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Elise returned to the bedroom earlier than expected, thanks to the fuss the ladies made over even small gestures. She nestled herself deep into the soft velvet sofa. Her headache had long since passed, but she didn’t want to lift a hand, so she closed her eyes and waited for her maids to attend to her.

How long had it been? Instead of the light, fast squirrel-like steps, she heard the thump of heavy footsteps. It wasn’t hard for her to discern the owner of the unmistakable sound that dug through the soft carpet, but she buried her body deeper in the sofa, instead of getting up.

“Are you ill?”

Benji approached her, stooped in behind and gently wrapped his arms around Elise’s shoulder. She closed her eyes, frowning and slumped her shoulders at his gentle whisper. For some reason she felt like she had to be sick.


“What a relief.”

Had there been no development in her acting skills? Recognizing so effortlessly that she lied about her fake illness, Benji gently caressed her face and smiled softly. Regretting the smile slowly disappearing Elise nodded and followed Benji’s lead without realizing it.

“Are there any inconveniences?”

Elise racked her brains with all her might. She felt like losing for some reason when she found out that she was so happy now. But she really couldn’t find it. Her life as a queen was more perfect than Elise’s most perfect life she could ever imagine. There was no way she was uncomfortable.

If she was caught being too satisfied now, she felt like she would bewas losing for some reason. But she really couldn’t find any fault. Life as a queen was more perfect than the most perfect life Elise could have ever dreamed of. There could not have been any inconvenience.

“I thought so.”

Elise, who was angry but couldn’t find anything to say, heard a low chuckled and teasing grin. She felt a great injustice and jumped up, glaring and pouting at Benji.

His fine brown hair was neatly brushed away, revealing his handsome forehead, his high nose and soft, delicate lips. His eyes looked exhausted and languid. His white ensemble, looked like it dripped on top of him, highlighting his perfect figure. His buttons went up to his collar on his neck giving him a strict ascetic air while being, paradoxically, sensual.

The moment she met his face, she couldn’t even remember what made her angry. She was furious but a glimpse of his handsome face and his ecstatically perfect body made her mouth very dry.

‘How long has it been?’

Too many days went by, with hardly enough time to sleep and eat. Now she couldn’t even remember the last time they did it. While she wallowed in disappointment, his eyes grew deep and dark, as if licking her while he was thinking the same thing. 

Her bottom tightened tightly at his unmistakable stare. Elise, who barely grasped on to her reason, moistened her parched lips and lifted her glare with strength once more. She still had something to say.

“I’m still mad.”

“I’m sorry. It was urgent… … . haaa [sigh] … … . I’m sorry it was my fault.”

Benji, who had come all the way to her nose, hugged Elise, and buried his face in the nape of her neck. He inhaled deeply and rubbed his nose nestling into her nape haphazardly; mixed with a strange sigh. Thanks to this, she had no idea what was urgent, but she felt pretty good. Elise accepted his sincere apology.

“From now on, uh, have—haa.”

Her generous leniency was interrupted by a wet sound in her ear. The hot and squishy tongue pierced Elise’s ear and made an obscene noise. A soggy sound of the slippery surface licking her and coming in and out ignited a warmth in her navel and below. Hearing Benji’s breathing heating up with excitement, Elise was helplessly wet.

Her slender fingers brushed through his neatly combed hair. Every time a quiet exclamation broke through Elise his brown hair was messed up. Unconcerned Benji teased her with his tongue more tenaciously. His bright yellow eyes fixed on her.

Only after her moans mixed with her whimpers did Benji raise his head. His big fingers grabbed her red-tinted lips and spread them apart. Soon after, his smooth tongue slipped between her lips.

A hot, soft lump of flesh tore through her mouth like a snake. As if to make sure everything is in place, his tongue carefully checked it thoroughly then poked at every nook and cranny of the fragile wet interior. She was violent but affectionate, and yet at the same time, the bizarre stimulation made Elise lose her mind.


At the sound of her pain that leaked out along with a thin breath, Benji hit her lips harder. He sucked her upper and lower lip randomly, sucking and giving each other’s saliva. Even as she ran out of breath, he sucked her more intensely. Finally, after biting her lower lip tightly, Benji barely pulled his lips away with regret.

Breathing hard once again Benji jumped on her body like an animal. While being hauled up Elise wrapped her arms around his neck. As they coveted each other’s bodies frantically, the moment they hit the wall, Benji, who hastily rolled up her skirt, sat down between Elise’s pale legs.

The man who had risen to a higher position than anyone else was looking up at her with wet eyes, wearing a splendid uniform, gilded with gold. It was as if only she could give what he wanted. An earnest and desperate expression colored his face.

Her lips curled with an indescribable satisfaction. Elise stroked her beautiful brown hair with a sweet hand. She gave a light nod with her arrogantly raised chin.

“Ah… … .”

At Elise’s consent, his thick fingers with big knuckles pierced her tender flesh at once. The sound of leaking out love juice and putting it back in filled the spacious room. Her waist curled up every time his long fingers pushed away the folds on the inside of her vagina.

“Your sweet smell is driving me crazy.”

“Unnh… … .”

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