MSU – 8

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2. Master. I think I have poison on me too.

“Ugh. My back hurts.”

‘Was it this hard to wash others?’

This was not the original plan. She wiped his body with a soft towel and said, ‘Okay, look. Benji. Wipe it like this. You can do this from now on,’ Elise tried to teach him kindly, but the bathtub was deeper than she thought.

Now that she had only wiped his back, she was hanging outside the bathtub and moving up and down, so muscles that she had never used in her life were screaming.

Goal: Give a bath to get a bath.

How do I clean the front?

Elise thought about giving up here, but it was impossible.

What I’m doing now is investing in the future! It is worth a try if I can teach Benji skillfully and enjoy every day in a situation where I don’t know how long I have to stay with him.

‘Yeah, let’s just get into the bathtub.’

It was a timely decision because Elise was feeling cold. Under her robe she was wearing a thin slip that she usually wore when she took a bath, but now she was wet and feeling chilly. The bathtub was ridiculously large, so even if Elise entered there was room.


When Elise took off her robe and entered the bathtub, Benji jumped to his feet. Thanks to this, Benji’s member, who passed by earlier, filled Elise’s view.

‘Ohh, this is what it looks like.’

Descriptions that Elise read dozens of times and hundreds of times from books ran through her head: A mushroom-like head that’s red hot. A body full of bumpy tendons. And a wrinkly seed pouch! The descriptions in books was of course a little more flowery, but the essence was the same.

‘But… Is it normally this big? What did Emma and Brie say?’

The size of male protagonists in novels was a fiction full of dreams and fantasies.

They were superior maids when it came to their discussions after reading, but it was clear that they had never seen them in person.

The thing that filled Elise’s field of vision was obviously much bigger than someone’s dreams and fantasies.

‘What the hell—is that as big as a small forearm? Wait, it’s the size of my forearm. But was it this big before?’

Benji’s finger touched her slender neck, as she tilted her head in thought.

‘Oh! Right! I have to wash him!’

Elise, who came to her senses, looked up at Benji and said,

“Benji, sit down. And look carefully. You have to do the same thing to me from now on!”

* * *

Benji’s bathing services were much more satisfying than Elise expected.

He used his strength and body well, so he easily collected and emptied the bath, so even if she took a bath every day, he was able and wouldn’t complain. At first, she cried out in pain because he intensely brushed her soft skin, but now she was about to fall asleep. Her favor towards Benji’s developed day by day.

‘I think he’s better than Emma and Brie?’

Elise liked both of them and were close to them, but she preferred Benji’s quiet, gentle, and delicate touch that washed her every nook and cranny rather than a bath with non-stop chattering.

However, if there is a problem…….

“You don’t have to come into the bathtub.”

Elise instructed him wrongly with her first lesson. She had come into the bathtub trying to teach Benji how to attend to her, but now he came in the bath with her every time she took a bath, which made Elise a little embarrassed.

‘Yeah. It’s my fault for teaching you wrong.’

On the first day, he had even tried to take off her bath slip as she made Benji completely nude before. She was embarrassed.

“I’m wearing this to bathe.”

No matter how much she told him that she wasn’t taking off all her clothes and bathing like he did, he just blinked as if he didn’t understand. Elise had to take off her slip and go into the bathtub.

She gave up, she didn’t think he’d understand just from her verbally wrestling with him.

“Fine. I’m taking it off—I’ll take it off.”

When the wet cloth that had been wrapped around her body disappeared, the bath became a little more enjoyable.

She felt lighter and more comfortable, and it felt softer and cleaner. Elise was ashamed to think that she had shown her bare body to someone else, but because it was Benji she didn’t feel bad. However…….


Wasn’t this too much to do this every time?

Whenever Benji entered the bathtub, he lifted her up. Then, as she had done before, he stared between her legs for a long time and then put her down.

‘You’re the one who got up!’

Even if Elise protested that she had no choice but to see it, it was clear that he would have a half-witted bewildered expression, so it was better for Elise to be patient.

“Are you done looking? Then wash me now!”

If you have a little patience, a heavenly time awaits you.

* * *

* * *

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