MSU – 7

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‘Is it your first time seeing me eat? Why is he staring at me like this? It’s burdensome. Are you hungry?’

“You eat it, too.”

In the afternoon when the sun was shining softly, Elise handed over a piece of bread as if she had a good heart. She didn’t even have an appetite anyway.

It was a tasteless meal. In the past, a chef who loved Elise since childhood use to prepare simple but delicious meals, but it was clear that the wicked woman even changed the chef by bringing only bread that was dry enough to be used as a weapon.

‘No. Why aren’t you taking it?’

Pausing for a moment, Elise got up from her seat and pushed the meal on the tray to Benji, who was staring at the bread she gave him. Then, she laid on the couch and enjoyed the scenery of the room filled with red light. Now was Elise’s favorite time.

There was not much inconvenience in living with Benji to the extent that it overshadowed her worries. Looking back, Emma and Brie didn’t do that much either. Besides, Benji was doing his part. It was enough that he brought meals from the main building.

On their days off, Emma and Brie came to do some light cleaning. Even if it wasn’t as good as it used to be, it was sufficient to bring laundry and change bed sheets. In fact, there was nothing else to do except reading books, so the room didn’t get messy.

“Oh… I want a bath.”

Still, her wash was disappointing. She had briefly washed in the bathroom, but couldn’t compare it to soaking in a bathtub.

It would be nice to have Benji do it, but she wasn’t confident that she could explain bringing a bathtub, filling it with water, and emptying it.

‘Alright. Let’s just give it a try.’

But in the end, a thirsty person digs a well. Elise was full of the spirit of challenge.

* * *

“This is…… nice.”

‘This is it. This taste of soaking in a steamy bathtub and water splashing! I missed this.’

There were many twists and turns, but at this moment, Elise was just as excited as a child. After a long time of struggling, Benji, who was soaked in water and stood by her dreary, caught her eyes.

“You wash up, too!”

‘By the way, does he wash himself?’

Come to think of it, Benji never smelled bad, but it was impossible that anyone would wash Benji and he didn’t seem the type to wash himself.

‘No, does he know what bathing is? Should I wash him now? If I teach well, I may receive bathing services in the future. Benji learns faster by sight than by speech.’

“Here, get some hot water. Pour it into the bathtub. Tell me when the bathtub is full!”

It was useless to explain it with words.

When Elise returned to the bathroom, tired from waiting, there was only Benji, who was puzzled with water all over his body.

In the end, Elise had to demonstrate with her own hands. After showing it a few times, he followed it quite well, so maybe he could follow the bathing routine too.

“Benji, take it off.”


That damn stupid puzzled look. Why can’t you understand when there’s nothing difficult about my words?

Benji’s face was disconcerted, without saying the often-said “Yes, Master.”

“I’ll wash you. Take off your clothes,”

said Elise, who came out of the bathtub, wrapped herself in a robe.

‘Why don’t you take off those clothes since you’re wet and shivering? How great would it feel to wash up with warm water?”

Elise struggled to lift his shirt. The wet fabric stuck to his body, and stopped moving at his chest.

“Uh? What. Is this?”

There were strange and unfamiliar curves and angles on Benji’s body. It looked like a well-planned boulevard, twisting and cutting through tight abdomen skin .

Elise was startled by how completely different his body was from hers but she quickly cleared her head.

I’ve never seen a man’s body, but I’ve seen statues of heroes in mythology. It seems to be a little more bumpy than that, but it’s natural that his is different from a woman’s body.

Right, Benji is a man, too. Huh? Come to think of it…

Elise was fearlessly undressing the man.

Still… Elise raised the corners of her smirking mouth. It was ridiculous to think of Benji as a man to be conscious of.

If I had thought so in the first place, I wouldn’t have even thought of taking a bath.

‘By the way, it’s so hard to undress.’

Elise quickly got tired. No matter how high she raised her hands, Benji’s hem, which was much larger than her, and she could only lift it to his chest.

While sweat formed on her forehead to no avail, Benji remained unmoved as if he had no intention of moving his body.

‘I should take off his pants first.’

Elise decided to target an area closer to her sight. Fortunately, the pants Benji was wearing were not complicated. It was close to a large bag of cloth rather than a garment because it was fixed by tying a thin cloth that was worn like a mop.

Elise hastily untied the strap fixed to his waist. She was impatient to wash and teach Benji quickly and then take a bath every day.

Rustle. When Elise took off his pants, something big and heavy came across her face.

‘No, you…Aren’t you wearing underwear?’

It was an unexpected attack. It was a little unpleasant fact that if the angle was a little askew, it would have touched her lips. It made her uncomfortable.

“Benji, sit.”

You have to keep doing what you’ve been doing.

She struggled to remove his top from Benji’s body and slapped him on the buttocks. There was no flesh, so the sound was muted, but her palms hurt.

“Benji. Go into the bathtub.”

Elise’s voice became a little sharp without realizing it.

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