MSU – 52 END

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‘I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll get a chance soon.’

Benji promised to.

He never before was fascinated with breasts. Even now when he saw another woman in a delegation come in with her breasts the size of a watermelon exposed, he felt nauseated.

Then, in an instant he got angry—

How dare she say she is curious about someone else’s cock when he felt repulsed and offended by just imagining being touched by someone else? He knew it was a lie, but his hot blood sprang up again.

‘Why do you keep telling lies that you can’t stand?’

In fact, he knew Elise regretted it when she told her the first lie to him to suck out venom. She had been hesitating for a long time, biting her lips, looking back and forth at him and her erotic books.

‘You don’t know how to hide your expression.’

If he didn’t like it he could have left at any time. Instead of opening his mouth like an idiot to hide the corners of his predatory stare.

‘No, I pretended I couldn’t speak in the first place. When she asked, I must have pretended not to know. Damn it. I have no clue when this started. When did I begin being held back by this small and demanding owner?’

“Ah… … .”

Even though he knew it was her who held his leash, he bared his teeth and bit her. A pleasant shout poured out.

‘It’s so good, enough to die. It’s dripping down.’

Benji felt like he was going to lose his mind at the sexy smell that spread in an instant.

“Master, I want to suck it.”

What good is a throne? What’s the use of pride?The master’s voice superseded everything. If he could just lick and suck her bottom right now, Benji thought it would be good to throw away everything, including his crown and ego.

‘I can’t be rational when it comes to her.’

It was always like that when he looked at Elise. He felt it every time, he turned into a lustful beast. So, he had to be weak. Even if the location changed, Benji was not ashamed of automatically declaring her his owner.

“Oh, yes… … .”

She nodded her head pretending not to win, but her hands were already pushing his head. Even though she couldn’t tell if he was being candid, she hurriedly pulled up her skirt at a lost of what to do.

‘Ha… … . I’ll take care of it.’

Her underwear had long since lost its role. As he lapped up every drip of the thick ooze that had flowed down to her thighs, her small body curled up to its limit. He grabbed her frail ankle and draped it over his shoulder, revealing her red flesh that he would feast on. Benji smacked his lips in anticipation.

Her vagina, was sloppy wet and quivering as if it were hungry for something. He wanted to hammer her right away but held back. Today he wouldn’t hit it until she begged him for it. It was the only trivial revenge that Benji could take against Elise.

‘How do I wash it here? The more I wash it, the wetter it gets.’

When he dipped in the love liquid filling her gaps between the folds, it stretched out like a spider’s web with dew. The viscosity was closer to gel than water. Benji licked his fingers thoroughly, satisfied, and buried his face in her lewd vaginal mouth.

Her usually hidden clitoris grew larger and larger when he started to suck on it, amazing him. He swept his tongue up so that he could see it better when a shrill moan rang out. Benji beamed upon hearing the best sound in the world.

“Ha… … . ah, ah… … . Benji.”

‘Anyway, the most honest thing is the body.’

Elise’s mouth was good at making funny noises, but she didn’t know how to lie with her lower mouth down there. The sight of her pouting and faithfully waiting for him made him feel full.

Benji’s fingers slipped in and was sucked into her small hole. He pushed it in himself, but somehow he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being devoured.

He felt like he was being consumed by her terribly soft, hot flesh. Her wriggling folds shook violently and tightened. It really felt like his fingers were going to break.

With his fingers tucked in, he bit her clitoris with his teeth, twisting it as Elise moaned and cried in pleasure.

“Huh… … . Benji… … . Huh… … .”

Like a fish pulled out of the water, her floating pelvis buckled as she panted like a dog from him teasing her with his tongue. The inner walls, swollen with her excitement, swelled once more, chewing his fingers.

“Take it easy and relax. You’re going to break my fingers.”

He didn’t even put it in, but it looked like she was about to climax. Benji was glad he had held back, otherwise it would have been a dangerous situation.

“Put it in quickly—hmm—I can’t stand it—huh—uh? Please.”

Elise wept as clear liquid poured down. Her pelvis twitched and her nail-sized hole fluttered incessantly, enticing him to come in.

It was amazing every time that this little hole stretched around his huge cock. It always managed to tighten around him, pulling and threatening to devour him—a feat worth being proud of.


‘In any case, I’m hot tempered.’

At her fiery nudge, Benji smiled low and pushed her into the fire slowly.

Would he ever get used to carving a path by rubbing between her narrow and wet flesh? Her narrow inner walls squeezed and contracted on his glans. It was obvious that he would have ejaculated if he hadn’t tightened his ass and held back.

Did she think that complaining that her hole would loosen was justifiable? The more he hit it, the more glutinous her insides grew to the point it was going to drive him crazy.

Even if he was regarded as an animal, he let go. Benji hugged Elise strong enough to break her and slammed into her. With each violent, deep thrust was an undetected, dark and fierce obsession buried in every movement to deeply engrave himself in a hidden place that no one could see.

‘You are mine. Elise.’

Benji swallowed his maxim countless times today.

(Master, May I Suck It Up? Complete)

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