MSU – 49

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Benji bit his molars again, vowing to put all impure things in prison and make them quiet even by force.

Before, he never cared who slept with who or how. No, it didn’t matter if all the people in the world were wallowing together. Until Elise spoke those words.

Just imagining her with someone—made his blood rush upside down and backwards, making his head tingle—Elise rolling around in bed with another guy. Benji would sit idly and watch that happened even if he had to turn the world upside down.

“You can’t.”


Why? Am I supposed to explain such an understandable problem one by one?

Feeling the ludicrousness, Benji scoffed and spat out a dripping bitter laughter into the air. If he hadn’t, he felt he would be unable to breathe and his throat was strangling.

“Am I lacking?”

Knowing that it couldn’t be, Benji bit his lip and asked. If that’s the case, he thought he’d put it in for days and days until she cried and begged, promising to temper her sassy mouth.

“It’s not like that, I’m curious. How about doing it with someone else?”

‘That damn curiosity.’

It was Benji who knew best what that curiosity could do. The person who has benefited the most can be said to be himself. But the most cursed thing right now was that tiny, humble curiosity. If he could, I wanted to cut off that pretty head with that mind right away. So she could never be able to think of that shit again.


“I want to try sleeping with someone.”

‘Fuck. Damn it. How can you say something like it doesn’t matter?’

He was falling into hell and here she was speaking lightly as if she wanted to try a cake she hasn’t tasted before. Benji grinded his molars. His handsome chin flared and bulged out with anger.

“Elise Barbier. Can you justify your nonsense? I’m the only one who can satisfy you.”

“How do you know that without even trying it?”

She scoffed as she retorted and he felt as if he was choking. If he knew Elise, he wouldn’t be surprised if she went out to find out right now.

‘Should I lock her up instead?’

He got chills when he thought of an Elise who would only look at him trapped and isolated in a room for the rest of her life. And when he imagined leaving the room with Elise crying, begging him not to go, his lower half began to stand.

‘I’ll crush and fill all your holes and won’t let you go until you cry, “please stop.”’

Benji’s face, which carried a smug smile for a moment, abruptly turned cold.

It was obvious that she would never forgive him. Rather than begging him not to go, she would threaten to kill him if he came in.

“First, how about Sir Montolivo? He’s young, he’s got a good body, he’s pretty, and he’s huge.” [t1v: RIP]

‘What? ‘First’? You’re talking with me about who you want to sleep with!?’ [t1v: i’m going to guess he’s not poly]

It was very clear that she was determined to drive him insane. Benji’s face hardened and twisted violently at Elise’s words, which sounded like he was going crazy.

“Or how about Lord Bonucci? Everyone highly praises his skills.”

Elise continued to speak, regardless of the vicious force that would make other people pee their pants. His lower jaw ached at the sight of her eyes twinkling casually and whispering as if it were a big secret.

‘I’d better lock him up too.’

Benji quickly sorted the remaining castle towers. It seemed that the eastern tower would be appropriate. Even if he did it properly, there were no windows. I especially liked that their shadows wouldn’t overlap with Elise’s unless the rutting pups had wings.

‘No, before that, I have to cut the Montolivo pup in half. I should also rip off Bonucci’s third leg. Rumors have spread of how much you have been playing around with your dick.’

“The Duke of Lombardi was also very good.”

‘What? Who? Lombardi?’

When the name that should never come out of Elise’s mouth was called out, in an instant, his head went cold as if she had poured cold water on it.

‘Ha, him? No way.’

She never said so much, but Benji knew. How much Elise hated Lombardi. So, even if it was a joke, it was a name that would never come out of her mouth. Unless her purpose was elsewhere.

Eyes blinking too much and too quickly with a smirk raised. Red, swollen lips that have been chewed anxiously, and a breath broken into small pieces like a sigh.

Elise, as Benji scrutinized and studied her with a clearer mind, was lying.

How did he not know this? Perhaps, he was so blind when it came to her. Benji looked at Elise, struggling to swallow the smirk and cackling that was seeping out.

‘You don’t even know how to hide it. How cute.’

He usually hid his expression well, but when he was with her he was just like a child. He was released from constraints and was defenseless to the extent that he had been fooled like this.

‘You must have scratched my nerves on purpose. What made you so angry that you did such a dog thing? Huh, our lovely master?’

Benji looked at Elise with a more relaxed attitude. Whatever the reason, it was good. It didn’t matter if the thought of rolling around with someone else was a lie.

“Why are you mad? Huh?”

When asked in a softer voice, Elise trembled. When he looked at her like he was about to kill, she was relaxed, but when he realized her intentions, she flinched like a startled rabbit. He wanted to gulp her down it in one bite.

“You… … .”

After floundering for a long time, Elise opened her mouth. Seeing her faltering, unbelievably, the seriousness of the situation was immediately felt. Her eyes lit up red. His heart froze when he saw that the corners of her eyes that didn’t get wet except when she cried in joy in bed, were growing hot and tears were forming.

‘What the hell did I do?’

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