MSU – 51

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Elise’s voice was still cold. But she couldn’t help the small twitching corners of her lips.

She looked down at him proudly and raised her tiny feet. She then gently pressed down on his thick chest.

‘What’s this about? What did Elise read recently?’

The corners of Benji’s lips rose sharply as he quickly scanned his memory. Normally, if Elise was reading something, he had read it beforehand, but recently, he didn’t have time to spare.

As soon as he saw that Elise’s cheeks became red, there was nothing to lose. It was clear that punishment with such a face would be sweet.

She looked pretty too with her eyes raised like a cat, and a tongue that licked her upper lip. She was very sexy.

The past of pretending to be a fool by being possessed by that face was not at all shameful. Rather he was proud of it.

“Take it out. Just to look.”

She really enjoyed playing with people. He wasn’t ignorant but her appearance was so cute. Benji hurriedly lowered his pants.

His swollen and wet core was showing off its size and spewed out a line of clear glandular fluid. Admiring it, Elise smiled and scanned it up and down appreciatively. Then she lifted her pale foot and gently stroked Benji’s forearm.

‘It’s insane— How can a person have such pretty feet?’

He wanted to snatch her cute and soft feet right away and kiss them. The thought of the sweet moan that would flow when he shoved his tongue between her toes one by one and swept it away— his bottom lit up.

“Ha… … .”

Elise’s eyes twinkled at the moan that erupted like his precum fluid. Did she know? When she gets excited her tongue twitches like a rabbit. She was so cute, he wanted to swallow her in one glup right now.

Encouraged by Benji’s exclamatory groan, Elise wiggled her toes and touched Benji’s core. Seeing her quickly pale face, it seemed that something didn’t go as expected.

‘So you want to put my cock between your toes.’

It wasn’t easy because it was so big and wet. He felt so thirsty at her clumsy movements that slipped around. Benji couldn’t stand it and leaned his face against her and kissed her lap.

Elise pouted as if it was still not going the way she anticipated. As she narrowed her brow with concentration, his patience finally snapped. Benji gathered her two little feet together and gripped them tightly, sandwiching his centerpiece between them. Wetting her feet in his clear liquid that he had emitted beforehand he started to sweep them up and down in earnest.

“Ha… … . master… … .”

Benji, who soon reached his climax, tilted his head back and called her. Hazily, Elise stared blankly at the turbid white liquid pouring out like lava from his tip. Excitement swelled not only in her chest but also in her underwear.

“Benji, kiss me.”


Even though he knew what her plump lips were hoping for, he calmly grabbed her ankle and licked it lightly. Even though she said no, the way she twisted her body was stunning.

“Hmm… … .”

A small, round mouth. Previously, they only made the sound of digging into people’s hearts to the point of wanting to shut it off, but now they let out a moan that was sweeter than sugar. Thoughts of wanting to chew and swallow all the sounds that came out of her mouth and wanting to hear more swept through his body.

“N-no—no, on the lips.”

Her messy eyes met his as her hand went through his hair and lifted Benji’s face.

‘What were you saying about another man? You can only get this excited with me.’

He kissed her to hide the corners of his lips that went up in a smirk.

Sweet. The gooey saliva that came and went between the tangled tongues was bitterly sour and sweet. When he ate her out she watched him so intensely that she didn’t even blink, but she closed her eyes tightly while he kissed her while making eye contact. Was it impolite? Or just naivety? Regardless, Benji found her eyelashes that trembled when he sucked hard and wiped the inside of her mouth  more exciting than anything else.

‘If you lick and suck on her earlobes now, she will fall apart and collapse.’

Did Elise realize? Her ears were more sensitive than her breasts. When he blew a low breath into her ear, he could feel her wetness pouring down.

‘I’m the one who knows you better than you know yourself, but you dare mention another bastard?’

Even though he knew it was a provocation, he couldn’t help it. He wanted to make sure she would never say anything like that again. Benji held onto her earlobe more tenaciously with a pitiful heart, and bit it, and sucked it.

“Ha… … . Benji… … . ha… … . unn.”

His lower half stiff from the rising chorus of her moans. Benji wanted to push in right away, but he held it back. To match Elise’s temperature, he had to wait now.


Elise’s head was tilted back as he licked her vunerable neck. It was hard to tell whether the small hand that grabbed Benji’s hair was pushing or pulling, but it was clear that it was a sign that she was going to die from joy.


At Elise’s words, she hastily pulled her underwear down, revealing her round and soft flesh. Just looking at it made his mouth water.

Her breasts, as soft as pudding and as elastic as jelly, were Benji’s favorite parts. It felt like his brain melted when the lumps of flesh in his hands were crushed and teased to and fro.

Benji filled her mouth with her nipples as if seducing her. He was ecstatic because the feeling of them in his mouth felt so good. It seemed to have gotten darker and bigger than before, but it was wonderfully sweet just like the first time.

“Ha… … . Hmmm… … .”

As if savoring the delicacies, he raised his tongue and licked and sucked up the flesh in his mouth.

Did Elise know? What a sexy face she had when she made a whiny puppy noise and her eyes were wet? He had to show her in front of the mirror sometime.

He didn’t want her to get off easy, so he filled his palm with her breast and twisted her erect nipple. He needed to tease her beforehand in order to suck it all up and feast.

‘It’s amazingly soft.’

Elise’s breasts were so perfect that he wondered how she could be like this. How would it feel if I put my dick between those soft breasts and rubbed it? Just imagining it almost made him cum.

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