MSU – 40.2

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* * *


The woman took out a band with fine blue jewels resembling Elise’s eyes.

“How meticulously he was in choosing. I’ve been struggling a lot to get these gems. It’s difficult to find, but it took even longer because he turned down most of them. Your husband has been the most demanding customer I have ever had during my over 30 years as a craftsman. And I used to work in the capital.”

Upon closer inspection, the woman with the orange hair was a fairly dignified and grave madam.

‘My delusions were a bit off…… .’

Elise’s face, which had been blinded by jealousy, flushed red.

“I wanted to give it to you a birthday present, but since my wife was in such a hurry… … . Honey, would you like to try it on?”

Elise’s pupils shook slightly. Benji remembered a birthday she had never mentioned before. Then, before she could wonder if she should be moved or insist on him telling her where the money came from—her head exploded when she suddenly heard his address for her.

‘His wife! What do you mean, honey*? Oh man, he must be losing it.’ [t1v: in Korean “Honey” is an exclusive term of endearment and an address between married couples only]

Elise barely managed to calm the twitching corners of her lips and extended her hand gracefully. As the ring slipped on into the ring finger of her left hand, it fit her perfectly. As if the band had found its rightful place and he was proud of it, Benji raised her hand and kissed it.


Was this how it felt like to be proposed to? Elise’s face burned red at his hot gaze that looked like it would swallow her whole at any moment.

* * *

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