forearm. She was looking up at Akkard with tearful eyes.

“Get your hands off me, please.”

She was a breathtakingly beautiful woman. The skin was white as snow, striking red hair, a round forehead and delicate nose and lips with a kissable pout. Her visage resembled a fairy.

In particular, the crying face was so striking that it took a moment for Akkard to realize that he had been hazily staring at her in a daze.

He was half-awake, not quite sure if he was in a dream.

Because of this, he almost heard the woman’s desperate appeal amidst a soundless buzz.

“Please, my hand… it hurts. Hey?”

A tear slid down her long eyelashes. A wet shine on her silky cheeks pressed into Akkard’s forearm, which was squeezing her.

Her touch burned like a hot candle. Startled, Akkard realized that this was real.

He hurriedly removed his arms and examined the woman’s slender body. Her weak limbs made him feel so stiff; his heart was pounding for no reason.

“… are you okay?’

Usually, women would sob and wail with pain and fear. But unlike her frail looks, she was tenacious. All she did was shut her eyes tightly and gasp in pain.

Akkard touched her side of her pale face. He scanned her shoulder and collarbone, which turned red from when he crushed her.

“You don’t think your bones are broken, do you?”

Akkard frowned. He was foul-tempered, but he had never hit a woman. But here he was checking the bones of a young noble lady.

If I’m unlucky, I could be forced to marry this woman to take responsibility for hurting her.

The ominous imagination sickened Akkard. I’d rather beg for money then deal with emotional torment.

“Let’s take a look.”

Akkard pulled down the sheet covering her body and exhaled. He was relieved when he meticulously checked her bones’ condition by carefully pressing down on her neck, shoulders, and back.

“Fortunately, there’s no damage.”

He had learned the sword, so he seemed to have used self-defense techniques unconsciously while sleeping. But in the midst of that, I remembered the young lady’s grip. The body caught by him was so delicate that he realized that it would be a big deal if he did something wrong.

In time, the pain seemed to have subsided a little. Her cheeks rapped with tears; she lifted her wet eyelashes carefully.
A prettier woman when she cries. At the moment he saw her moist blue eyes, Akkard recalled her name.


The most extraordinary beauty of northern society and the daughter of Count Primula. And also a very sweet-skinned woman who warmed his bed last night.

“I’m fine. I was just a little… …surprised.”

Damia laughed, still rubbing her bright red shoulders. It was a calm face with no sign of resentment.

Seeing this, Akkard felt even more like trash. Even though he was sleeping, he had hurt a woman who spent the night with him.

This was all because of that awful dream in which the damned Sienna Valerian appeared. He was very proud, and he suddenly became displeased with his mistakes. With a hardened look, he blamed Damia in a blunt tone.

“So why did you touch a sleeping warrior?”
Anyone would be disappointed if a man who spent a hot night came out cold. But Dami was not agitated. She answered in a small voice when she dropped her eyelashes awkwardly.

“I thought you were having a nightmare. So I tried to wake you up…”

“It’s dangerous to touch a learned person’s body. Next time, don’t do that.”

“I didn’t know. I will keep it in mind in the future. “

No matter how much he behaved like a bastard, Damia was not hurt or angry. Akkard was secretly quite impressed by this fact.

His darkened purple eyes peeked slowly at Damia’s half-exposed naked body. It was a rich and pretty body that you would want to engrave in your eyes, sensual but not vulgar as if it was a skill.

“No matter how I look, she’s not the type to play with fire. It’s surprising.”

I didn’t know what the hell caused her to throw herself to a man like me. But I thought it would be okay to sleep a few more times with such a woman.

Oh, of course, until you get tired of it.

Without noticing his selfish thoughts, Damia came down from the bed. Covering her body with a thin sheet, she searched the floor.

The night is already over, so I think I will leave here quickly after finding my clothes.

“There you are.”

Damia, who found her dress stuck in a corner, reached out her hand. But before she even touched her clothes, she felt the fever of a seductive man behind my back.

“Where dare you try run away to, umm?”

A large hand that appeared from the air snatched her wrist.

A face close to the nose, full of sexual purposes, laughed ferociously.

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