MSU – 50

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He felt like he could cry again and again. If only he could ease Elise’s heart, it would be enough.

“You… you’re tired. Of me.”

Elise’s face, which had been biting her lips and spitting out words with difficulty, was burning red. As if she couldn’t believe herself. The tears in her eyes, which were red from her shame, were sloppy and lovely.

“What are you talking about?”

For a moment he thought he had heard too much nonsense and all the bullshit must have injured his ears. Tired? In the back of his mind he was still wondering whether or not to squeeze out tears.

When Benji left the corpse of his dead brother and escaped from the burning wagon—when he followed the count of a foreign country—and when he vowed to return to Faustino to kill the former queen….. he had never been so troubled before.

It was only possible for Elise to shake Benji so much. But he’s tired of her?! How could he? Benji felt rather wronged and wanted to protest against such injustice.

“You don’t even like me touching you, these days.”

No way. How could he hate it when her soft fingertips rubbed against him? Just holding her hand embarrassingly aroused him …….

‘Ah… … .’

At the sudden passing memory, Benji let out another laugh.

Maybe— Don’t tell me….


Such an extremely irritating afternoon had occured on a sunny day.

Instead, he was busy with a pile of shit piled up by titled lunatics that seemed to be never ending. As if it were planned.

All those who were overtly related to the queen had long lost their necks. But there were those who hid like rats… … .

He had no noble ambition to eradicate deep-rooted corruptions and evils. He was just annoyed by persistent chores.

He wanted to burn it all down and start anew, but he couldn’t. So, he had to carefully select which ones to kill and which ones to save.

‘Shit. I can’t even spend time with Elise because of this.’

Thanks to this situation, Benji stayed up all night in the office for several days. An irritable fierce mood complete with stark shadows stood out on his bare face resembling a beast. It was a look that he never wanted to show to Elise. So he avoided her on purpose… …

Elise came to the office. She was dressed in a traditional Faustino dress made of layers of thin fabric.

‘Did people wear such sensual clothes?’

It was a dress he had seen since birth and grew tired of seeing, but he had never thought of it as being sexy. It just seemed rather frustrating because there were several unnecessary layers.

But on that day, it was definitely different. The vital sunlight penetrating deep inside through the window seeped through the thin fabric and dazzled his eyes as if he could see a graceful curve and was about to see something lewd. His lower half swelled up as if it was going to explode at any moment.

‘Oh, it’s difficult to endure. I’m in trouble… … .’

Benji wanted to immediately turn her over, lay her down and then hit it, but there were too many people watching. He could have dismissed them with a curt and hasty “Get out” but they weren’t dumb people who wouldn’t notice what was going on. Benji didn’t even want to leave room for them to fantasize about Elise.

Whether or not she knew he had such thoughts, Elise rushed up to him with a hug and set fire to him at once. As he held her wrapped in his arms like a magnet, he inhaled her sweet scent to the fullest. Without even touching her, with a deep breath he felt the urge to cum intensify.

For a moment, his heart steamed like a chimney and he wanted to give up everything—kingship, riches—wanting to beat them all up. Rather, he missed the time when he was living alone with Elise. He started to doubt if the wealth and glory they enjoyed was worth  cleaning up other people’s shit with so much care.

‘Alright. Let’s be patient. Just this once.’

It was inevitable for a comfortable future. It was better to endure and uproot it all at once than to continue to suffer from small miscellaneous tasks and troubles.

Benji, who had managed to find reason, kissed Elise on the crown of her head and let her go. It was self-control worthy of praise.


What was Elise’s expression at that time? He didn’t remember. He only remembered he had winced at the touch of her hand that secretly stroked his ass… … .

‘Ah… … . shit. It would have been better if I had just dragged her off somewhere and smashed her to death.’

His mouth was bitter with belated regret.

“I’m sorry, Elise. I’ll never do that again. I was so surprised that I was embarrassingly flustered for a moment.”

Despite his desperate plea, her sharp glare did not come down easily. Her long, voluminous eyelashes were still wet. He had an overwhelming urge to lick them.

“Wasn’t it because you didn’t like being touched by me?”

“How dare I do that, sweetheart? I get hard and erect just seeing you. I did that because I thought I would cum if my darling touched me more.”

In fact, as Elise said, he never refused. He only froze for a moment, he thought it was an overreaction, but it was important to calm her down first.

“Yes? Master, please forgive me.”

In the end, Benji decided to use the ace up his sleeve. As he knelt down and rubbed his cheek on Elise’s round knee, and made a plea in a mournful voice, he felt her stiffness melt away. It was a method that had never failed.

“Then you should be punished.”

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