MSU – 9

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“Oh my, I feel great!”

Elise’s whole body was relaxed. Without time to dry her wet hair, she laid on the bed.

‘As expected, it was worth it to school Benji on how to take a bath. Who knew he would be that good? Do I have a talent for teaching?’

Feeling proud of herself, she shrugged and glanced toward the bathroom. It was because she had taken a long bath today, so dinner time was approaching.

“I’m hungry…”

It was natural for it to take a long time to empty the water in the big bathtub. It used to take a long time for Emma and Brie to empty the water together, so of course, it would take Benji twice as long to do it alone.….

‘He is taking an unusually long time.’

In fact, with Benji’s strength, she thought he could just flip the bathtub and empty it, but she was worried about how long he was taking.

‘You’re not scooping it out with your hands instead of a bucket, right?’

Elise rolled up wet hair with a towel and got up. She just wanted to lie down, but was willing to go to the bathroom for Benji, who must have been. Of course, Elise was also hungry.


There was no answer. When she called him, there was usually a gentle reply: “Yes, master.”….

‘What? The bathtub is empty.’

Contrary to her worries, the bathtub was cleanly emptied. However, Benji was nowhere to be seen.

‘I didn’t see him coming out…… Oh! There he is.’

Benji, who she had a hard time finding, naked and was being hit by a stream of water.

‘Oh… You were washing up.’

‘Yeah. I was only thinking about myself. Benji would want to wash in warm water, too. That’s why he was taking a long time. I told you to wash to your heart’s content. It’s not that hard.’

“Wash slowly and come out!”

Elise spoke more generously than usual. It was thanks to the water vapor that bloomed in the bathroom, making her view hazy, that she had not see what Benji’s downwards hands were doing.

* * *

4 thoughts on “MSU – 9

  1. I think this line “that she had not see what Benji’s downwards hands were doing.” is very sus

  2. i think this line “that she had not see what Benji’s downwards hands were doing.” is very sus

  3. Jesus Christ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk he really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, dying to know when he’s going to reveal himself

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