MSU – 41

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“Let… … . Let’s do it.”


“Let’s exchange a vow of marriage.”

On the way home, Elise unfolded the words from her mouth with difficulty.


His persistent gaze made her feel naked. She pouted her lips in the face of Benji’s intent gaze that quietly insisted on her answer even though he knew everything. But then, he smirked instead of asking again.

“Alright. I’ll do it for you. Instead, call me again.”


Suddenly, it seemed like Elise was pleading with him. There were even conditions.

“You said it before as if everyone in the world should listen. Do it again.”


“Ugh, I’m going crazy. Did you know that as soon as I heard that earlier, it almost became awkward because of down there? My lower half got swollen. Shall we erect it today? I have had to endure a lot.”

‘What is this con artist talking about now? This beguiling ruffian.’

Benji’s eyes curled, and his low laughter vibrated against Elise in his arms, finding her unbearably cute. Then he pressed his lips down on her forehead as if stamping that she was his.

“You can go back on your word.”

He said ludicrous things, but he was beautiful [t1v: she’s also inferring his words are beautiful too]. He/it was so pretty, so couldn’t she just comply? After all, she wanted to live her whole life with him anyway. Besides, if they went to the temple and made an oath, Benji would officially belong to Elise. Document it even though it was but, of course, for her. She nodded diligently with a gentle expression on her face.

“But where did you go at dawn?”

Even if he attributed his frequent outings to the ring, his trips early in the morning could not be explained. It was not like he had done it only once or twice… …

“I went to the temple. I was hard and erect. I couldn’t sleep. Master was sleeping so comfortably. I thought if I went to the temple and sat down, it would sink a little.”

“But it took that long?”

Today, Benji came in later than Elise usually woke up. So then, at least half a day was spent in the temple… … .

“Ah, that… I did that on purpose. I wanted to make you suspicious. It took longer than expected, I thought I was going to die. If you didn’t follow me today, I was thinking about whether I should stay out overnight.”

Elise was astonished at his nonchalant answer. She had no idea from where or how far he had been playing with her. Maybe from the beginning when Benji first took out the bathtub… No, she may have been playing in Benji’s palm since she asked if he could speak. How did this happen? Biting her lips and letting out a long sigh, Benji, hugging her, lowered his head and met her gaze.

“I love you. It was because I was so anxious and upset, thinking I was the one more in love and hanging on to you all the time. I won’t do it again. Don’t be mad, please. Umm?”

His confession of love resembling her own heart made it swell to her chagrin. There was no way for her to hide the corners of her mouth, so Elise turned her head so as not to lose any more of her pride. She thought she might need to pretend to be upset for a day or two.

“Then, shall I suck it until I get rid of your anger? Wife?”

Benji whispered low as if he knew everything she was thinking and worrying about. How irresistible. Elise nodded softly, pretending not to win. 

They took excited strides towards their nest, where it was home for just the two of them.

Epilogue 1

‘How did this happen?’

Elise lifted her cup and smiled softly at the people around her. Under the massive chandelier hanging like the Milky Way, the well-dressed ladies smiled at each other and raised their teacups.

‘The tea tastes delicious. I guess it’s because it’s tea served to the royal family.’

Even in this situation, the perfect tea’s aroma made her feel uneasy. To hide her rising discomfort, Elise gently closed her eyes as she savored the taste of her tea. The ceaseless chatter and noise around her seemed to fade away for a moment.

‘This is insane. How did I….’

That day, nothing was different from usual.

[t1v: flashback]

“It’s Master who seduces me to do it first, but isn’t it too much to treat me like an animal after every time we do it?”

She was desperate to do anything to appease Benji, who cried out his innocence with a tone of injustice..….

[end flashback]

“Oh. Isn’t that necklace a treasure that is passed down the royal family? You two must really get along well.”

“Thank you, lady.”

Elise smiled and gently stroked the jewels on her neck at the noblewoman’s flattering remark, who was trying to get on her good side. Each time her long, slender fingers grazed gracefully, the large, thick jewels shone brilliantly in blue.

‘Yes. Why is this royal treasure hanging here—on me?’

She had chosen this, but she was very annoyed. Moreover, the fact that the necklace was adorned with jewels like the ones on the ring she received from Benji made her even angrier.

She had simply thought it matched the color of her eyes, but she had no idea these blue gems were a symbol of the royal family of Faustino.

‘If the craftsman knew, she should have given me a hint.’

Elise had vaguely thought something off the moment the jeweler lowered her voice and emphasized that they were hard-to-find gems. But she ended up reasoning it was just a merchant’s catchphrase; Elise was guilty of passing it over lightly.

After receiving her ring and exchanging their wedding vows, she couldn’t recollect what had happened. Then, one day, when she was feeling somewhat bored with her peaceful country life, Benji begged her to go to the capital. She remembered ‘granting his wish’ with a generous nod…… when—suddenly, as if waiting for Elise’s permission, a crowd rushed in.

Then she was in a haze, not knowing how she managed to get through it all. Surrounded by people with grim expressions, the tedious journey continued for days and days without her managing to ask anything. The voices coming and going were so unusual that she didn’t even have the courage to dare ask a question.

When she came to her senses, she sat on a queen’s throne wearing that damn blue jewel-studded tiara and nodding her head stupidly—smiling more gracefully than anyone else.

She had known that Benji had a secret. She just decided to wait until he told her. No, she didn’t want to pry into his past if he didn’t want. It didn’t matter, she thought. Elise liked Benji regardless of his hidden identity.

But she never thought Benji was the lost prince of Faustino.

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