MSU – 45

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Benji’s lips went straight to her mound. Her body bounced lightly as he rubbed his nose against her pubic hair and pulled out his red tongue. Just by bringing his pointed tongue to the top of her bulging, swollen apex sent a chilling shiver down her spine. Below, wetness with flooding out.

She looked down on Benji was seated below her full of anticipation. Under his haphazardly messy hair, his eyes wet with passion were watching Elise. He couldn’t take her eyes off her lewd figure that thrilled with just the sight. He didn’t want to miss a single moment of it.

As if to provoke her, Benji held her eyes as he showed off as he rolled up his tongue and licked her hot clitoris with the tip of his red tongue very gently; as if brushing her with a feather. It was clear that she was teasing her on purpose. Elise flinched and eventually she grabbed his head and pulled him deeper between her legs.

“Haa. Suck it properly.”

At Elise’s words, the hot tongue began to move as if it were spreading thick paint. The flesh that had been wriggling along the red vertical line pierced through the tender flesh.


The tongue, having found the clitoris again, lustfully stirred it erotically. Then he sucked it in between his lips, let it go with a bounce and then squeezed it. Elise felt like she was melting as he stroked it with his teeth. If she hadn’t had Benji’s head to grab onto her she would have already collapsed.

“Stand up straight. There’s a long way to go to properly suck it.”

Benji’s rough hand dug deep inside her trembling thigh; unable to even stand. He gently wrapped his arms around her and lifted it up over his shoulders, so Elisee’s bottom was wide open for him to devour. 

Before the cool air could touch her, his hot lips tangled with her clit and labia again. Elise sobbed and gripped his loose brown hair tightly. She could see the epaulettes over his shoulders become wet as it reached the softest part of the inside of her thighs.

“Ah… … . ha… … . It’s good there.”

While diligently teasing, licking and sucking Benji persistently watched Elise. The moment she met his bright yellow eyes, she felt as if she was sucked into a vortex. The sun had not yet set, and his beastly bare face was exceptionally clear. The sight was so thrilling she felt a spark go down her spine.

She gasped and her whole body started to go taunt. Her shivering legs started to become so tight, she was afraid her hands and feet were going to get cramps. His thick fingers mercilessly poked her enterance, and her inner walls were gripping onto him. Benji watched Elise, who was unable to breathe and was crying due to the unbearable stimulation. Even so he stubbornly teased her with his teeth and sucked her thick clitoris.


Her reason was scattered with the gasp that bursted out like a scream. When his finger, which had been blocking her bottom entrance as he was teasing her insides, came out, a thick liquid poured out as it was.

Benji grasped onto her convulsing thighs tightly and licked up the flowing love fluid thoroughly. He gently sucked her soft flesh and let go, admiring its swollen red state. The whole thing was agonizingly provocative. Elise wept and sobbed.

Benji stood up and as she was about to collapse, he pushed a huge chunk of flesh into her all at once. He took his pants off in such a hurry they were still clinging onto his thighs.


Elise gasped at the size she could never seem to get used to. Her clit, which had swelled with excitement, was pushed against his thick glans. Since she already had multiple climaxes, her inner walls continued to plusate on his invading pillar.

Benji’s jaw jutted out exceptionally as he felt the same. Hearing his intermittent hectic breath, Elise wrapped one of her legs around his waist. It was almost an instinctive move.

“Ha… … . Every time, stretching and releasing, it’s still like this, it’s too tight, what do you do? Haa… … . Relax. Umm? I am going to do it again but I don’t want to cum so fast.”

Benji’s nose was pushed against the nape of Elise’s neck. His hands were full of her round ass, each time he slowly but intensely pulled and pushed into her until he was fully buried into her, there were heated breaths.

“Haa, there… Ahhh… … .”

“You just sleep every day. Did you miss me? Huh? How do you sleep so well? Not knowing what I am enduring. So carefree.”

As if he was reprimanding her, his grip on her ass cheeks tightened. Then he pulled her in closely and stuck his head in the deepest point of her core. Each time Benji’s rough pubic hair touched her sensitive clitoris, a piercing terrible pleasure spread.

“You should have seen what state I was in. I’d have to watch you sleep every day. How regretful I was. Just leaving you there in a peaceful sleep. How I wanted to bury my flesh in your wetness and go back to that village and live there. Shall we just throw it all away and live alone again—just the two of us? I’d prefer that. Huh? Master.”

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